Testimonies to the Glory of God

This page was discontinued in the process of reworking the website. Many of the testimonies that were on this page were lost. Due to moving from Texas to Minnesota and all related matters, testimonies were not added to the page from January 2016, until February 12, 2017. The testimonies that were lost are in the media library of this website. Going through that library to find particular posts is very time consuming. I just retrieved many of the testimonies and posted them below. This is just a small sampling of many. Some of the are too small to read, etc. When time permits, I will see if I can edit those and repost them below.

Due to modern technology, in the face of all the false preaching by wolves in sheep’s clothing, God’s word is being preached and listened to all over the world! Pastor Jason Cooley’s sermons are published on Youtube and sermon audio. Many are listening, including untold thousands of believers who have studied the Bible and are hungry for relevant, accurate Bible preaching which addresses the issues of the day.

Pastors who preach the word of God and make proper application in this age of heresy and apostasy (to include 99+ % of fundamental “Baptist” preachers) are few and far between. I cannot possibly keep up with all the testimonials regarding Pastor Cooley’s preaching, but this page gives a good sampling.

Note. Pastor Jason Cooley preaches and teaches for the Glory of God, not to glorify himself or any other man. However, God uses men to do his work and it is important to direct people to teachings which faithfully proclaim and apply God’s truths. Pointing out the effectiveness of these sermons accomplishes God’s purposes. Pastor Cooley did not ask this author to post these testimonies. This was done to glorify God by publishing His truths to a truth starved world.

Testimonies and Hymns (083114)(Old Paths Baptist Church service – Pastor Jason reads some testimonies)

The above report includes testimonials as well as information on downloads, etc. The testimonies below are just a small sampling of the total testimonies.  I missed posting a lot of testimonies because moving from TX to MN starting in January, 2016 (and all related matters of getting settled). I am just now, February 12, 2017, beginning to post testimonies. 

April 12, 2017
April 12, 2017 Testimony
July 9, 2015

Sports Sermon Testimonial
Sports 3
Sports 2

July 7, 2016
May 3, 2015

February 19, 2016
February 10, 2017
January 23, 2016
January 11, 2016

Sermon Audio Testimony
Street Preaching Visitors
Michael Landon
Michael Landon – Property Manager
Landon Family
Michael Landon – K. Robertson
Michael Landon – Jessie Heure 2
Michael Landon – Jessie Heuer 1
Michael Landon -Contacting Lawyer
Michael Landon – Contacting Lawyer

February 3, 2014
September 2, 2013


Jason Cooley To me
Jan 9 at 3:05 PM
Sent from my iPhone
Begin forwarded message:

From: “Dave B.” <davjan4@gmail.com>
Date: January 9, 2015 at 2:41:21 PM CST
To: jason cooley <salvationpreacher@gmail.com>
Subject: Sports sermon

Thanks you for your sermon on sports and idolatry. What you talked about I have thought for many years.

I try to tell others this, but they don’t listen.  “oh come on Dave, lighten up…”  I live in Texas where football really is nearly a religion.

Your sermon gave me more information to use when I try to educate fellow believers.

And you know what? Christians are the worst at this.


There were many testimonies which were posted but lost in redoing the website.

Pastor Jason’s Sermon is 2d most listened to on sermonaudio.com:

jason cooley To [14 persons]

Oct 14 at 8:46 PM

A YOUNG MAN SENT ME A FRIEND REQUEST ON FACEBOOK BUT WE HAD NO MUTUAL FRIENDS AND HAD NO IDEA WHY HE WAS FRIENDING ME THIS WAS HIS RESPONSE- IT BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYESNo sir you don’t. My name is wade , I live in a small town outside of Dallas. After going to churches around my area I got the feeling I wasn’t hearing the true words of Jesus Christ and he wasn’t reaching me through those preachers. I prayed to the lord asking him to show me the truth in his word and to show me someone who wanted to save my soul, I believe that is the job of all men who follow Christ. It wasn’t long after praying that I realized I wasn’t even reading the true words of Christ. That day I went and bought a king James version Bible. Soon after I came across your sermons on YouTube. You sir have changed much of my life, I feel as if many of your sermons speak directly to me. Almost scary at times to see how lost I really was and in some ways still am. The lord has worked in my life in countless ways since I started listening to you, i listen to your YouTube channel almost daily while working. Your sermons have stripped me down and revealed a man living in this world deserving to go to hell.. That scared me straight! I now try my hardest to make the lord a part of every decision i make although i still stumble. Your boldness in street preaching has given me confidence to talk to friends and family and I thank you very much for giving me an example to follow. I thank the lord for giving you the passion which you have, and thank you for not staying a child of this world. You helped me see that I was a child of this world and was not walking in the spirit, and for that I can’t thank you enoughI THEN ASKED HIM:Praise the Lord Jesus Christ ! That is a wonderful testimony . Tell me friend when do you believe you repented of your sons and trusted CHRIST a lone to save your soul?HE RESPONDEDI had thought since may of last year, after reading the Bible and listening to sermons I realized I was lying to myself and I wasn’t trusting in the lord.I was thinking that since I was a good person not harming or screwing anyone over, and believed that Jesus Christ is the son of God who was sent here to save me from my sin, I believed that knowing that saved my soul. Now the past 3 or 4 months I have realized that I needed to repent of my sins, I realized that I can believe what I feel is true, but if I’m doing acts against the word of God I’m in the same boat as a lost soul. This same thinking lead me to think of many of my past mistakes and bad decisions I’ve made through my whole life. That pretty much broke me down and made me realize I was still lost, I couldn’t be made new if I was still holding on to past sins. I began to pray to the lord and ask for forgiveness. Craziest thing started happening, I kept being put in positions to be able to tell the people I had wronged that I was sorry and asked for forgiveness.
I’m not sure if that answered your question so to make it easy maybe only a month or two agoPRAISE THE LORD HE IS USING OUR ONLINE MINISTRY TO SEE SINNERS SAVED AND HIS PEOPLE GET RIGHT WITH HIM

A family listened to Pastor Jason’s message “Hollywood’s Satanic Roots” and one child drafted this and sent it to Pastor Jason. This testimony was one which was lost.

From: “Teri” <dennybecker@msn.com>
Date: September 16, 2014 at 1:55:27 PM CDT
To: <salvationpreacher@gmail.com>
Subject: Hello!

Dear Pastor Cooley,

We wanted to thank you for posting your sermons and encouraging folks who have no current church home. We had contacted you at one time asking if you knew of anyone in Southern California who had integrated, non 501c3 , Biblical assemblies. We still haven’t found any, so we are so blessed to be able to tune in on Sundays and Wednesdays. Your radio programs with Pastor Teague are also a real blessing. We live in El Centro, a tiny little town in Southern California, on the border with Arizona and Mexico. We are a homeschooling family, Denny & Teri with three teen girls, Jael, Tirzah and Hannah. We help Teri’s parents with their horse ranch, so it is not possible to move at this point in time. It can be very lonely, as we don’t fit in at the local churches, which are all emerging and the one IFB is riddled with masonry. In fact, masonry is rife in every church. The three “mega” churches here all have youth ministers that have been trained through Calvary Chapel, even though they are different denominations! We have learned so much from you and Brother Russ, we thank God for you and wanted to let you know we praise God for you and the work that you do.

In Christ,

The Beckers

Facebook To Me September 14, 2013 at 6:42 PM [Comment about the sermon Why I Preach On Politics – It’s Spiritual,” on sermonaudio.com (091414)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)

Louise Dreves commented on a link that you’re tagged in.
Louise wrote: “Tremendous sermon! The bible is full of examples of preachers speaking against the wickedness of the rulers…Elijah to Ahab, Nathan to David, John to Herod. So thankful for Pastor Cooley’s bold stand in exposing this wickedness. Would like to see the other “pastors” listen to this sermon, take notes, find their voice and backbone and start doing some real preaching.”
Reply to this email to comment on this link.

Title: The Naked Truth – BIblical Definition of Naked
Speaker: Jason Cooley
Date Preached: 7/30/2014
http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=730142339354Comment Name: Angela
Comment Email:
Comment Title: Great Sermon!
Comment Location: NC
Comment Text: Thank you for this sermon.  I’ve always tried to dress modestly but this teaching made me take a closer look at my wardrobe, to see if it is pleasing to the Lord.  Also, thank you for teaching the “why” we should cover ourselves. I jotted down  the scriptures you gave in the message and feel confident that I can explain to others why I like to dress as I do.  I love the phrase “intellectual faith” that you used when describing how we should be able to understand and articulate our beliefs. Again, thanks for a great sermon!

From: John Reed <johntforkik@gmail.com>
Date: June 28, 2014 at 6:01:41 AM CDT
To: salvationpreacher@gmail.com
Subject: Hi Pastor Cooley!

I’ve been listening to your sermons on television and think you’re right on.  I started working in TV when I was young and didn’t know Jesus.  It’s only the last few years I’ve come to know Christ and realized what spiritual poison TV and film really are.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know I listen to you on the studio lot and agree with everything I’ve heard so far.  I’ve just caught you talking about Osiris and the origin of plays being religious, and it clicked with the various initiation rites and rituals of freemasons, etc.  Wow.  I thought I knew a few things, but there’s always more to learn!

I’m eagerly catching the rest of what you have on sermon audio.  Thank you for your work!

From: …
Date: June 17, 2014 at 6:32:12 PM CDT
To: salvationpreacher@gmail.com
Subject: Hello Brother

My name is _______________________.  I’ve been listening to you for a little while I really enjoy what the Lord is doing through you.

I go to an independent fundamental baptist church and find myself dissatisfied with the mundane way we do things. The preaching isn’t expository nor is it very convicting but I choose to stay because I want my family to be in a local church setting and we want to be in position to serve the body of Christ.

Your sermons are strong meat brother and if I were in position I would sit under your preaching and leadership today.

Thank you for your ministry brother..


To Me

Today [061314] at 7:09 PM

Jennifer Coleman (friends with Jason Cooley) commented on a linkthat you’re tagged in.
Jennifer wrote: “Wonderful sermon, thank you so much for tagging us. GREAT lesson!!!”
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From: Jason

To Jessica Sullivantreadingserpents@hotmail.comPaul Pearson and 8 More…

May 9

Wonderful testimony from this young man today

Please take time to read it . His is the fruit of our online ministry and it brought me to tears

Begin forwarded message:
From: Tyler Stoner <tylerstoner67@yahoo.com>

Date: May 9, 2014 at 2:29:08 PM CDT
To: “salvationpreacher@gmail.com” <salvationpreacher@gmail.com>
Subject: Salvation
Reply-To: Tyler Stoner <tylerstoner67@yahoo.com>
Pastor Cooley,

I would like to share a seemingly normal but miracle to me. It is a miracle that I have been saved by the gracious Lord Jesus Christ. It is a miracle that any of us are. None deserve it but he is that graciuos.

I am from State College Pennsylvania and work in Harrisburg PA College towns are the devil’s playground it seems. I was raised going to church as a child and as I approached my 20s I still believed and knew a bit about the Lord but very slowly worked towards his ways however I did terrible things like kids do and God continued to bring me down for these things and teach me. I didnt really realize what was going on yet at that point though however. Approaching my late 20s about 27 I began really studying the bible hard and understanding quite a bit however about six months ago I said a prayer asking him to reveal these things in his word to me if that is what he wants and if I am ready to be able to handle it. I said “God I am yours no matter what do what you will with me”. Within a few weeks most of the things I read in the bible became much clearer and I continued to study myself with great interest in seeking wisdom from the lord. I began also listening to sermons on sermon audio at work sometimes at lunch and some sermons made sence and some didnt however after little searching I found one of your sermons and the lord spoke very clear through you. You are an awsome mouthpiece for the lord. Alot of the things in your sermons I have previously been showed by God too however you really helped to put it all together for me so that I can see the message of God pretty clearly. I have listened to all of your sermons on sermon audio some a few times over. I hope that you can continue this wonderfull work of the lord untill the end of time. You are very accurate and true to the word. I believe you preach in the way that preaching should be done and that is in truth. Nobody every told me these thing that I know them I believe the Lord led me. I thank God for this knowledge and understanding every day. Please never let anyone or anything change how you preach or any of your beliefs because you are one of the very few that is on the right track. Believe me if I didnt live a thousand miles away I would be at your church services every single Sunday. I just wanted to let you know this to testify to the truth. I have had many of the same life experiences that you have and the lord has broke me down many many times and built me back up with many lessons along the way. I still fail the Lord at times and his rod strikes me harder than ever but at least now I know what he is trying to tell me and he seems to perge out my sinning nature one hard lesson at a time. I am totally different than I used to be and still the lord keeps on working on me. It is a great feeling to know that I am his and I never want him to forsake me ever no matter how bad chastisement hurts or how frustrated I am because he is always there when I repent and he always forgives even though I deserve none of it. He is everything. He is all we all have and this world is one big scam to turn us against our true creator. Its ugly out there.  There is no other way than God’s way and no other truth than God’s truth and every single minute we must thank him for revealing himself to us. The saved must really be greatfull to him eternally because it is so easy to slip into the ways of the world. He shepards the saved though he keeps us and he is soooo gracious. Anyhow just wanted to let you know this and please let me know anytime you have any sermons out if they are not on sermon audio or if there are any other links to access your sermons or messages. Email me anytime if you have a list of people that you send any messages out to I would appreciate being on it. I am still looking for a community church around my area to get involved in. My pastor left the church I was at because he had to move to another area so I really have to look around because I dont want to be anywhere that could mislead me. I only want to know what the bible says and what God wants me to know because even though we dont want to believe it sometimes he always knows best. Also I  like how you do your homework and understand things before you preach and how you say KJV is the only true word. I have came to the same conclusion about the KJV too. Anyhow thank you for giving people the truth. The Allmighty who never siezes to suprise me with his grace and I am sure he works the same way with others too. Take care,

Tyler Stoner

Date: May 16, 2014 at 8:57:14 AM CDT
To: “salvationpreacher@gmail.com” <salvationpreacher@gmail.com>
Subject: Hollywood.

Dear pastor Jason Cooley

Thought might like you know I enjoyed your message on Hollywood. On YouTube
I’m giving you a thumbs up, honesty speaking I like it.
And I agree with you..Six years ago I stop watching tv, I’m thinking about
Throwing out my DVD movies next !
Now I have more time to read the bible,
Thank you so much,         Ronald

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