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It is good to know that a remnant throughout America is honoring our Lord.
See also, 
Attacks on First Amendment Protection of Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, and Association
See also, The legality of door-to-door evangelism

Some Great Street Preachers I Know
They have been faithful for many years

Brother David Miller, Minnesota

Hero of the faith, David Miller, is an excellent high school and college physics, math, etc. teacher. He teaches the more gifted students. Yet, he also street preaches constantly in order to get the Gospel to the public. He has been doing this many years in the great state of Minnesota. He is an inspiration and another of God’s great men. Learn a little about freedom of speech in this article:

Residents protest KMS teacher’s behavior at football game

Message from street preacher friend and hero of the faith in Austin, TX received 11/3/17: 

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Brother Tony Powell, Austin TX

We’ve had a great month down here in Austin. A group of probably a dozen of us from our church preached at the ACL festival for two weekends to a crowd of forty to fifty thousand passerby’s. The next weekend we preached to a large crowd at a homecoming game for UT. Then for mission conference week. Around 60 of us went to San Marcus and preached at their college with great liberty.There are three men that are pretty faithful to preach with me on the streets. I really enjoy the street ministry. The Lord has been very good to us. Thank you for helping me like you did those years back.

The street preacher in the video at the following link was abused by the police who knew neither the law nor what they were talking about. Notice the exemplary demeanor of the street preacher. I commented offering to help and gave him some of the resources on this page.

Tract On The Legality Of Street Preaching

Cases which have continued to uphold the right to preach the gospel in public since the tract was written:

Articles Dealing with Street Preaching and Attacks on Street Preaching

Articles 68-71 deal with problems encountered when citizens of Northfield MN unsuccessfully tried to circumvent the First Amendment and shut down street preaching in a particular park in that city. Many communications between the city attorney, city chief of police, and city council members soon silenced those attempts and ignited a free speech forum at two local colleges. Articles 70 and 71 below were written by a member of the church attended by the street preachers. Ultimately, all the problems were worked out. The police, mayors, and city council members were all educated (with the help of the city attorneys after they were contacted. Now the police protect the rights of those cities (to include Minneapolis and St. Paul) and shut down illegal activities and attempts of some to exercise a “heckler’s veto” over their speech protected by the First Amendment.

Old Paths Baptist Church believes in doing things God’s way in addressing these matters. For Bible teaching and real life application on how God wants his children in America to exercise their First Amendment rights in conjunction with street preaching, see:

Is It Wrong For A Believer To Sue For Violation Of His Constitutional Rights? A Real Life Study.

71. Northfield citizens seek to circumvent First Amendment (Op-ed published in the Northfield News, 041216)
70. Street Preaching: A Misunderstood Blessing (Op-ed published in the Northfield News in repsonse to Article No. 68, 092414)
69. Constitution Day events aim to remind Northfielders of their rights, spark discussions (by Kevin Krein, 091214)(See footnote 1 below for a comment on this article)
68Protestors question Northfield’s permit process (G080814)

55. Street preaching (speech in the public forum) battles:
55a. Letter to city officials concerning up-coming street preaching by men of OPBC
55b. OPBC Street Preachers Actions against University of Minnesota Peace Officer who acted unlawfully
35. Street Preaching: A Misunderstood Blessing (September 24, 2014 opinion editorial posted in the Northfield News of Northfield Minnesota)
32. Business Owners Try To Shut Down Street Preaching In Northfield, Minnesota
21. Tract On The Legality Of Street Preaching
20. December 25, 2013: An Unfolding Battle Against Street Preaching In Northfield, Minnesota
54. Street Preaching, Dinkeytown, and Spiritual Warfare/Luciferianism, Enochian Magick, Aliester Crowley & Dinkytown Witches

Articles on Related Issues:

59. Kicking someone out of church for speech, the state church versus the New Testament church, and Nicolaitism (011716)
52. Moslem question concerning free speech in America with answers from lawyers (092015)
51. Lawyers answer question about speech in the public forum in America (091915)
16. The legality of door-to-door evangelism (This is somewhat related to street preaching since it deals with a First Amendment issue.

First Amendment Free Speech Case:
Briefs, Court of Appeal Decision Ordering Acquittal, Etc.

Steve Lee Drake v. State of Texas (This was a case in which a sidewalk counselor at an abortion clinic was falsely charged with violation of the City of Austin, TX sign ordinance. In falsely charging Steve, the city violated his First Amendment freedom of speech. Jerald Finney handled the case from trial (Finney’s second trial) to final appeal (his first appeal) and reversal of Steve’s conviction and order to dismiss). The briefs give some understanding of First Amendment law as applied to speech in the public forum.

Simply left click to go to a particular document:

Brief for Appellant Steven Lee Drake (PDF)
State’s Reply Brief (PDF)
Appellant’s Reply To Brief For Appellee (PDF)
Decision Of Court Of Appeals (PDF)
Trial Court’s Finding Of Not Guilty In Compliance With Judgment of Appeal Court (PDF)
Trial Court’s Final Letter To Attorney Jerald Finney (PDF)

Praise the Lord for the saints at Old Paths Baptist church up in Northfield, as they preach the gospel and call men to repentance. We know most of the time it comes down to the towns merchants being concerned about their wealth and their no small gain coming to naught.

 Ac 19:21 ¶ After these things were ended, Paul purposed in the spirit, when he had passed through Macedonia and Achaia, to go to Jerusalem, saying, After I have been there, I must also see Rome.
22 So he sent into Macedonia two of them that ministered unto him, Timotheus and Erastus; but he himself stayed in Asia for a season.
23 And the same time there arose no small stir about that way.
24 For a certain man named Demetrius, a silversmith, which made silver shrines for Diana, brought no small gain unto the craftsmen;
25 Whom he called together with the workmen of like occupation, and said, Sirs, ye know that by this craft we have our wealth.
26 Moreover ye see and hear, that not alone at Ephesus, but almost throughout all Asia, this Paul hath persuaded and turned away much people, saying that they be no gods, which are made with hands:
27 So that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth.

Brother Frank

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