Kings of Judah & Israel after Rehoboam & Jeroboam

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Southern Kingdom: Judah (8 good, 5 outstanding kings, rest bad)

1. Abijam. (Evil-3y) 1 Ki. 15.1-8; 2 Chr. 13.1-22. Reigned in 18th yr. of Jeroboam.  For David’s sake, the LORD gave him a lamp in Jerusalem, to set up his son after him, and to establish Jerusalem because David did that which was right in the eyes of thee LORD, and turned not aside from any thing that he commanded him all the days of his life, except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite. 1 Ki. 14.1-7;  2 Chr. 13.3-19.  Judah subdues Israel, slaying 500,000 chosen men, bc they relied upon the LORD God of their fathers. 2 Chr. 13.18.  Jeroboam did not recover strength again in the days of Abijam. 20.  Abijam waxed mighty, married 14 wives, had 22 sons, 16 daughters. 21.

2-Asa (good but did not take down the Jehovistic high places-41y)(2 Chron.15.17) 1 Ki. 15.9-24; 2 Chron. 14-16.14. Reigned in the 20th year of Jeroboam. 1 Ki. 15.9.  He took the sodomites out of the land & removed the idols his father had made. 1 Ki. 15.12. Removed not the high places but his heart was perfect before the LORD all his days. 1 Ki. 15.14.  War between Asa & Baasha, king of Israel all their days. 1 Ki. 14.16. 2 Chr. 14. 1-6. Defeated the invading Ethiopians.  2 Chr. 14.9-15. After Azariah’s warning, turned the nation around to follow God. 2 Chr. 15.1-19. Had perfect heart, but still did wrong (did not take down the high places. 2 Chr. 15.17). Hires Ben-hadad to fight against Baasha for him (1 Ki. 15. 16-22 & 2 Chr. 16.1-6) & is rebuked by Hanani the seer for doing so. 2 Chr. 16.1-9. Asa imprisons Hanani for doing so. 2 Chr. 16.10-11. Asa turns to physicians, not the Lord, when sick. 2 Chron. 15.12.

3. Jehoshaphat. (good-25y) 1 Ki. 22.41-50; 2 Chr. 17.1-20.37. Reign begins in 4th yr. of Ahab’s reign. Compromised, didn’t take down the high places. 2 Chr. 20.33. (2 Chron. 17.6 says he took away the high places out of Judah.). He grew in power, other nations brought tribute, etc. 2 Chr. 17;. 10-19. Removed Sodomites left by Asa, his father. 1 Ki. 22.46. His alliance w/Ahab. 1 Ki. 22.1-5 29-39, 2 Chr. 18.1-3.. The lying prophets of Ahab (said victory). 1 Ki. 22.6-12, 2 Chr. 18.4-11. Micaiah, the true prophet says defeat if the go to war & Ahab has him imprisoned. 1 Ki. 22.13-28. 2 Chr. 18.12-27. Jehu rebukes Jehoshaphat’s alliance w/Ahab. 2 Chr. 19.1-3. Jehoshaphat restores order in worship. 2 Chr. 19.4-11. Judah invaded by Moab, Jehoshaphat seeks the LORD, Jehovah answers through Jahaziel, the invading armies striken with death,  and the triumphant return to Jerusalem. 2 Chr. 20.1-34. Jehoshaphat’s trading venture w/Ahaziah & the prophesy against him for doing so. 1 Ki. 22.47-49; 2 Chr. 20.35-37. Alliance w/Jehoram against Moab. 2 Ki. 3.4-27.

4. Jehoram (Evil-8y). 2 Ki. 8.16-24, 2 Chr. 21.1-20. Son of Jehoshaphat. His wife was Ahab’s daughter. Began his reign in 5th yr. of Joram, son of Ahab, King  of Israel. He kills all his brothers & divers princes. 2 Chr. 21.4. Edom & Libnah revolt against Judah. 2 Ki. 8.20-23; 2 Chr. 21.8-10. Made high places, caused inhabitants to commit fornication & Elijah tells him God’s punishment. 2 Chr. 21.11-15. God sends nations that kill his sons, etc. & smotes his bowels w/incurable disease. 2 Chr. 21.16-17.

5-Ahaziah. (Evil-1y). 2 Ki. 8.25-29; 2 Chr. 22.1-9. Began to reign in 12th yr. of Joram (Jehoram). Joins Joram to war against king of Syria. 2 Ki. 8.28; 2 Chr. 22.5. Jehu slays Jehoram. 9.14-26. Jehu slays princes of Judah & Ahaziah. 9.27-19; 2 Chr. 22.8-9. Jehu slays Jezebel. 9.20-27.

6-Athaliah.(Evil-6y) Only woman to rule Judah. 2 Ki. 11.1- ,2 Chr. 22.10-12. Mother of Ahaziah-she killed all the royal seed, but Jehosheba hid Joash for 6 yrs. 2 Ki. 11.1-3; 2 Chr. 22.10-12.

7-Jehoash or Joash. (Good, then bad-40 y). 2. Ki. 11.12-21, 12.1-21; 2 Chr. 23.1-24.27. Began to reign at age 7. Joash began to reign in 7th yr. of Jehu. 2 Ki. 12.1.  Made King. 2 Ki. 11.4-12; 2 Chr. 23.1.11.  Athaliah slain. 11.13-16; 2 Chr. 23.12-15. Jehoiada & revival. 11.17-18; 2 Chr. 23.16-21. House of Baal destroyed & Baal priest killed. 11.18. Did right in sight of Lord, but the high places not taken away: the people still sacrifices & burnt incense in the high places. 12.3. The faithless priests do not repair the house of the LORD. 4-8; 2 Chr. 24.4,5.  Jehoida, the priest, has temple repaired. 12.9-16; 2 Chr. 24.8-14. Joash, after death of Jehoiada dies, follows the princes of Judah, leaving the Lord. 2 Chr. 24.17-19. Zechariah, Jehoida’s son, killed bc Zechariah speaks against the apostasy of the princes. 2 Chr. 24.20-22. Syrian king goes against Jerusalem & Joash gives him all the hallowed things & he leaves. 12.17-18. God delivers a very great host of Judah into hands of Syrians bc they forsook God—Syrians execute judgment against Judah. 2 Chr. 24.23-4. Death of Joash, ascension of Amaziah. 19-21; 2 Chr. 24.25-27.

8-Amaziah.(Good but not like David. High places not taken down. 29y).2 Ki. 14.1-. 2 Chr. 25. 1-28. Did right in sight of Lord, but not w/a perfect heart. 2 Chr. 25.2. Kills servants who killed hjs father. 2 Chr. 25.3. Amaziah conquers Edom after sending soldiers from Israel home per man of God, worships Edom’s gods; man of God tells him God angry & will destroy him. 2 Chr.25.5-16. Israel defeats Judah. 14.8-14. 2Chr. 25.17-25. Conspiracy against Amaziah after he turned from following the LORD. He is slain at Lachish. 14.19-29; 2 Chr. 25.26-8. Jehoash & Israel defeat Judah after Amaziah challenges Israel bc (see 2 Chr. 20), Israel breaks walls Of Jerusalem, takes the gold & silver & vessels & breaks down the wall of found in the house ofthe LORD. 2 Ki. 14. 8-14.  Lives 15 yr. after Jehoash’s death. They made conspiracy against him at Lachish, & slew him there. 14.19-20; 2 Chr. 25.26-28.

9-Uzziah (Azariah). (Good but high places not removed-52 y) 2 Ki. 14.21-22; 15.1-7; 2 Chron.26.1-23. Begins to reign in 27th yr. of Jeroboam II. 2 Ki. 15.1. Son of Amaziah. Did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, but the high places not removed & the people sacrificed & burnt incense still on the high places. 2 Ki. 15.3-4.  God made him prosper as long as he sought the LORD. 2 Chr. 26.5. Uzziah successful in war; his works & fame. Id. 6-15. The priests resist him, &God smote him w/leprosy bc he (bc his heart was lifted up to his destruction) went into the temple to burn incense unto the LORD. 5 & 2 Chr. 26.16-21. Dies. 6-7. [Hosea prophesied in reigns of Ussiah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and in days of Jeroboam the son of Joash, king of Israel.] [Isaiah (760-698 B.C.) prophesied during reigns of Ussiah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah. Isa. 1.1. His transforming vision (Isa. 6) was in yr. that Uzziah died.]

10-Jotham. (Good but the high places not removed-16y and the people did corruptly). 2 Ki. 15.32-382 Chr. 26.23, 27.1-9. Son of Uzziah. Began reign in 2d yr. of Pekah. II Ki. 15.32. Reigned in stead of his dad Uzziah. Did right, but high places not removed & people sacrificed & burnt incense in the high places. 2 Ki. 15.34-5.  Built the higher gate of the house of the LORD. Did right in the sight of the LORD. He did not enter into the Temple of the LORD & the people did corruptly. 2 Chr. 27.3. Built castles, towere & cities. 4. Defeated king of Ammonites & got much spoil. 5.  Became mighty bc he prepared his ways before the LORD his God. 6. [Micah prophesied during reigns of Jotham, Ahaz & Hezekiam & Pekahiah,Pekah, & Hoshea over Israel. Describes the Assyrian invasion of Israel. 1.6-16.  The coming captivity. Tells reasons for the coming judgments. Also deals w/the kingdom age, the last battle, etc.]

11-Ahaz. (Evil-16y) 2 Ki. 16.1-20; 2 Chr. 28.1-27. Son of Remaliah. Began to reign in 17th yr. of Pekah.  Made molten images to Baalim. 2 Chr. 28.2.. Burnt incense, burnt his children  in the fire, sacrificed burnt incense in high places. 3-4. Kings of Israel & Syria conquer him. 5-8. Made his son to pass through the fire, sacrificed & burnt incense in the high places & on the hills & under every green tree. 2 Ki. 16.3-4. Pekah defeats Ahaz & carries away captives. 2 Chr. 28.5-8 Intercession of the prophet Obed—tells Israelites to return the captives to Judah which they do. 2 Chr. 28.9-15. Edomite & Philistine invasion brought by the LORD bc Ahaz made Judah naked, and transgressed sore against the LORD. Invasion of Judah by Syria & Israel. 5-6; 2Chr. 28.5-8. The Lord tells Isaiah to tell Ahaz. The Lord tells Ahaz of the coming Immanuel (Isa. 7. 10-15) and of impending invasion (17-25) and that the invasion won’t succeed. Isa. 7.1-9. God tells Isaiah of coming Assyrian invasion. Isa. 8. Ahaz seeks assistance of Assyria. 2 Ki. 16.7-8; 2 Chron. 28.16-21. The LORD brought Judah low bc of Ahaz who made Judah naked & transgressed sore against the LORD. 2 Chr. 28.19. The Assyrians take Damascus; Ahaz has altar built after the pattern of altar he sees in Damascus & instruct the priest to sacrifice on it to the gods of Damascus thinking those gods had brought the enemy victory. 2 Ki. 16.9-18; 2 Chr. 28.23.  Dies & Hezekiah reigns. 19-20.

12. Hezekiah (Good removed the high places-29y). 2 Ki. 18.1-20.21; 2 Chr. 29.1-32.33; Cf. Isa. 36-9. Son of Ahaz. Began reign in 3d yr. of Hoshea. 2 Ki. 18.1. Revival under Hezekiah, temple worship restored.  Served not the Philistines. Removed high places, cut down the groves, broke the brazen serpent bc the people worshipped it, trusted in & departed not from the LORD, kept his commandments, none before or after him were like him; he rebelled against the king of Assyria. 18.4-7; 2 Chr.29.3-31.21. Smote the Philistines. 18.8. Keeps the Passover for the 1st time in long time as it was written (v5). 2 Chr. 30.1-22. Other 7 days kept. Id. 23-7. Idols destroys & further religious reforms. Id.31.1-21. He did [all] w/all his heart & prospered. Id. 31.21. Assyria carries away Israel in Hezekiah’s 4th yr. 9-12.Sennacharib’s invasion & Jehovah’s deliverance. Isa. 36, 37. [Hezekiah, note: Isaiah’s prophecies, concerning Sennacharib, etc. Isa. 30, 31, 36-7.] Sennacharib, king of Assyria, invades Judah. 18.13-37; 1 Chr. 32.1-23; Isa.36.1-22. Hezekia gives his silver & gold. Sennacharib surrounds Jerusalem & tells them their God cannot save them. 17-37; 2 Chr. 32.9-19. The people answered not per order from Hezekiah. 2 Ki. 18.36. Hezekiah consults Isaiah, prays. Id at 19.1-7; Isa. 37.1. Jehovah answers through Isaiah. Id. See also 2 Chr. 32.17-22. Sennacherib defies God. 8-13.Jehovah’s answer through Isaiah. 19.20-34.   Jehovah says he will save the city. 34. Jehovah destroys the Assyrian army. 35; 2 Chr. 32.21,22. Sennacherib killed  by his sons. 36-7; 2 Chr. 32.21. Hezekiah’s illness & recovery (God gives him more time to live at his request to Isaiah. 2 Ki. 20.1-11; 2 Chr. 32.24; Isa. 38. God made Hezekiah sick bc his heart was lifted up; but Hezekiah then humbled himself. 2 Chr. 32.24-26. Hezekiah’s wealth. 2 Chr. 32.27-30. Hezekiah unwisely exposes his treasures to the men of Babylon; and Isa. 20.12-19; 2 Chr. 32.25,26,31; Isa. 39. God left Hezekiah in the matter of the ambassadors of Babylon to try Hezekiah that he might know all that was in his heart. 2 Chr. 32.31.  Isaiah tells Hezekiah what will happen bc he showed his treasures to Babylon (everything will be carried away into Babylon & Hezekiah’s sons shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon. 14-19; Isa. 39.5-7. Hezekiah’s reply-“What the LORD does is good if peace & truth be in my days.” 19. Hezekiah dies. 21. II Chr. 29.1-32.33Isa. 39.8. [Nahum prophesied during reign of Hezekiah.]

Note. After the last king of the northern Kingdom, Israel, (the northern kingdom was taken into captivity before the southern kingdom, Judah was taken into captivity), the following kings reigned in Judah until the captivity of Judah:

13-Manasseh. (Starts out bad, judged by God, does good-55y). 2 Ki. 21.1-18;  2 Chr. 33.1-20. Son of Hezekiah. Does evil after the abominations of the heathen. 2 Ki. 21.2-9, 16; 2 Chr. 33.2. Built high places, altars in the house of the LORD for Baalim & others. 3-5; 2 Chr. 33.3-5. Caused children to pass through the fire, observed times, used enchantments, dealt w/familiar spirits & wizards, wrought much wickedness in the sight of the LORD, set a graven image. 3-7; 2 Chr. 33.6-9. Jehovah’s message through the prophets concerning Manasseh’s idolatries. (to bring evil upon Jerusalem & Judah), but Manasseh & the people would not hearken. 10-14; 2 Chr. 33.10.  Manasseh captured & taken to Babylon, repents, is restored to Jerusalem, reigns (builds wall around Jerusalem, took away the strange gods & idol out of house of the LORD, repaired altar of the LORD, sacrificed thereon, commanded people to serve the LORD only). 2 Chr. 33.11-20. Nevertheless the people sacrifice in the high  places but to the LORD only. Id. at 17.

14-Amon. (Evil-2y). 2 Ki. 21.19-26; 2 Chr. 33.20-25. Son of Manasseh. Did evil as Manasseh did. 20-22; 2 Chr. 33.22. Humbled himself not as did Manasseh but trespassed more & more. 2 Chr. 33.23. Servants conspire & kill him; & the people kill all those who conspired against Amon & make his son Josiah king. 23-24; 2 Chr. 33.21-25.

15-Josiah. (Good did right, walked in all the way of David, turned not to right or left. 2 Ki. 22.2. 2 Chr. 34.2-31y). 2 Ki. 22.1-23.30; 2 Chr. 34.1-27. Began to reign at 8, began seeking God at 16. Early reformations: purged from the high places, the groves, the carved images, the molten images, brake down the altars of Baalim, the images, etc. 2 Chr. 34.3-7.  Temple repaired. 3-7; 2 Chr. 34.8-13. The law of Moses discovered. 8-10; 2 Chr. 34.14-15. The king’s reaction to the law-what a good leader does when he reads the law of God (orders priest & others to enquire of the words of the book, great is God’s wrath against us bc our fathers have not kept the word of the LORD, to do after all that is written in this book.). 11-14; 2 Chr. 34.16-21.  They tell him all the evil that will come to Judah & why; but that bc his heart was tender, & he has humbled himself before the LORD, has rent his clothes, , :& wept before him, he shall not see the evil. 19-20. 2 Chr. 34.27-28 (Huldah the prophetess tells them the LORD will bring evil bc of all their evil doings after Josiah dies—he is spared bc he has done good 2 Chr.  34.22-8).  The law is read to the people. 23.1,2; 2 Chr. 34.29,30. Josiah covenants w/LORD to walk after him. 3; 2 Chr. 34.31,32. Burns all vessels made for Baal, put down the idolatrous priests, brought grove out from house of the LORD & burned it etc., brake down the houses of the sodomites, stopped human sacrifice (v10), etc. 4-20; 2 Chr. 34.33 (removed all the abominations and made everyone in Israel to serve the LORD). Reinstated the Passover . 2 Ki. 23.21-23; 2 Chr. 35.1-19. There was none like him before or after that turned to the LORD w/all his heart, soul, & might. 23.25. Killed bc he stuck his nose into war between Egypt & Assyria against the will of God-the king of Egypt warned him to stay out of it bc God had told him to come up against Assyria. 3.29-30; 2 Chr. 25.20-27.

[Habakkuk prophesied in latter days of Josiah] [Zephaniah prophesied in days of Josiah.].

[“Jeremiah the prophet began his ministry in the 13th yr. of Josiah, about 60 yrs. after Isaiah’s death and continued it until the 11th yr of Zedekiah, king of Judah.  Zephaniah and Habakkuk were contemporaries of his earlier ministry, to its end in the Babylonian captivity.  Jeremiah remained in the land ministering  to the poor Remnant (2 Ki. 24.14) until they went into Egypt, whither he followed them, and where he died, early in the 70 yrs. captivity.  Jeremiah, prophesying before and during the exile of Judah, connects the pre-exile prophets with Ezekiel and Daniel, prophets of the exile.  Jeremiah’s vision includes the Babylonian captivity, the return after 70 yrs. the world-wide dispersion, the final regathering, the kingdom-age, the day of judgment on the Gentile powers, and the Remnant.” See p772]

[Headnote to Zephaniah (page 959): “This prophet, a contemporary of Jeremiah, exercised his ministry during the reign of Josiah. It was a time of revival (2Ki. 22), but the captivity was impending, nevertheless, and Zephaniah points out the moral state which, despite the superficial revival under Josiah (Jer 2:11-13), made it inevitable.”]

16-Jehoahaz. (Evil-3 mo.). 2 Ki. 23.31-33; 2 Chr. 36.1,2. Josiah’s son. People make him king. Pharoah puts him down & makes Jehoiakim his bro. king over Judah.

17-Jehoiakim. (Evil-11y). 2 Ki. 23.34-24.6; 2 Chr. 36. 4-7. Made king by king of Egypt.  He pays tribute to Egypt. The LORD sends nations to destroy Judah bc of the evil of Manasseh. 1-4; 2 Chr. 36.4-8. Nebudchadezzar binds him & carries him to Babylon & puts vessels from house of LORD into his temple in Babylon. 2 Chr. 34.6-7.

Jer. 35 tells of the obedience of the Rechabites in the reign of Jehoiakim. Cf. 2 Ki. 23.36-24.5.

Jer. 36. Per God’s command, Jeremiah has Baruch write all his words in a roll of a book. Jeremiah orders Baruch to read it in the House of the Lord.  The princes hear it and are afraid.  Jehoiakim finds out about it and has it burned.  God tells Jeremiah to rewrite it and to tell Jehoiakim that bc he burned the roll, the King of Babylon will conquer and destroy the land and Jehoiakim will be killed, etc.

In 4th yr. of Jehoiakim, Jeremiah prophecied the seventy yrs. captivity. Jere. 25.1-14. King Jehoiakim has Urijay the prophet killed. Jere. 26.20-24. Jehoiakim burns the roll & orders Jeremiah taken. Roll rewritten. Jere. 36. Jeremiah prophecies unto Jehoiakim. Jer. 25-27.

18-Jehoiachin. (Evil-3 mo.). 2 Ki. 24.6-16; 2 Chr. 3.8-10. Son of Jehoiakim. The 1st deportation to Babylon (of all save the poorest). 24.11-16. King of Babylon, Merodach, releases Jehoiachin from prison & gives him an allowance. 25.27-30. 2 Chr. 36.8-10; Jere. 52.31-34.

Jeremiah tells Judah & other nations to submit to Nebudchadnezzar. Jere.27. Jere. Tells in 1st yr of reign of Zedekiah Hananiah the prophet he will die bc of his false prophecies. Jere. 28.

19-Zedekiah (Evil-11y). 1 Ki. 24.17-25.21; 2 Chr. 36.10-18. Was the brother of Nebudchadnezzar’s father.  Was made king by Nebudchadnezzar.  2 Ki. 24.17. Humbled himself not before Jeremiah the prophet. 2 Chr. 36.12. Rebels against Nebudchadnezzar. The people & all the chief priests transgressed very much after all the abominations of the heathen & polluted the house of the LORD. 2 Chr. 36.14. The LORD sent them messengers bc he had compassion on his people & on his dwelling place.  2. Chr. 36.15. But they mocked the messengers of God, & despised his words, & misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, til there was ano remedy. 2 Chr. 36. 16. Jeremiah’s message to King Zedekiah. Jere. 21-22; 27.12-22; Jeremiah 32.1-7. (God tells Zedekiah through Jeremiah that Nebudchadnezzar will conquer and take Judah, not to resist, etc. bc God himself will fight against Judah in anger, fury and great wrath.) Jeremiah’s message against the faithless shepherds. Jer. 23. Jeremiah prophecies the 70 yrs captivity. God declares that all nations that submit to Nebudchadnezzare will be able to stay in their land; those who do not will die by the sword, by famine, by pestilence; and warns them not to listen to false prophets. Jere. 27.  False prophets (who prophecy that the Lord would return everything taken by Nebudchadnezzar within 2 years) killed. Jere. 28-9. God judges bc of the evil of the children of Judah, their kings, princes, priests, prophets, the men of Judah, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem (then he gives the reasons for the judgment). Jere.32.32-36. “[N]either [Zedekiah], nor his servants, nor the people of the land, did hearken unto the words of the LORD, which he spake by the prophet Jeremiah.” Jer. 37.2. The message to Zedekiah concerning his  coming captivity and Zedekiah’s ineffectual decree. Jer. 34.  God tells Jeremiah’s imprisonment (notice the horrendous conditions) in days of Zedekiah bc of what he prophecied. Jere. 37-8 (5 phases of Jeremiah’s prison experiences. N1 p814). Seige of Jerusalem & final deportation. 25.1-7; 2 Chr. 36.15-21; Jere. 39. All Zedekiah’s sons slain, his eyes put out, bound him & carried him to Babylon.  House of the LORD burnt, & the king’s house, and all the houses in Jerusalem; and all the walls broken down. Rest of the people carried away; etc. All to fulfill the words of Jeremiah the prophet. 2 Chr. 36.21.2 Ki. 25.22-26; Jer. 39; 52.

Ezk. 17.11-24. The rebellion of Zedekiah and the results.

Northern Kingdom:Israel (Kings all bad)

1. Nadab (2y) Began to reign 2d yr of Asa. 1 Ki. 15.25-6.

2. Baasha. (24y) 1 Ki. 15.27-16.7. Smote all the house of Jeroboam bc of Jeroboam’s sins. Began to reign in 3rd yr of Asa.  There was war between Asa & Baasha all their days. 1 Ki. 15.32.  Prophecy by Jehu against Baasha & his death. 1 Ki. 16.1-7.

3. Elah. (2y) Began to reign in 26th year of Asa. 1 Ki. 16.8-10. His servant Zimri killed him & all the house of Baasha per prophecy. 10-13.

4. Zimri. (7 days) 1 Ki. 16.11-20. 27th yr. of Asa.  The people led by Omri go against him & he burns the house over him.

5. Omri. (12y) 1 Ki. 16.23-28.  Began to reign in 31st yr. of Asa. In v. 21-22 Israel divided in 2 parts between Tibni & Omri, but Omri prevailed & Tibni died & Omri reigned.  Did worse than all before him.

6. Ahab. (22 y). Began reign in 38th yr. of Asa. Takes to wife Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal king of the Zidonians, and went & served Baal, and worshipped him, made altar to him, made a grove, etc.  1 Ki. 16.31-34.  Elijah the prophet. 1 Ki. 16.28-34, 17.1-24; 18.1-11.  Prophesies famine, is fed by ravens, then by widow. Raises widow’s son. 1 Ki. 17.1-24. Elijah sends Obadiah who had been in hiding with 100 prophets to tell him Elijah is here; Elijah goes to meet Ahab. 1 Ki. 18.1-16. Elijah tells Ahab to assemble all the prophets of Baal. 18.17-24. Jehovah v. Baal; Jehovah wins; Elijah orders the people to slay all the prophets of  Baal which they did. 1 Ki. 18.25-41. God brings rain. 42-46.  Jezebel’s threat-Elijah’s flight; Elijah complains bc he says only he is left to serve the Lord; the Lord, speaking in a still small voice (not the great strong wind, the earthquake, or fire) tells Elijah to anoint Hazael king over Syria, Jehu king over Israel, and Elisha to be His prophet; and that He still has 7000 in Israel. 1 Ki. 19.1-18. The call of Elisha. 1 Ki. 19.19-21.The Lord twice gives Ahab victory over Syria. 1 Ki. 20.1-34. A prophesy of death to Ahab bc Ahab did not obey God’s command to kill Ben-hadad,. 1 Ki. 20.35-43. Ahab covets Naboth’s vineyard; Naboth refuses to sell; Jezebel orders Naboth killed on false charges by false witnesses; Ahab takes possession of the vineyard. 1 Ki. 21.1-16. Elijah announces Ahab’s and Jezebel’s doom. 1 Ki. 21.17-26 Ahab repents & God says he will not bring judgment until his son’s days. 1 Ki. 21.27-29. 3 years peace between Syria & Israel; Ahab asks Jehoshaphat to aid him in a Syrian campaign; Jehoshaphat tells Ahab to ask the prophets. 1 Ki. 22.1-5. The prophets of Ahab lie; (6-12 & 1 Chr. 18.4-11) Jehoshaphat asks for another prophecy; Micaiah gives the true prophecy. 22.6-12; 1 Chr. 18.12-27. Ahab imprisons prophet Micaiah for prophesying his defeat by Assyria & Ahab wounded & dies.. 1 Ki. 22.27-39. 2 Chr. 18.12-34.

7. Ahaziah. (2y) 1 Ki. 22.40, 51-53. Began to reign in 17th year of Jehoshaphat. Moab rebels, Ahaziah injured. Served & worshiped Baal. 1 Ki. 22.51-3. 2 Ki. 1.1-2. Elijah’s prophecy of Ahaziah’s death; Ahaziah sends 3 groups of 50 to bring Elijah down; fire consumes the 1st 2 groups, not the 3rd who throw themselves on Elijah’s mercy. 2 Ki. 1.3-16. Elijah’s translation. 2 Ki. 2.1-11.  The spirit comes on Elisha & his 1st miracle. 2 Ki. 2.12-13. The total lack of faith of the theological students. 16-18.  Elisha’s 2nd miracle. 19-22. 2 she bears tear apart 32 children. 2 Ki. 2.23-25.

8. Jehoram or Joram (12y) 2 Ki. 1.17, 3.1. Son of Ahab. Began reign in 18th yr. of Jehoshaphat. Wrought evil, but not like his father & mother, Ahab & Jezebel, in that he put away the image of Baal. 1-3. He & Jehoshaphat went to war with Moab. 4-9. Elisha reproves the alliance of Jehoshaphat with Jehoram. 10-15. Elisha promises water & victory. 16-20.  Defeat of the Moabites. 21-27.  Elisha, by God’s power, increases the widow’s oil. 2 Ki. 4.1-7.  The great woman of Shunem and her reward. 8-17. Elisha restores the life to the son of the Shunammite (18-37); heals the noxious pottage (38-41); feeds 100 men miraculously (42-44).  The healing of Naaman by dipping 7 times in the Jordan; Elisha will take no reward from Naaman. 2 Ki. 5.1-19. Gahazi follows Naaman & asks a reward for his master; Elisha tells Gahazi leprosy will cleave to him & his house forever. 20-27. Elisha recovers the lost axe. 2 Ki. 6.1-7. Elisha reveals Ben-hadad’s plans to king of Israel. 8-12. Ben-hadad sends to get Elisha; Elisha prays that God will open the eyes of his servant. 13-17. Elisha leads blinded Syrians to Samaria. 18-23. Syria sieges Samaria such that women eat their children. 24-31. Elisha’s promise of food & Jehovah’s terror upon the Syrians (4 lepers find the Syrian camp agandoned—bc God scared the Syrians off—and tell the Israelites; the people spoil the Syrian camp. 2 Ki. 7.1-20. Elisha predicts the 7 yrs. famine. 2 Ki. 8.1-2. Elisha visits Ben-hadad; meets Hazael who kills Ben-hadad & becomes king of Syria.

9. Jehu. (28y). Elisha sends child of prophets to anoint Jehu king for purpose of killing all the house of Ahab. 2 Ki. 9.1-10. Jehu proclaimed king. 9.11-13.  Jehu slays Jehoram. 9.14-26. Jehu slays Ahaziah. 9.27-29.  Jehu slays Jezebel. 9.30-37. All Ahab’s sons killed. 10.1-12. The princes of Judah slain. 10.13-14; 2 Chr. 22.8. Jehu slays all remaining of Ahab, spares Jehonadab.  2 Ki. 10.15-18. Jehu exterminates Baal worship in Israel. 10.19-29. Jehu departed not from idolatry. 10.29. God promises Jehu 4 generations. 10.30-31. God diminishes Israel’s power. 10.32-33.

10. Jehoahaz or Jehoaz. (17y). 2 Ki. 10.34-36, 13.1-9. Began to reign in 23d yr. of Joash. 13.1. God delivers Israel into hand of Syria bc of Jehoaz’s evil. 2-3. Jehoaz repents. 13.4. God delivers Israel. 5. Jehoahaz dies. 9.

11. Jehoash or Joash. (16y) 2 Ki.13.10-. Son of Jehoahaz. Began to reign in 37th yr. of Joash. 2 Ki. 13.10. Joash dies. 13. 12-13, 14.15,16. Joash visits Elisha who is sick. 2 Ki. 13.14- . Elisha instructs Joash (that he will smite the Syrians) & Joash’s reaction (one of little faith). 15-19. Elisha dies & miracle at his tomb. 20-21. Joash dies. 2 Ki. 14.16. Jehoash & Israel defeat Judah after Amaziah challenges Israel & breaks down the wall of Jerusalem & takes all the gold & silver & vessels found in the house of the LORD. 2 Ki. 14. 8-14. Amaziah lives 15 yr. after Jehoash’s death. 17. They made conspiracy against him at Lachish, & slew him there. 14.19-20; 2 Chr. 25.26-28.

12. Jeroboam II. (41y). Began to reign in 15th yr. of Amaziah. 2 Ki. 14.23. He departed not from all the sins Jeroboam the son of Nebat. 24. Dies. 29. Amos says Jeroboam shall die by the  sword.  Amos 7.10-13. Amaziah the priest of Bethel tells Amos to leave & Amos’ reply. Amos 7.12-17. 

13. Zechariah. (6mo). Son of Jeroboam. Reigned in 38th yr. of Azariah. 2 Ki. 15.8-11; 2 Chr. 26.1-3. Shallum conspired & smote him.

14. Shallum. (1mo). 2 Ki. 15.13-15. Son of Jabesh. Began reign in 39th yr. of  Azariah. Killed by Manachem son of Gadi. 14.

15. Manahem. (10y). 2 Ki. 15.17-22. Began reign in 39th yr. of Azariah. Smote Tiphsah & coasts of Tirzah & ripped up all the women w/child. 1. Assyria invades & Manahem pays them to w/draw. 19-20. Dies. 21-22. 

16. Pekahiah. (2y). 2 Ki. 15.23-26. Began reign in 50th yr. or Azariah. Pekah conspires & kills him. 25.

17. Pekah. (20y). 2 Ki. 14.27-31. Began reign in 52d yr. of Azariah. 27.Assyria carries away captives. 29.  Hoshea the son of Elah conspires & kills him. 30.

18. Hoshea (4y). 2 Ki. 17.1-41.  Son of Elah. Reign in Samaria over Israel began in 12th yr. of Ahaz. Not as bad of the kings of Israel before him.  Israel bc tributary to Assyria. 3. Hoshea imprisoned & Israel carried away into Assyria. 17.4-6; 18.9-12.. N1 p442: “From this captivity, the 10 tribes have never been restored to Palestine. * * *.” Sins for which God judged Israel: walking in statues of the heathen, built high places, set up images and groves, burnt incense in the high places as did the heathen , wrought wicked things to provoke the LORD, served idols, (even though the prophets and seers warned them to  turn, etc. to which they hardened their necks. 13-14), rejected His statutes & the covenant made with their fathers, & His testimonies which He testified against them, left all His commandments, made molten images, worshipped host of heaven & served Baal, caused their children to pass through the fire, used divination & enchantments, sold themselves to do evil, to provoke Him to anger. 7-23. Therefore God was very angry & removed them from his sight. 18-23.  Assyria repeoples the cities of Israel. 24- 41. God sends lions among these people bc feared not the LORD. As a result, king of Assyria sends a priest to teach them the way of the LORD. They fear the LORD & serve their own gods. 14-41.

Hezekiah, note: Isaiah’s prophecies, concerning Sennacharig, etc. Isa. 30-37 (Judah is warned against making an Egyptian alliance: Jehovah will defend Jerusalem.) See also N,21 P740.

Gedaliah made governor of Palestine over the people that remained. 2 Ki. 25.22-24.  Retrospect: the overthrow & captivity of Judah. Jere. 52.1-30.

Gedaliah murdered by Ishmael & others & all the people fled to Egypt. 2 Ki. 25.25-26 Gedaliah murdered by Ishmael & others. 2 Ki. 25; Jere. 40.  Through Jere. God tells the Jews still in Judah that they will die if they go to Egypt. Jere. 41. They do not obey, saying the Lord hath not said this, & go into Egypt. 2 Ki. 25.26 Jere. 43.1-7. Jere. Prophecies the destruction of Egypt by Nebudchadnezzar. Jere. 43.8-13. Jeremiah’s message to the Jews in Egypt—God will destroy them bc no Jews remained in Judah (v7)—and their rejection of the message. Jere. 44.

2. Ki. 25.27-30: Jehoiachin released, spoken kindly to, his throne set above the throne of the kings that were with him in Babylon, etc.

2 Chr. 36.22-23. Decree of Cyrus for rebuilding the temple. The LORD stirred up the heart of Cyrus, king of Persia to give a proclamation: Prophecy concerning Cyrus & the restoration under Ezra & Nehemiah. Isa. 44.28, 45.1-4.

“Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, All the kingdoms of the earth hath the LORD God of heaven given me; and he hath charged me to build him an house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah.  Who is there among you of all his people? The LORD his God be with him, and let him go up.” 2 Chr. 36.23.

Jere. 24. The sign of the figs.  Good to those carried away captive from Judah (the good figs).  Bad to those who remained in Judah (the evil figs).

Ezra, the first of the post-captivity books (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malacahi) records the return to Palestine under Zerubbabel, by decree of Cyrus, of a Jewish remnant who laid the temple foundations (B.C. 536).  Ezra followed, and restored the law & ritual. . . . The post-captivity books deal w/that feeble remnant which alone had a heart for God.

The order of the restoration is given in N1 p529 (Probably individuals from all of the tribes returned to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah, but speaking broadly, the dispersion of the ten tribes (Ephriam—Israel) still continues; nor can they now be positively identified.  The are, however, preserves distinct from other peoples and are known to God as such, though they themselves, few in number, know Him not (Deut. 28.62; Isa. 11.11-13; Hos. 3.4; 8.8) * * *.”).

N1 p535 to Ezra 6.14: When the temple was completed, the worship of Jehovah was re-established in Jerusalem, but the theocracy was not restored.  The remnant which returned from the ab ylonian captivity lived in the land by Gentile sufferance, though doubtless by the providential care of Jehovah, till Messiah came, and was crucified by soldiers of the fourth Gentile world-empire (Rome, Dan. 2.40; 7.7).
soon after (A.D. 70) Rome destroyed the city and temple. See “Times of the Gentiles” (Lk. 21.24; Rev. 16.19).

14 years after the return of Ezra to Jerusalem, Nehemiah led up a company (B.C. 444) and restored the walls and the civil authority.  Of those events the book of Nehemiah is the record.  The moral state of the time is disclosed by the prophet Malachi.  Nehemiah affords many instances of individual faith acting on the written word (e.g. 1.8, 9; 13.1).  It is the principle of 2 Tim. 2.

“The significance of the Book of Esther is that it testifies to the secret watch care of Jehovah over dispersed Israel.  The name of God does not once occur, but in no other book of the Bible is His providence more conspicuous.  A mere remnant returned to Jerusalem.  The mass of the nation preferred the easy and lucrative life under the Persian rule.  But God did not forsake them.  What He here does for Judah, He is surely doing for all the covenant people.”  Headnote to Esther.

“Haggai was a prophet of the restored remnant after the 70 yrs. captivity.  The circumstances are detailed in Ezra and Nehemiah.  To hearten, rebuke, and instruct that feeble and divided remnant was the task of Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.  The theme of Haggai is the unfinished  temple, and his mission to admonish and encourage the builders.

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