15. Rock and Roll, Country, Contemporary “Christian” music

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Facebook comment on contemporary Christian music:

—– Forwarded Message —– From: Facebook <update+zj4ya=zoj22c@facebookmail.com> To: Jerald Finney <jerald.finney@sbcglobal.net> Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2014 5:04 PM Subject: Britt Williams (friends with Jason Cooley) commented on a link that you’re tagged in.
Britt Williams (friends with Jason Cooley) commented on a link that you’re tagged in.
Britt wrote: “Contemporary “Christian” Music (CCM) crept into the church as a niche’ “ministry” in the 1960’s, walking very softly and promising to reach the young masses. Blind, dumb, and carnally-minded leadership caved in to the pressure, allowing these satanic muses access to our potential godly seed (Mal 2:15). After years of spiritual jockeying, CCM has now become a sweeping demonic influence in the professing church. Not surprisingly, the holy facade has been lowered and the whorish, hellish, ungodly rebellion which is at the root of rock-n-roll is now being flaunted, and yes, even exalted. Hundreds of thousands of young people are being prepped for hell-fire by CCM. And yet, the idolatry is so deep, few can see; and even sadder, fewer still, care.


Jefferson AirplaneGeddy LeeJuanes On Austin City LimitsRock and Roll Hall of FameFM

Beale Street in Memphis, TennesseeSouth by Southwest in Austin, TX (Las Cafeteras)David Bowie, 1973Garth BrooksNew Generation Superstars

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Other great sermons by Pastor Cooley on Spiritual Warfare can be
found by clicking the following link and scrolling down through all the sermons:

Pastor Jason Cooley on sermonaudio


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