The Supreme Court Reinterprets the First Amendment and Removes God

Articles on Supreme Court Religion Clause jurisprudence (In other words, articles explaining what the Supreme Court has done with the religion clause of the First Amendment. The religion clause says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or preventing the free exercise thereof.”)(Part Two, Section V of God Betrayed: Separation of Church and State/The Biblical Principles and the American Application).

  1. Introduction to “Religion Clause Jurisprudence”
  2. The 19th Century Supreme Court Interpretation of “Separation of Church and State”
  3. Application of the First Amendment to the States: 1868-1947
  4. Separation of God and state: 1947-2007
  5. Conclusion to “Religion Clause Jurisprudence”

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For Jerald Finney’s audio teaching on the above, click the following link:
Supreme Court Religion Clause Jurisprudence

Click here to go to the article "Is Separation of Church and State Found in the Constitution?"
Click here to go to the article “Is Separation of Church and State Found in the Constitution?”

A biblical and historical Baptist principle is that God desires separation of church and state, not separation of God and church or separation of God and state. Study Jerald Finney’s writings and/or audio teachings to discover the truth about and how to apply the principle. Finney’s teachings prove that the revisionist view of Separation of Church and State accepted without examination by most American “Christians” is false and has done great damage to the cause of Christ and to America.

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"Churches under Christ" is a ministry of Charity Baptist Tabernacle of Amarillo, Texas, Benjamin Hickam Pastor. Jerald Finney, a Christian Lawyer and member of Charity Baptist Tabernacle explains how a church in America can remain under the Lord Jesus Christ and Him only. "And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church" (Ephesians 1.22).

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