Questions from a man regarding “the option of starting a church” and my reply

Email question received September 26, 2022:

Subject: 1st amendment church trust

Hello Jerald
Some organizations, “Christian” law firms, etc. who are ignorant of the Word of God will help with “starting a church” according to man’s reasonings and not according to God’s principles in His Word.  See, e.g., A Biblical and Legal Analysis of the Helping Hand Outreach Publication, “WHY ALL CHURCHES SHOULD BE A 508(c)(1)(a).” (042322), More StartChurch deception: Every church member can be sued if the church is an unincorporated association. Therefore, every church should incorporate. Wrong.; The False and Misleading Teachings and Advertisements of StartCHURCH, Another Spiritual and Legal Deceiver (September 13, 2012), and other teachings, essays, and articles on this website. For other questions and answers, see Questions and Answers on various topics (starting 070118) and Answers to letters and questions from pastors and others (before 070118)

I read some of your articles. I am exploring the option of starting a church.

Do you have a ballpark price of setting up a common law trust for a church?
Dont know if you can answer these questions…
How does unincorporated church pastor protect himself and others from personal and criminal liability?
If 1st amendment church pastor take offering money to support himself, i assume he has to report that as income on his personal tax return, but how does that work if there are no employee status or w2’s, etc.?
And what if he pays an  assistant? How does that get handled?
How does a  1st amendment unincorporated church buy property?
Is tbe property automatically non taxable and how do you prove that to the state?
Thank you for your time

My Reply on October 15, 2022

Dear __________,
You ask good questions which I answer, along with a lot of other questions – starting with the basics of Bible principle – in helping churches organize. From your questions, I discern that, according to the Lord in His Word, you are not ready or qualified to “start a church.” God’s Word does not make provision for “the option of starting a church.” Once you have studied and understand the basics of New Testament Church doctrine, the Bible doctrine of government, and the Bible doctrine concerning God’s desired relationship between church and state, contact me again. I cover those matters – as regards church organization – in the books, essays, and teachings on the website. Then, I will be able to help you.
God Bless,
Jerald Finney