Basic Course

Advanced Course

The motivation of this ministry is love; loving God first and loving our neighbor second. The goal is the Glory of God. For more on this see, The Motivation and Goal.

What can be more important to a church than pleasing and glorifying God by organizing His churches which He “loved and gave himself for” according to Bible principles? To understand how to do so, a church must understand the Bible doctrines of government, church, state, and the application of those principles.

These courses teach the Bible doctrines of government, church, and the God-desired relationship between church and state. The basic course consists of very short lessons and parallel lectures for one who has never studied or been taught these doctrines. One who understands the basic concepts can then go to more advanced studies.

The courses then teach the American Application of those principles, the history and meaning of the First Amendment, the facts about different types of church organization such as incorporation and 501(c)(3), and the application of the Biblical principles to those facts.

A lawyer teaches American churches how to organize according to New Testament principles without corporate 501(c)(3) or legal status of any kind

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