Links to Essays and Teaching on Covenant and Dispensational Theology

  1. Introduction
  2. Colonial Theological Warfare–Separation of Church and State
  3. The Essence of Dispensationalism
  4. The Way in Which the Two Systems Meet the Requirements for a Philosophy of History
  5. Some Basic Teachings of Covenant Theology
  6. Puritan Covenant Theology Exposed in the American Colonies
  7. Three Critical Factors Upon Which Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology Disagree
  8. Dispensationalism Correctly Explains the Covenants of Law and Grace(Optional)
  9. Persecution: A Consequence of Covenant Theology
  10. History Proves Established Churches Are Vile, Viciously Persecute Heretics, and Corrupt the State, the Church, and the People(Optional)
  11. New Testament Teaching against Persecution of Heretics(Optional)
  12. Conclusion to “Dispensation Theology versus Covenant Theology and their importance to the issue of church and state relationship in America

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