Church Law

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: God’s law honored by man’s law

Jerald Finney is a licensed Christian attorney who specializes in church law. His underlying authority for all matters is the Word of God, the King James Bible, not man’s law. In America, churches can do things God’s way without violating man’s law. The highest law of the land concerning church organization and practice, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, is a statement of Bible principles and protects the “establishment of religion” and “the free exercise” of religion. States have corresponding provisions in their Constitutions.

So don’t fall for the argument that a church must have corporate 501(c)(3) status because churches and believers must “obey every ordinance of man.” That assertion falls apart on many grounds. This patently false argument and many others given for church legal entity status (establishment) is exposed for what they are in the resources on this website.


 From more information contact Jerald C. Finney, BBA, JD, BBB, HB at: or 512-785-8445.

A lawyer teaches American churches how to organize according to New Testament principles without corporate 501(c)(3) or legal status of any kind

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