Biblical Law Center

The mission of the BLC is to serve New Testament churches as founded by the Lord Jesus Christ. Our ministry includes calling state registered churches (incorporated or unincorporated associations) to repentance and to thereby return Jesus Christ as the exclusive, sovereign, separated and Holy Head of His Church. We serve to assist in terminating any and all unholy alliances and/or entanglements of the churches with the state. We assist in the establishment of new churches according to Biblical precepts. We defend the Lordship of Christ over His Church, as God provides time and resources. We stand as a witness for Him and His churches as they strive to be obedient to His Great Commission as recorded at Matthew 28:18-20. The BLC is only able to help those churches that believe, even though they may not be consistent in their practice, the eleven Biblical principles for New Testament churches as enumerated in The Trail of Blood by J.M. Carroll (1858-1931).

THE MISSION:  To organize and reorganize churches in order to glorify God by severing unholy alliances with the State through Incorporation.

THE VISION:  To organize and reorganize churches in order to glorify God by making Jesus Christ Lord and Master of His church.

THE GOAL:  To organize and reorganize churches in order to glorify God by separating them from civil government and by bringing them into compliance with the Bible principle of separation of church and state, thereby claiming all their First Amendment protections.

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 From more information contact Jerald C. Finney, BBA, JD, BBB, HB at: or 512-785-8445.

The Biblical Law Center Ministry is under the authority of Charity Baptist Tabernacle of Amarillo, Texas. The goal of the ministry is to define and apply the God ordained relationship between church and state.

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