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This page was started on January 25, 2021 in honor of the president who has stood against the establishment, unlike his establishment predecessors for many years, both Democratic and Republican. He had the forces of hell aligned against him. He did much good and was much to be preferred over the alternative. One proof that he is and was to be the preferred choice, according to the Bible, is the fact that the establishment (the globalist Satanic) forces in government attached him and his supporters relentlessly without one fact to back up their charges against him. They started before he was inaugurated, to advance “impeachment” charges against him, and they never relented. They spent tens of millions of dollars investigating him and his alleged wrongdoings. They advanced “evidence” that was based upon nothing but lies; it was all proven to be a conspiracy to remove him from office, and the evidence was proven to be fabricated. Yet, they kept lying, stating that he colluded with the Russians and committed other actions which were worthy of impeachment. They ignored the fact that their fabrications were lies, kept telling the same lies, continue to do so until this day, and continue to conspire to achieve their desired end. When I say “they” I include establishment politicians and their cohorts in the communist media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, et al.) New articles will be added regularly.

The purpose is to follow his actions after the globalists stole the 2020 presidential election.  

WaPo During Trump: ‘Kids In Cages’; WaPo During Biden: ‘Migrant Facility For Children’ (022321)

Click above to go to this essay. It is right on, except for one matter: it leaves out God and the spiritual warfare He commands His children and churches to fight against powers, principalities, the rulers of darkness in this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, a commandment that is for the most part ignored. When not ignored, it is seldom if ever fought with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.
The Communist (Democratic) kangaroo trial did not work. More Democrat lies followed the acquittal. One word describes the Democrats in Washington: wicked.
Click the above to go to the best analysis of the impeachment “trial” that I, as an attorney, have heard. See also, BREAKING: Here’s Something You Really Need To Know About Democrat Impeachment Manager Raskin (021121)
Of course, the above article was written by a globalist who cannot understand that President Trump did not wish to dominate the world, but to uplift the United States. The President made clear that every nation should go forward with the same values that America has, and that very nation who does so will excel. The globalists wish to dominate the world through an elitist class who rule the ignorant, in their eyes, masses. Globalism is Satanic, an attack on God’s order for the nations. To understand this, see, The Biblical Doctrine of Government. To understand the activities of globalists such as the Bushes, the Clintons, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, etc., see New World Order.
I imagine a lot of people who discontinued their account with Twitter are happier. Something about discontinuing any ties with lying Communist controlled social media and fake news makes one feel a lot better. I know I am also happier since I cut off Twitter. God bless.
More proof of the activities of the globalist conspirators (communist media and politicians) is that they say the courts have ruled against the President, when in fact, most of the courts have never heard any evidence since they summarily and frivolously declined to hear any evidence.
Excellent article updating President Trumps activities.
Click above to go to the Epoch Times Website. This is a truth, fact based, unbiased publication, unlike the fake news outlets. Sen. Johnson: Capitol Breach Didn’t Seem Like an ‘Armed Insurrection’ to Me (021621); 75 Percent of Republicans Want Trump to Play Big Role in GOP: Survey (021621); Former ICE Director On Massive Surge At Southern Border: ‘This Isn’t By Accident, This Is By Design’ (021521); Trump Surprises Supporters at President’s Day Celebration (021521); Opinion: A Quieter, More Focused Donald Trump Will Defeat the Never Trumpers (021521); Melania Trump Criticizes Media’s ‘Unhealthy Obsession’ With Her After Negative Report (021521); Michigan County GOP Censures Rep. Meijer Over Vote to Impeach Trump (021420); Sen. Pat Toomey Censured by York County GOP for Voting to Convict Trump During Impeachment (021521); Trump Impeachment Based on Political Differences Becoming the Norm: Lindsey Graham (021421); Louisiana Republican Party Unanimously Censures Sen. Cassidy After Vote to Convict Trump (021421); 7 Republican Senators Who Voted to Convict Trump Face Backlash From Within Party (021421); Trump ‘Ready to Move On’, ‘Excited About 2022’: Sen. Graham (021421); Hypocrisy’: Trump Team Shows Videos of Democrat Lawmakers During Impeachment Trial (021221)(More dramatic proof of Democratic hypocrisy); McConnell Says He Will Vote to Acquit Trump (021321); Aim of Trump Impeachment Is to ‘Chill and Criminalize Speech’ that Opposes Leftist Agenda: Tom Fitton (021321); Senate Votes to Subpoena Witnesses for Trump Impeachment Trial (021321); Trump ‘Plans to Stay in the Arena,’ Says Former White House Chief of Staff(021221); Donald Trump Jr: Impeachment Trial Making Trump Stronger (021121); 70 Percent of Republicans Would Consider Joining Trump-Led Party, Poll Finds (021121); 6 Republican Senators Join Democrats to Vote for Trump Impeachment Trial (020921); Trump Offered to Deploy 10,000 National Guard Troops in DC Ahead of Jan. 6: Mark Meadows (020921); Evidence Mounts that Capitol Breach Was Pre-Planned, Eroding Incitement Allegation in Trump Impeachment Trial (020821); House Democrats Threaten to Trash Constitution ‘To Ensure Conviction’ of Trump: Jonathan Turley (020721)(What else is new-they have already trashed the Constitution); Trump Lawyers to Use Videos of Democrats Inciting Violence During Impeachment Defense (020620); Trump’s Efforts to Fight Sex Trafficking Made ‘Incredible Impact’: SHAREtogether Founder (020620); Congress ‘Put Itself Above the Law’ in Trump Impeachment: Dershowitz (020621) Epoch Times; Rep. Greene: Republican Party Still Belongs to Trump (020621); Trump Appears to Make First Social Media Post Since Leaving White House (020521)
Click above to go to Prophecy News Watch webpage with links to many relevant up to date articles. Links to some recent articles: Trump Jr.: ‘Here’s What Comes Next for Our Amazing Movement’ (020621)
Links to news articles and videos linked to on Judicial Recap: North Carolina GOP Censures Sen. Richard Burr for Voting to Convict Donald Trump on Impeachment Charges (021521); Trey Gowdy dismantles Pelosi’s argument for impeachment (020821)(This is an excellent examination of the impeachment “trial.”); The Constitution Is Clear On The Impeachment Question: Hans von Spakovsky (020821) ;
Links to articles: Polls Show Trump Enjoys Support from Most Republicans, Leads 2024 Field (021721)
Links to articles: Trump Set To Preview ‘Future Of The Republican Party’ In First Major Appearance (022121)
Links to articles on Mainstream Fake Media: Trump Returns To Public Spotlight, Delivers Blistering Statement On ‘Political Hack’ Mitch McConnell (021721)
Links to articles: Trump Sets Fake News Straight – Shoots Down Biggest Rumor (030121); Trump Reveals Jaw-Dropping Truth About Capitol Hill Riot (030221)
No doubt. Obama did nothing but cause wars and he got one. Pres. Trump brokered peace, and did not get one.
The Democrats (Communists) have to bring in those uninformed desperate voters coming in from destroyed communist totalitarian governments in order to create a communist totalitarian government in the United States.
Yes, they are beginning to open. They closed to make Pres. Trump look bad. It did not work for those who understand what is going on. Election and voter fraud won the election for Biden. Click here for proof.
Well, Communists in any country will lie about him.

 Adviser Stephen Miller: Trump Term One of ‘Most Consequential’ in US History (012121)
Melania Trump’s Farewell Message Says “Violence Is Never The Answer” (011821)
Last Day of Trump Administration (022121)(Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party is Planning a War on Half of America)
Trump’s Anti-Communist Legacy (022121)

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