My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

The more I learn about the subject of separation of church and state, the more I grieve. I grieve not because of the new knowledge gained, but because I am a Christian and find that for most of my Christian life I have been mislead by other Christians in whom I placed my trust. I grieve because other Christians whom I admire and respect refuse to get out of the box they are in, a box I was in for many years. That box is the box of Christian revisionism. Yes, Christian-not secular-revisionism.

Because of the false teaching that I was subjected to, I, along with millions of other Christians, engaged in the war to restore America as a nation under God not according to knowledge.  However, God offered new light to which I had never been exposed. I did not reject it, but absorbed it into my being. I learned truths about many matters–historical, theological (biblical), and legal–which were never revealed to me by those whom I had trusted. I learned cold hard facts that must be known for one to successfully “occupy” until Jesus comes.

I asked my spiritual peers and leaders to review my findings and to be honest with me in assessing those findings. No one refuted me, but my peers either loved or rejected me and my findings. Those who rejected just turned a cold shoulder, but never explained where I was wrong. Why? Willful ignorance? Phariseeism?

Unless Christians in America, in general, open their eyes and proceed according to knowledge, America is destined to the fate of Europe where only a minute fraction of the population is saved.  Unless “Bible believing churches” wake up and honor their head and husband, the Lord Jesus Christ, in all matters, those churches are doomed.

That is my opening post on this website. To get more deeply into this, one may go to There you will find many resources such as the books I have written, archives of my weekly radio broadcast, and much more. The central issue with which I deal is “separation of church and state.”  I delve into the biblical principles and the American applicaton of those principles.

The standard is the Word of God. The goal is the glory of God.


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