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Jerald FinneyI dedicate my life, in my most imperfect way, to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not worthy, but He is. Praise His name. Jerald Finney

“Christ loved the church and gave himself for it” (Ephesians 5.25).

December 2017 teaching by Jerald Finney.

This website is dedicated to Him who is altogether lovely, the Lord Jesus Christ. To understand a little how lovely He is, click here to go to The Loveliness of Jesus.

Two subpages below:

1. About Jerald Finney After His Salvation/Extended Version

2. About Jerald Finney After His Salvation /Abbreviated Version

The first photo was taken 9 or 10 years ago. This one was taken December 29, 2017. Click the image to go to one of his recent video teachings.

You may also find the comments of “Separation of Church and State Law” blog visitors below to be of interest.

The Bible Answer to the Question, “Is an Incorporated 501(c)(3) or 508 Church a Church of Christ?” (Prepared for a talk given at the September 16-19 Liberty Baptist Church of Albuquerque, NM, Southwest Baptist Heritage Camp Meeting. Click here to go to Part I of the video of that presentation. Click here to go to Part II of that presentation, “Why a Church Is Not a Business.” Part II was removed from Part I. In Part II, Jerald Finney invited Evangelist and Pastor Terry Woodside to tell his story which demonstrates that a church which is a non-legal entity cannot be sued in America. Click here to go to the page which has links to all sermons and presentations at that meeting.)

Click here to hear Jerald Finney’s lecture, “Hierarchy of Law,” on Youtube given at Faith Baptist Church in Paris, Texas January 13, 2013.

To listen to a lecture by Jerald Finney on August 26, 2012 at Old Paths Baptist Church in Fayetville, Tennessee on the 16th anniversary of that church and also the day the church finalized their change from incorporated 501(c)(3) religious organization and legal entity to a non-legal, spiritual enity only:

Jerald Finney Lectures on Hierarchy of Law

Church Corporate 501(c)(3) status (Youtube)

Martyr’s Song by Watchmen

Blogtalk Radio Shows:
Top Reasons Given For Church Corporate 501c3 Status April 17, 2014
(Go to about the 50 minute mark for beginning of the discussion on this issue. This broadcast begins the study of the “limited liability” excuse.)

Aron Brackeen, of Go Ye International, was the first to interview Jerald Finney after the publication of God Betrayed in 2008. In the interview, Mr. Brackeen actually reviewed the entire book. The interview may also be heard on the Go Ye International website. The interview is presented here in three segments:

Segment 1 of Aaron Brackeen’s Interview of Jerald Finney
Segment 2 of Aaron Brackeen’s Interview of Jerald Finney
Segment 3 of Aaron Brackeen’s Interview of Jerald Finney

To play the above, just click the link. To download, right click link and then left click “Save link as.”

To hear an 2008 Southwest Radio Ministries radio interview of Jerald Finney by Larry Spargimino go to this YouTube site: Larry Spargimino interviews Jerald Finney on the subject of Separation of Church and State. Click “Southwest Radio Church” and scroll down to 7/3/08 and 7/4/08 and click to hear Larry Spargimino’s interviews of Jerald Finney. Mr. Spargimino is especially well versed in the issues concerning church and state law and his questions and comments were especially insightful. Some other interviews of Jerald Finney are linked to at Radio Interview page of Church and State Law.

15 thoughts on “Jerald Finney”

  1. Hello Bro. Finney. I have worked with Bro. Dixon & we were involved together in a brief telephone conference with our church last fall. Pray all is well and thank you for your ministry. I just ordered your book.

    Question: can you point me to good reference material for how to properly “unincorporate” a marriage and bring it into a biblical framework. We married before salvation in NY and still live here. Any place to turn?

    1. Dear Brother,

      It is good to hear from you. I thank the Lord for those pastors and Christians who choose to do things God’s way.

      As to the marriage question, give me a call. I have not before considered your question as to how properly cancel the state marriage contract. Many Christians, myself included, married under state contract prior to salvation and prior to being taught that doing so violates biblical principle and displeases our Lord.

      Will you be in Indianapolis next month for the yearly Unregistered Baptist Fellowship conference? If so, we can talk about this issue there. If you will not be there, you can go to the “Contact” page of the website to get my contact information. I would be glad to consider this issue with you. Dr. Greg Dixon will also be at the conference. He may have some insights into this issue as well.

      May the Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.

      For His Glory,
      Brother Jerald Finney

  2. Please help me to undoo what the last pastor of this church I have begun to pastor I need to remove the burden of this incoorp and move back to the biblical point God has established for our Churches..

  3. Help starting a non-denominational, non-profit, non-incorporated church a truly free church from the institutions of man the church of Jesus Christ Son of the Living God there are a few sites informative but but getting it done another story I would like to just put a sign welcome any one that would listen but i know also we are still in this world any help appreciated

    1. Dear Brother,

      Call me at 512-385-0761 or 512-785-8445 (c). The BLC helps churches who want to organize according to God’s principles. God bless you.

      If you call and I don’t answer, leave a VM. I will return your call. I am very busy, so I may or may not return your call immediately depending on my schedules.


      Brother Jerald Finney

  4. I enjoyed reading your website. It was very informative and so much needed in the Christian community.
    I have some questions about 501(c)(3) status.
    a. How does a church undo their 501(c)(3) status, but still remain a church?
    b. Do we have to send any information to the IRS?
    c. What happens when you hire someone as a free church, is the minister self-employed? Who is obligated to pay the income tax?

    Thanks so much.
    D. Tate

    1. Dear Ms. Tate,

      Thank you for your interest in the Lord’s local churches, and your very important questions. To answer your questions requires a lot of time and effort. I have already laid out many of the principles in my books, audio teachings, and articles. You can get the information without paying for books if you continue to follow my blog articles and go back and study those already published. You can also listen to the entire series of studies in audio form on this blog.

      I would be glad to talk to you about your questions, at no charge of course. My contact information is on the contact page of Please feel free to call me. If you get a message, please leave a voice mail and I will return your call. I am not trying to avoid your questions, but I simply do not have the considerable amount of time it would take to attempt to answer you in this typed response.

      For His Glory,
      Jerald Finney

    1. Dear Mr. Schissel,

      Thanks for your letter and questions. Let me preface my letter by saying that I love and speak truth. I do not seek wealth or power. My only goal is to please and glorify God. Therefore, I have no motive to shy away from honesty.

      I do not fellowship with CLA. In the 1980s, I actually sent CLA a monthly contribution for a while. Later, I began to realize the truth about CLA. Although CLA appears to do a lot of good, a biblically based analysis of their history, what they do, what they stand for, and what they promote reveals that CLA has done a lot of damage to the cause of Christ both legally and spiritually. To explain this requires an in-depth understanding which does not come without a diligent study of the Word of God – and especially certain doctrines in the Word – and an application of biblical principles to the actions, theology, and history of CLA.

      I, and many others I know, have tried to communicate with CLA about some concerns, but they have not responded. They are supported by the “big boys” in the “fundamentalist Baptist” movement, and, at this point, have no desire to be concerned with anyone who tries to approach them with truth. The “big boys” of Baptist fundamentalism set them up in the 1980s to be their legal representatives. Effectively, they told [a lead lawyer of CLA], “We and the churches that look to us for guidance are incorporating and getting a 501c3. If you will go our way, we will set you up and thousands of our churches will support you financially and otherwise.” As a result, the aforementioned lawyer, who knew the truth about these matters, accepted the invitation. He is now not only supporting those churches, but also actively promoting lies about church organization. CLA and their lead lawyers have been corrupted by power and prosperity. They hob-nob with Congressmen, Senators, Presidents and a lot of other people with economic and political power. They have not only compromised the cause of Christ repeatedly in their interactions with courts and others, but also mislead thousands of churches and hundreds of thousands of unknowledgeable believers concerning many vital matters in the spiritual warfare that rages in this nation.

      I do not know Roger Magnuson.

      For His Glory,
      Brother Jerald Finney

      1. Sorry for VERY late reply.
        I do appreciate your reply.
        I am going to try-as a born-again IFB- to understand your views and position. There is so much information on your web.
        I recall seeing Dr.Thomas Strouse qouted. I had him as a teacher at Maranatha BBC.
        Dr.Rick Flanders article was published too. He preached at Straitgate Church last Fall in Mpls.
        This church was pastored by Roger Magnuson who is now with the Lord.He was a wonderful man of God.He was rated as one of the top 10 trial lawyers in the US. His son, Peter, also a trial atty, is currently pastoring the church. Just look up Lord willing you could meet him and discuss mutual beliefs and convictions.
        Anyway, I am sure we are both in agreement that there is so much compromise,apostasy and tragedy that resembles the Bible’s warning of the last days. We know that God’s people must strive[in His power] to stay to true the Lord Jesus Christ!
        My prayers for you and Pastor Cooley,
        Peter Schissel

  5. I just breezed in to your website and read some of your info. I am not sure really why I am writing to you. A lack of fellowship, I guess. I was saved in 1968 and I am a friend and acquaintance of Dr. Greg Dixon, he graduated from BBC some years before I did in 1979. I am also a friend and acquaintance of Everett Sileven. I have dabbled some in Patriot Law, but do not do much now. I have not attended church since 1998, as there are no “Paul Harvey” type Baptists that I have found so far. God bless your ministry, as there are so few who do what you do. Most churches are sitting ducks for what is coming with their incorporation.

    1. Dear Joseph,

      Dr. Dixon is a friend and hero of mine. I have heard Everett Silven preach. I know some great preachers and pastors. Pastor Jason Cooley of Old Paths Baptist Church in Northfield, Minnesota preaches the whole counsel of God, and has some great sermons on the issue of the relationship of church and state. Go to the sermons tab on to hear some of his sermons on that matter.

      May the Lord lead you to a good New Testament Baptist church and richly bless you and yours.

      Brother Jerald Finney

  6. Again I would like to thank you for being with our church on 3/28/2021.
    You mentioned a book titled “A Boy With No Face”. I would like to find that book if I could. Would you be so kind as to send me the author’s name.? I would appreciate it.

    1. Dear Mrs. Wise,
      I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I forgot to keep up with the comments section. The author of the book is Dr. Greg Dixon, deceased. You can contact Indianapolis Baptist Temple about getting a copy. If you have trouble doing that, give me a call and I will give you a phone number of the author’s son who can get you a copy. God bless.

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