On the Duram report which proves the Russian hoax:
Rep. Issa To Newsmax: Wray’s Reaction To Durham Report Lacking (051623)(” J… No question at all, in 2016 they [FBI] tried to change the outcome of the election in favor of Hillary Clinton,” said Issa. “In 2020, they had a real factor in changing the election to give us our current president. …”)
Trump: I’ll Release All JFK Files If I Am Reelected (051623)(“… Democrat Party challenger, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said last week that there was “overwhelming” evidence that the CIA was involved in his uncle’s murder. …”)
Rockefeller Foundations New Focus on Climate Change Signals the Next Phase of the Great Reset (042823)(Lissten to the excellent speech on New World Order, CFR, Trilateral Commission, the systme we have been living under since World War I, etc.–Satan’s conspiracy continues right in front of us.)

Biden: Transgender People ‘Shape Our Nation’s Soul’ (040423)

Legal Experts: Trump Indictment a Political Proseution (040423)

How I Knew The Democrats and The Media Were Lying About January 6 (031623)

Medical Freedom (031323)(‘So as far as we’ve been told, the new Pfizer drug is only working against one particular biochemical pathway to stop COVID, and with ivermectin, it’s working against that same biochemical pathway to stop COVID but also several others.’)

Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts (030923)(The Covid “Consiracy” is, and has been, a proven fact).

Gaslightning: “Conspiracy Theories” Already Proven True in 2023 (03023)

Top NASA Scientist Confesses: Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam (030423)

The Plan To Wreck America (022523)(Yes, this is the plan and the planners.)

Tucker Carlson: Sudden Death (the death rate has risen dramatically following vaccine)

The Battle to Ban the Jab, The First Domino Fell

Biden’s State of the Union set new records for dishonesty and emptiness

Idaho bill would ban mRNA technology used in COVID shots ““The vaccines don’t work and they are toxic,” Dr. Malone has warned.”

Account Closed: Banks and Businesses Cancel Christians

Believers in Christ and New Testament churches, are you ready? See, Salvation + and other pages on

Lithium Mining for EV’s Could Destroy the PlanetOf course, that is one of Satan’s goals.

Articles on the New World Order, World Economic Forum, and related matters:

Will the WEF Be Scapegoated for the Crumbling Liberal-Globalist Order? (123222)

WATCH: WEF High Priest Reveals Globalist Plan to Escape Engineered Collapse, Emerge from the Ashes as ‘Gods’ – BOMBSHELL BREAKDOWN! (102622)(Good info on this broadcast. There is a rising resistence to the Great Reset and the efforts to bring in the prophesied One World  Order, but man will not ultimately defeat it. People may delay it, but will stop the it. Only Christ, who will return and crush the world powers, will bring the final victory and set up his millenial reign over the earth. At the end of that thousand years, etc.  Sorry Alex, your understanding of the end times victory is incorrect. See, pp. 63-70 of The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus; see also, Part I, Sections I-III of God Betrayed.)

The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset (102422)(… Schwab is little more than a slick PR agent for a global technocratic agenda, a corporatist unity of corporate power with government, including the UN, an agenda whose origins go back to the beginning of the 1970s, and even earlier. The Davos Great reset is merely an updated blueprint for a global dystopian dictatorship under UN control that has been decades in development. The key actors were David Rockefeller and his protégé, Maurice Strong. … At the end of the 1960s and into the early 1970s, the international circles directly tied to David Rockefeller launched a dazzling array of elite organizations and think tanks. These included The Club of Rome; the 1001: A Nature Trust, tied to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF); the Stockholm United Nations Earth Day conference; the MIT-authored study, Limits to Growth; and David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. …)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (What global warming scientists say)

Click above to go to the article “Global Finance Elites Are Planning CBDC Social Credit Scores.”

Major Scientific Publisher Retracts More Than 500 Papers (100122)

Global Finance Elites Are Planning CBDC Social Credit Scores (101722)

Ukraine War Planned Years Ago Document Reveals (100522)

Crimes Against Republicans Run Rampant After Biden’s Dangerous Speech (100622)

Signs You Might Be a Woman

Satan Responds To Roe V. Wade Overturn (062822)

In order to make informed decisions, do you want to hear what all the experts and news reporters have to say-even those censored by globalist news, corporations, social media networks, etc.? Why not subscribe to good sources of news the globalists do not want you to know about? LewRockwellActivist PostTTNEpoch TimesNewsmax – with discernment; News shows on Patriots Soapbox (You can listen to programs live when you go there by clicking the “LIVE NOW” button). Here are some examples of stories the globalists do not cover:

Hear Eric Boling on The Balance present news on the hiorrific moral state of the nation and do a little teaching and preaching on September 27, 2022 (during the first 8 or 9  minutes, again in the 29 to 34 minute, and the 38:34 through 45:30 setments). He gets into the high crime rate, the “grooming” and indoctrination of children by sexual perverts, and some of the resistence against the New World Order. Don’t waste your time listening to Bill O’Reilley who has no spiritual understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. O’Reilley’s comments blemish what Boling had to say in the first part of the show. Nor is their discussion of Elvis and others spiritually insightful.

The Bible tells us of the end times one world government and the great tribulation: Terrifying Bible Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes! The Bible is truth. The understanding of exact factual unfolding of unfulfilled Bible prophecy may vary. This resource gives one view of contemporary events as applied to Bible prophecy; of course, some matters in the resource are true because they are beyond dispute. Keep in mind that the word of God in English is the King James Bible.

18-Year-Old Conservative Murdered Over Political Dispute (092322)

Bernie Sanders FULL SPEECH at Liberty University (C-SPAN) The epitome of wickedness. Liberty University: Christian? Notice the support this wicked man and his ideas are given at Liberty University. Satan quotes and interprets the Bible as to abortion and gay marriage and other matters. And to think that Falwell sued to get the right of churches in Virginia to incorporate with Liberty University in mind. God help us.

FBI Agent Suspended for Refusal To Participate in ‘Policicized’ Activities (092322)(The 37-year-old special agent is one of 20 whistleblowers to recently come forward and describe an agency that is both politicized and practicing abusive measures. … Rep. Jordan reiterated the allegation that caseloads were being manipulated to field offices around the country to give “false and misleading crime statistics” concerning so-called “domestic terrorism.”) Whistleblower: FBI Distorts January 6 Cases To Bolster Domestic Terror Claims (092222) FBI raids home of Catholic pro-life speaker, author with guns drawn as his terrified kids watch (092622)

What is the Great Reset? Lecture at Hillsdale College (Dr. Michael Rectenwald)(Based upon Bible prophecy, I do not agree that they will fail. Otherwise, this speech explains what is going on with the Great Reset.) See also, Decoding Davos — The Global Endgame.

More on the Great Reset and New World Order:

Climate change and global warming:

 Climate change experts:

Google “Piers Corbyn on climate change”

Google “Malcolm Roberts on climate change”

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