The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus

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Click here to see PDF which includes all of the book (Title Page, Table of Contents, Section II (History of the First Amendment), Epilogue, Bibliography, and Index) except the INTRODUCTION and Section I.

See the Bibliography for list of resources which prove the assertions in The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus
Scholars confirm the historical assertions in the book. See, List of Scholarly Resources Which Explain and Comprehensively Document Facts Concerning True History of Religious Freedom in America

Doubting Thomas (Aquinas) on Private and Public Killing (111417) by Christopher O. Tollefsen is College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina.

Scholars and Catholic theologians know that Augustine and Aquinas favored public killing of “heretics,” unlike the average Catholic and “Christian.” Quote from the above article: “But Aquinas, for various reasons, including of course Scriptural reasons, carved out a clear exception to the default position against intentional killing when it came to those with public authority for the common good. I have argued before at Public Discourse that his arguments for that exception are exceptionally poor: his claim that in sinning a sinner reduces himself to the status of a beast and loses his dignity is false, for the sinner’s dignity is consequent upon his nature, which does not change when he sins. And his claim that citizens are related to the polity like parts of an organism to the whole, and thus may be excised for the good of the whole, is also false: the state exists for persons, and not persons for the state. Moreover, Brugger has shown that the Scriptural warrant for thinking public authorities should be granted the exception is not as strong as St. Thomas thought.”

When religion (Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) and its adherents persecute true believers, they actually persecute Christ. Paul the apostle persecuted “Christians” but Jesus said to him at his conversion, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?” (Acts 9.4, 22.7, 26.14). These religions and their adherents actually believe that that they are serving God when they kill those true believes whom they label as heretics. (John 16.2).

Excerpts from Texas Declaration of Independence: “… When the Federal Republican Constitution of their country, which they have sworn to support, no longer has a substantial existence, and the whole nature of their government has been forcibly changed, without their consent, from a restricted federative republic, composed of sovereign states, to a consolidated central military despotism, in which every interest is disregarded but that of the army and the priesthood, both the eternal enemies of civil liberty, the everready minions of power, and the usual instruments of tyrants…. In this expectation they have been cruelly disappointed, inasmuch as the Mexican nation has acquiesced in the late changes made in the government by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who having overturned the constitution of his country, now offers us the cruel alternative, either to abandon our homes, acquired by so many privations, or submit to the most intolerable of all tyranny, the combined despotism of the sword and the priesthood…. It denies us the right of worshipping the Almighty according to the dictates of our own conscience, by the support of a national religion, calculated to promote the temporal interest of its human functionaries, rather than the glory of the true and living God….”

Catholicism and Protestantism have never stood for separation of church and State, religious liberty, or freedom of conscience. As The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus proves, Catholic theology teaches that “heretics” who refuse to convert are to be killed. Yet, the tireless efforts of Catholics and Protestants to deceive continue, as witnessed by the following conference sponsored by the Witherspoon Institute and the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion : “Here I Stand: Conscience, Reformation, and Religious Freedom Across the Centuries”.  The following is a copy of the webpage advertising that conference (Click the image to go to the webpage): 


Article: The Dark Side of the Reformation, by Joseph Farah (October 11, 2017). This article tells the truth about Jewish persecution by Luther and Calvin, but fails to point out that the true New Testament Churches and Christians (who believed in separation of church and state, believer’s baptism, etc.) were also persecuted by Protestants who, like their harlot mother, believed in union of church and state. The article still indicates that these persecutors were carrying out the  mission of God – Lies! No follower of Christ persecutes others because of their religious beliefs. The theologies of Luther and Calvin were still highly heretical at best. Joseph Farah still teaches that thre First Amendment does not separate church and state, another Catholic and Protestant lie. The First Amendment does not separate God and state, nor does it require the state to operate under God, but it does separate church and state. To understand this, see the writings of Jerald Finney. See, for a good starting point, the short article Is Separation of Church and State Found in the Constitution? The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus fully explains this matter.

The mixed messages coming from President Trump show that He does not understand the issues and is probably getting advice from competing sources.
Article: Trump Rescues The Palestinians…Again (112817)(Anti-Israel)
(Article): Jerusalem Is About To Become A Cup Of Trembling As Trump Considers Historic Move (120117)(President Trump’s move, if it happens, will be pro-Israel)
U.S., Israel, Saudis working ‘hand in hand’ on new peace deal (121117)(A much-overlooked motive for President Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is to jump-start the Middle East peace process, and do it on terms more favorable to Israel, experts on the Middle East tell WND.)

President Trump is being surrounded by neo-Calvinists, Charismatic “Christians,” Jesuits, Catholicism, etc. The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus explains what is going on. All these “Christian” groups are seeking to pave the way for the Anti-Christ. They are deceived. Almost all of their Bible doctrines, including their doctrines of salvation and eschatology, are either wrong or perverted. They interpret, spiritualize and allegorize much of the Bible. Their misinterpretation of end time prophecy sets the stage for the coming of the Anti-Christ. Here are links to some articles which demonstrate what is going on:

(6) Trump White House Celebrates 50 Years of Kenneth Copeland’s Ministry (122717)
Trump Refers To Roman Whore Jorge Bergoglio As “His Holiness” May, 29, 2017
(4) President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. She is a neo-Calvinist who is influenced by neo-Calvinist Abraham Kuyper. (Wickipedia article on DeVos at:
The wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Callista Gingrich, is going to be announced as the next ambassador to the Vatican, potentially this week: Wickipedia:
(2) Trump’s Jesuit/Catholic transition team responsible for making cabinet appointments and policy decisions:
Transition Team: (wiki):
Boris Epshteyn @BorisEP Senior Advisor to Trump Pence Presidential Transition. NYC Sports fan. Investment Banker. Attorney.
Mike Pence,
 self-described “evangelical Catholic” (I was told by reliable sources that Mike Pence left the Catholic Church after a nationally known pastor explained some things to him about Catholicism.)
Chris Christie, Roman Catholic
Newt Gingrich, Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations
Michael T. Flynn, Roman Catholic
Rudy Giuliani, Roman Catholic, 9/11 coadjutor, alleged Knight of Malta
Jared Kushner, fan of the Count of Monte Cristo (“Count of the Mount of Christ;” 
story about the Jesuit General getting revenge on all of the Order’s enemies during its suppression)

Steve Bannon, chief strategist and Senior Counselor for the Presidency of Donald Trump, 
former executive chair of Breitbart News, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown

Lou Barletta, Roman Catholic
Chris Collins, Roman Catholic
Tom Marino, Roman Catholic
Devin Nunes, Roman Catholic
Anthony Scaramucci, Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations
Eric Trump, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown and serves as board member of Georgetown’s 
Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative

Ivanka Trump, attended Jesuit Georgetown for two years
David Malpass, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown, Vice President of the Council for National Policy,
leading appointment selections for positions involving economic issues
Keith Kellogg, trained by Jesuit at Santa Clara University, leading appointment selections for
positions involving national defense issues
Michael Catanzaro, trained by Jesuits at Fordham University and St. Ignatius High School,
leading the policy implementation team for energy independence
Andrew Bremberg, graduate of Catholic University of America Executive Legal Action Lead
James Carafano, Jesuit-trained from Georgetown University , reported to be the primary aide
to the State Department of Trump administration transition team
Ed Feulner, Roman Catholic former President and founder of Heritage Foundation; 
Jesuit-trained from Regis and Georgetown Universities

Ken Blackwell, Jesuit-trained from Xavier University, leading appointment selections for positions involving domestic issues.
Boris Epshteyn, Trump’s foremost spokesman; Jesuit-trained from Georgetown.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State. He is a Congregationalist who holds a membership in the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, a mainline Reformed denomination.[120][121] He and his wife donated between $5,000 and $10,000 to the denomination’s The Congregationalist Magazine in 2012.[122][123]  (Wikipedia). Tillerson is anti-Israel, in line with Catholic/Reformed Theology. See. e.g.,  Danger Signs For Israel Coming From Parts Of Trump AdministrationTillerson State Dept. Demanding Israel Hand Back Millions in U.S. Military Aid; State Department Waging “Open War” On White House (September 18, 2017); google “Rex Tillerson” for more; to understand the preeminent importance of a nation standing with the nation Israel, see The Biblical Doctrine of Government.

Good sign: President Trump replaces Tillerson. 10 Big Changes To Expect With Pompeo At State (032218).

Yael Lampert. In June, Tillerson appointed Yael Lempert as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Egypt and the Maghreb. She’s a leader in the war against Israel; she’s pro-Palestinian; she’s poisoning the atmosphere and a radical leftist. See, e.g., Why Did Trump Keep Obama’s Senior Israel Adviser? Depends Who You’re Asking

(1) I do not agree with, nor have I researched everything in the following articles, but these articles are very revealing: Meet the evangelicals who prophesied a Trump winSonny Perdue Becomes the 9th Evangelical to Join the Trump CabinetPresident-Elect Trump Just Added Another Evangelical to his CabinetThese Are the Evangelical Leaders Advancing Donald Trump’s CauseMega-Christian Leaders Having Private Meeting With Donald TrumpThe Election and the Pentecostals/Charismatics; Trump’s Troublesome Ties to Evangelicals;  An Invitation to Donald Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board with Tony SuárezDonald Trump: How Evangelicals Helped Him Win |; for more articles and information, google, e.g.: “Charismatic Evangelicals and Donald Trump,” “The Election and the Pentecostals/Charismatics; Trump’s Troublesome Ties to Evangelicals,” etc.

Articles which express concern over this matter include: Could Trump Be the Next Constantine (by Dr. Greg Dixon); Conservative evangelicals think Donald Trump is the next Constantine; Is Trump the New Constantine?; DONALD ‘CONSTANTINE’ TRUMP? Could Heaven be intervening directly in the election? (This is a pro-Catholic piece of propaganda – see the book below for explanation of Catholic persecution of dissenters, etc.); Note. The Catholic Church developed the theology that was used to persecute those labeled as “heretics.” The state, under the control of the Catholic Church in the middle ages, tortured and ruthlessly murdered 50 million plus “heretics.” Established Protestant churches adopted the Catholic church-state theology and continued the persecutions. Catholicism will do it again if they gain control because, unknown to the average Catholic, their theology has not changed. History proves that all such church/state establishments have corrupted the church, the state, and the people.

The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus by author and attorney Jerald Finney was released January 17, 2017. The book chronicles the true Christian history of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. It exposes revisionist history, both Christian and Secular. Finally, it publicly indicts past, present, and future Christian Revisionists for murder and/or conspiracy to commit murder. The undeniable and easily verifiable facts in the book give insight into why secularists believe that Christianity is more dangerous than Islam. Those facts also reveal why everyone should be thankful to true Christians who stood against vicious persecution by established “churches.” In spite of horrible persecution by established religion/states, they stood against false religion and union of church and state. The persecutions began with the first church and continued, in America, until the adoption of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The First Amendment was the culmination of the spiritual battle true Christians had fought for 1800 years.

Quote from Dr. Greg Dixon’s upcoming book: “As I write this book a new U.S. president goes about the business of organizing his government. Like George Bush Jr., several presidents before him, he allies himself with the institutional corporate churches of America, surrounding himself with “great” men and women leaders from every denomination and every faith group. And, he drives yet another nail into the corporate churches’ coffin. He implements a strategy that on the surface appears to restore the churches’ right to preach freely on all matters that previously were forbidden by the IRS. He creates a false sense of security. But like Casey at the bat, the churches will find out that there will be no home run – no escape from Caesar’s control over the corporate churches. They are controlled by money, largely tax money, not the presence or absence of rights.”

The author began his search for the true history of the First Amendment in the 1980s. Since he was a believer, he read numerous books recommended by Christian media which allegedly explained “separation of church and state” and the history of the First Amendment. He found that all those sources left out history between the arrival of the Anglicans in Jamestown and the Puritans and Pilgrims in Massachusetts in the early 1600s and the ratification of the Constitution and the First Amendment in 1788 and 1791. They, for example, stated facts from early colonial history and jumped to the First Amendment without any significant recitation and analysis of the history between those events; stated a fact and then a conclusion without any real evidence to support their conclusion; stated some facts which he found to be false, etc. They stated, for example,

  1. “The Pilgrims and Puritans came to America for religious freedom and because of that we have our form of government.
  2. “The Pilgrims compacted with God in the Mayflower Compact and that was the foundation for America’s compact with God.
  3. “America owes her form of government to John Calvin more than any other person.
  4. “Separation of church and state is not found in the Constitution.
  5. “America is the second Israel.”

Finney continued his search for the truth concerning the history of the First Amendment. He entered the University of Texas Law School in 1990. While there, he took a constitutional First Amendment course hoping to learn the truth about the history of the First Amendment. In that course, he was taught that the First Amendment means what the Supreme Court says it means; then he was taught what the Supreme Court says it means. He persisted in his studies for many years. The results of his studies, with complete citations of his authorities, are presented in his just released book.

Click here to see PDF which includes all of the book (Title Page, Table of Contents, Section II (History of the First Amendment), Epilogue, Bibliography, and Index) except the INTRODUCTION and Section

Click here to see the book through most of the introduction on Amazon Kindle (once there, click the book cover to see the preview) 



The Biblical Law Center Ministry is under the authority of Charity Baptist Tabernacle of Amarillo, Texas. The goal of the ministry is to define and apply the God ordained relationship between church and state.

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