The Swamp (The establishment)

I began learning of the establishment (the swamp) in the 1980’s by reading books and checking out what they were saying; books such as None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and Call It Conspiracy. The establishment is made up of people educated in the public education system and the colleges and universities. This page is being initiated on March 18, 2020 and will be supplemented as time permits.

These presentations give a lot of good information, but they are devoid of understanding, wisdom, and therefore, correct solutions because God and God’s Word is not considered.

Adam Andrzejewski | The Depth of the Swamp (March 5, 2021)

“Political Corruption: Can the Swamp Be Drained?” – Kimberley Strassel (February 27, 2021)

Kimberley Strassel | The Resurgence of Socialism Today (112219)

"Churches under Christ" is a ministry of Charity Baptist Tabernacle of Amarillo, Texas, Benjamin Hickam Pastor. Jerald Finney, a Christian Lawyer and member of Charity Baptist Tabernacle explains how a church in America can remain under the Lord Jesus Christ and Him only. "And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church" (Ephesians 1.22).

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