Was the 2020 Presidential Election Stolen? If so, by whom and why?

Was the 2021 presidential election stolen? Think for yourself. See if you were told the truth. Decide for yourself based on solid evidence which the courts refused to hear and the communist media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, et al. working with the Communist Party USA – i.e., the Democratic Party) refused to report on. They just said, “There is no evidence of voter or election fraud;” or, “There is always fraud, but not enough to effect the outcome of the election.” Did they tell the truth? I have a lot more evidence I can link to, but time is a constraint. To understand what is going on, who is responsible, and why they are doing what they are doing, read and study the King James Bible. You will find that today’s happenings confirms that God’s Word, written thousands of years ago, foretold what is happening before our very eyes. Such revelation emphasizes the need for every individual to turn to God and put his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. See, God’s Plan of Salvation. For some insights from a study of the Bible, see God Betrayed/Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American ApplicationBelievers in Christ may also find some insights in the short article: Standing Against the Wiles of the Devil on All Fronts: The Evidence (Truth) Presented Via Live Video.

Date of article: February 26, 2021. Click above to go to article. Dominion has sued Powell and others. This gives them the opportunity to present evidence in court, as long as the court does not suppress the evidence, which considering the fact that judges can be threatened (as I believe may have already happened all the way up to the Supreme Court in the election fraud cases where judged refused to allow the evidence by dismissing the cases without valid reasons.

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Exactly right on. Click above to go to article.
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This opinion is an excellent analysis of a Time article that admits that the conspiracy that – through a cabal – “touched every aspect of the election” including our election laws, stole the election but casts the theft as “saving our democracy.” Amazing how the devil can made bad sound so good to the unlearned.
Click above to go to article. Infuriating. The House Democrats (Communists) are trying to steal another election. Yellow bellied Republicans will not fight to prevent the stealing of elections, and Democrats (Communists) fight tooth and nail to steal all the elections possible.
DeSantis, a great governor. His lead should be followed by all states. The liberal states don’t want this thought. Cheating is inherent in their mindset. Click above to go to article.
All the evidence on this video and other videos and articles linked to on this page, standing alone, is absolute proof that there was widespread election fraud. Courts have refused to hear the evidence, except for the few who actually took up cases and found tremendous fraud without which Trump won in those contested counties. The above video and other evidence proves that the election was stolen. The courts who refused to hear the evidence gave frivolous unfounded reasons for rejecting the cases; reasons such as “no standing” and “laches.” That is additional evidence that the election was stolen. Thus, the evidence, for the most part, has not had a fair hearing; and a fair hearing would have resulted in forensic examination of the elections which would have proved if there was fraud, the extent thereof, and the sources of the fraud. The fact that they fought so hard to prevent forensic examination of the evidence is very very strong proof that there was extensive voter and election fraud. I found the evidence in the legislative hearings in various states, and most of the evidence in the above video, to be compelling as did many Americans who took the time to watch the hearings instead of listening to fake news who just said (knowing that millions of dumbed down Americans would believe them-of course, more millions know they are liars and give them no credibility), “There is no evidence,” or “There is always election fraud, but not enough to change the results.” They lied in the former case, and could not conclude the latter because they did not fairly consider the mountains of evidence that was presented and the mountain that was not presented in the hearings, but in sworn affidavits. All the evidence above certainly should be heard in an unbiased and fair court; something that is hard to find since the judges in those courts are political and find according to their biases.
That the conspirators, the establishment politicians and media) do not tell you this is more on the mountain of proof that shows that they lie, just state false “news,” and leave out news that goes against their ideology and agenda.
The percentage would be a lot higher – probably 95-100% would know the election was stolen, if they, with an open mind (which is impossible for a left wing Democrat) – looked at the evidence which was presented, much of which is linked to below.
Click the picture above to go to the article. The attempted election fraud did not work here because a court and judge actually did its job. Too bad the courts did not do that for the presidential election; instead, they refused to even look at the evidence by giving lame excuses such as “no standing” (any honest lawyer knows there was standing, and I am an honest lawyer) or “laches” (any honest lawyer knows that was a frivolous reason. The courts said, “laches” meaning, “you should have filed the suit before the election;” but, before the election there was no harm. If a suite had been filed before the election, the court would have dismissed because there was no harm.)

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More proof that the election was stolen, on top of the mountain of solid evidence, a lot of which is linked to below. Video shows stark contrast between Biden inauguration attended by thousands of troops and few others, while President Trump is greeted by untold thousands of patriotic supporters shouting “I love you” and welcoming him to his home. But the election was not stolen? The administrator (the censor) would not allow me to link to the video, but I saw it at: https://conservativevideoalerts.com/everyone-noticed-what-biden-did-to-hide-the-truth-seconds-later-trump-publicly-humiliates-him/ . I do not know if it is now blocked for everyone, but I can no longer assess it because, as the message I get when I try to go to the website says, “The administrator has blocked your IP from accessing this website..”


Live hearing of Georgia Legislature on December 30. Click the above to go to that hearing online.

Georgia Con’t

Live December 30 hearing continued. Click the above to go there.

Georgia December 10

December 10 Election fraud hearing by Georgia legislature.

Rand Paul gets it right, in my opinion, but does not emphasize how massive the evidence of election fraud is. This is a classic confrontation between two people who define truth differently. The Communist journalist who believes truth is anything that supports his agenda and ideology and the rational person who holds to the truth about the meaning of truth.
The mountain of evidence proves this and a multitude of other illegal acts occurred in many states, especially in big Democratic stronghold counties in battleground states. Too bad the courts did not do their job and used lame excuses for dismissing cases. Excuses like “no standing” (ridiculous) and “laches” (ridiculous).
One should not get his hopes up that the S. Ct. will give a fair hearing to theses cases. To a large degree, the Court is political. The liberal judges certainly cannot be depended upon to be fair; so it can be said of 2 or 3 of the Republican judges. I know they are appointed; but, the fact is that they are either liberal, conservative, or “moderate” and Democrat or Republican. A moderate judge likely would make his decision based upon bringing finality to the issue and crushing the legitimate arguments of those who are looking at the evidence and determining that the election was stolen. We’ll see. Those are some of my thoughts.
Why not before the election? It can change nothing now plus, they have had plenty of time to alter the evidence. And who is doing the audit? Will it be Democratic operatives? There chance of that. We will see. See the links to the Arizona legislative hearings on election fraud above.
The good news before the bad news below.
More good news before the temporary bad news below. Our Lord will be victorious at His second coming. The New World Order will be smashed by the King of Kings!

‘Citizens Deserve Better’: Justice Clarence Thomas Dissents In PA Election Case (022312)(By the way, the evidence shows that the PA presidential election was stolen)


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