Faith Baptist Church Trust; Kearney, Nebraska

Pastor Clarence Patterson and Faith Baptist Church of Kearney, Nebraska declared the common law trust relationship with property in 2003, the year Pastor Patterson was called to be pastor of the church. Prior to coming to Faith Baptist Chruch, he had pastored incorporated churches since 1979.

I have found Pastor Patterson to be a great hero of the faith, a pastor dedicated to honoring the Lord Jesus Christ and reaching people. His authority is the Word of God and he understands the importance of applying Bible principles in all matters of faith and practice.

He began to study the issue of church incorporation in the early 1980’s because of battles that were going on with state control of churches: for example, the battles over state licensure of Church Schools in Nebraska (which the churches won), the battle over the Roloff Children’s home in Texas, and the Indianapolis Baptist Temple battle in Indiana.

He came to be a close friend and confidant of Dr. Greg Dixon. His reply when a pastor would say something such as, “Dr. Dixon is an idiot” was, “Do you know Dr. Dixon. He would be glad to talk with you and your grievances with him.” The pastor would usually, at that point start stammering and stuttering.

When he was called to pastor Faith Baptist Church in 2003, he taught New Testament principles of church organization. As a result, the church declared a trust relationship with property, thereby rejecting the corporate status.

Website:  (click to go directly to website)
Church office: 308-237-5237
Pastor Cell: 308-440-8757
Bus Ride: 308-293-6368

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