Book Review: The Word: God Will Keep It/The 400 Year History of the King James Bible Only Movement and accompanying sermon

TheWord_JoeyFaustby Pastor Joey Faust; available to be purchased at or from Amazon (click here or on the picture on the left to go to Amazon ordering page)
To hear Pastor Faust’s sermon on “The Occultic Conspiracy to Replace the King James Bible” click:

Jerald Finney
Copyright © January 4, 2012

Click here to hear an interview of Pastor Joey Faust concerning his book,
The Word: God Will Keep It/The 400 Year History of the King James Bible Only Movement
(This is an eye-opening show for those who want the truth)

To listen to a radio interview of scholar John Hinton concerning the KJV conflict click: May 18, 2013 radio interview of John Hinton.

Just two nights ago (December 1, 2011), on weekly Wednesday night visitation, I met a believer who explained that the King James Version (“KJV”) was not a good version, that he always referred to Greek and Hebrew lexicons for clarifications in his Bible studies. In our conversation, he also revealed that he was a promoter of other heresies as well. I was not surprised at what this man said. Many church goers have been indoctrinated to believe the same lies that this man espoused.

In my library, I have several books which explain the problems and imperfections with interpretations of the Bible and the reasons that prove that the KJV is God’s Word in the English language. See Endnote. However, The Word: God Will Keep It is the only book I have come across that traces the history of the Satanic plot that attempts to discredit and replace the KJV. In fact, The Word: God Will Keep It is the most dynamic book I have read that deals with the KJV controversy. This book will fortify the understanding of the believer who loves and understands God and His Word and the ability of God to do all things, including the power to preserve His Word in English. Pastor Faust’s arguments and reasoning are supported by facts and quotes with relevant Bible verses and comments interspersed, all building into a mighty crescendo whose peak is an explanation of the Jericho scholars who “shipwreck the faith of Christians in the infallibility of the Bible.”

Pastor Faust explains how the attempted plot to destroy the KJV has been and is being carried out; how the Satanic plan used in the Garden of Eden to convince Eve that God’s Word was not to be trusted has been very successful in leading many to reject the infallibility of the KJV. He quotes from many writers over the past 400 years and applies Scripture to the spiritual warfare surrounding the KJV. He proves the great use infidels have made and continue to make of the new, revised versions; and he shows how the doctrine of the infallibility was opposed by Unitarians, Liberals, Modernists, Catholics, and other infidels as a barrier to what they deemed to be progress (called by the Bible, the “falling away” in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist). The Word: God Will Keep It:

  1. shows how Satan, through men, has sown doubt in the Word of God in English, the KJV.  Tragically, the “end result is an ‘emerging church’ that is sure of nothing, with people lurking in the shadows of Dark Age liturgies and traditions, searching for stability and certainty. Along with this, worldliness is increased as others turn from the foundation of the Holy Scriptures to their own subjective hearts (Proverbs 18:2; 2 Timothy 4:3-4)” (p. 28; all quotations are from The Word: God Will Keep It unless otherwise indicated.);
  2. traces the origin of the seriously flawed “originals only scheme” to Roman Catholicism whose goal is to drive people to the alleged “stability and final authority of the Roman Catholic Church;”
  3. refutes the claim that the KJV only arguments are new;
  4. quotes from and analyzes the teachings of those who planned to use new Bible versions to bring about a final, one-world religion. These men viewed KJV Onlyism as a major roadblock to the goal of ushering in a one world religion. As knowledgeable Catholics realized over a century ago, the destruction of “King Bible-and-Bible-Only” is dead, having turned destructive critic and sawn off the bough whereon he sat.”  As a result of the effectiveness of the attacks on the KJV and the turn to the new perversions, many people have flocked to the Roman Catholic Church, or liturgical forms of worship, as they search for the final authority that they no longer see in the Bible;
  5. reveals the beliefs of how the Pilgrims and Puritans, John Bunyan, Michael Faraday (one of the greatest scientists who ever lived), Charles Spurgeon, John Glas, Henry Venn, Alexander Campbell (the founder of the Church or Christ), C. I. Scofield, W. A. Criswell, Dr. John R. Rice, Jack Hyles, Jack T. Chick, William P. Grady, Dr. Curtis Hutson (Dr. Rice’s successor as editor of the Swore of the Lord), Samuel C. Gipp, Sarah Moore Grimke (an early feminist), William Newcome (a nineteenth century Unitarian), Manly P. Hall (influential Lucifer worshiping occult writer and leader and 33° Mason), Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (a Satanist and early leader of the occult Theosophy movement), President Harry S. Truman, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, homosexuals, and many others felt and  feel about the KJV;
  6. gives the biblical answer to the question, “Can translations be infallible?”;
  7. uses the writings of unbelievers—including Unitarians, Catholics, Modernists, Universalists, Theosophists, Rationalists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Occultists, and other infidels whose doctrines are disproved by the KJV—beginning in the days of the KJV translators to show the views of Bible believers in their days and the abundance of KJV only believers throughout the past 400 years. He documents the fact that “some popular, early Christian leaders are quoted as if their statements concerning the King James Bible represent the only viewpoint among believers in their day. The historical sections … document that these teachers were largely outnumbered by the many Christians who believed that the King James Bible is infallible.”
  8. examines the principle men behind the Revised Version (Westcott, Hort, Lightfoot, etc.) upon which modern “Bible” versions like the NIV and NASB are rooted;
    (9) etc.

In short, The Word supports the conclusion of the whole matter: “We have the literary, historic, moral, and spiritual demonstration that our Bible is the Word of God, and the word of God is our Bible” (Thomas H. Skinner, in The Preacher and the Homiletic Monthly, Volume 3, 1879, quoted on p. 118.).

Endnote. The KJV is not an interpretation, but a translation, the perfect, infallible, pure Word of God in the English language. All other versions are interpretations.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Word: God Will Keep It/The 400 Year History of the King James Bible Only Movement and accompanying sermon”

  1. I only use the KJV and only will use it, and I believe it is accurate in all of the words in it. I do wonder though, about Bible in other languages than English. How can they be KJV if they are not in English? What methods are used for them to be accurate since we do not have original manuscripts? Can you enlighten me? Thank you, Jacky

    1. Of course, when I speak of the KJV, I am only referring to the Word of God in the English language. Your questions have been answered in exhaustive studies by experts. I plan to link to a study on that on the website. I have several books on the subject in my library.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Jerald Finney

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