Denise Porter’s Path to Truth

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September 2015

At one time the roots of my family were American revival, Bible Christian, saved by the Spirit of God faithfully preached & received with repentance & faith. All of them were, of course, immigrants out of the Old World Order Roman Whore-State oppression. But gradually the memory of the reality & truth of all that history & sound Biblical history and doctrine was lost in American optimism and the 1 Thess 5 & 2 Thess 2 one world dream and delusion til at some point my forefathers fell away through the many Luciferian attacks and tempted flesh of hypocrisy & godman humanism. My maternal grandfather was a charming man of Irish descent, and judging by names Roland and Hiram, at least a second generation Freemason –deep enough in to be a Shriner. I know now what that means, and that it is just one of the many manifestations of lying idolatry & godman popery– the ancient fertility-drunkenness-power religion of ‘forces’ and ‘depths of Lucifer’ knowledge-‘science’.-falsely so-called. Impurity, alcohol and pride take their tolls on progeny. My paternal grandfather had a background of Lutheranism and Brethren, & went Pentacostal little god power worshipper, keeping a thin veneer of religion with that ‘more generous’, exciting & permissive ‘Jesus’ some are calling the ‘hippie’ or androgynous ‘Jesus’. Impurity and alcohol and mammon. I was a selfish, defiled, rock and roll, fornicating mess, confused by the hypocrisy and doubletalk, and the spiritual morasse that is public school Temple pretending to be ‘secular’ and ‘neutral’ that also teaches with Freemasonry, Pentecostal idolatry and assorted forms of popery and godman religion that the road to ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ lies through succumbing to lust & covetousness, impurity, and ‘whatever it takes’ pragmatism —with busy-ness, constant entertainment and alcohol or drugs, legal pharma or illegal depending upon the ‘hook’ and ‘path’ to success that our combination of sin & personality and Satan’s deluding temptation took in our lives when we made choices turning from truth & God permitted us to manifest what we truly loved —— to numb conscience & the merciful call of the Holy Spirit of Truth, and to get ‘the feeling’ of justification and ‘power’. Folly. Folly. Folly. But by the grace of God, He has led me through and out—-by a VERY crooked path & low road due to my own sinful choices. But I could never turn entirely from truth & would seek truth & trust unwisely to be deceived by each ‘answer’ in turn til reaching some obvious point of demonism, hypocrisy or deceit that even I could recognize by the John 1 & Romans 2 gift of the light of the true Jesus Christ & conscience, sullied as mine was. He led me in and out of psych-ology sorcery ‘soul’ science and seeking help and guidance of the new priesthood confessional and money-making, controlling mechanism of the new confessional ‘counseling’ of ‘social science’ with its blame-and divide, no responsibility or sin (hence no freedom or victory in Christ possible) dialectic and futility, and in ‘sales’ training in manipulating people illegitimately. He led me through Pentacostalism-Charimaticism, Unitarian witchcraft and purposeful ‘blind’ leap hypocrisy and spell-casting ‘visualizing’ and selective sight and ‘higher power as you perceive he-she-it’ to be and ‘Mother-Father God’. Truth always kept me from utterly ‘letting go’ or taking that blind leap to opening to demon possession –but I saw enough manifestations of the cold cunning of evil when the beautiful masks would slip, or the real meaning of the pretty, soothing, justifying words of what was ‘necessary’ to be ‘successful’ or to ‘progress’ to flee. What can I say of the disillusionment & denominations & varieties even of ‘baptists’ after that? Neoevangelicalism, neo-orthodox, Purpose Driven, CCM, and Reformed Reconstructionism and Political Right, the inter-denominational small groups ‘Bible’ version tango and dialectic game pretending to be ‘Bible Study’ for the purpose of ‘building’ faith while really seeking to pinpoint those holding real faith, then ‘siccing’ the ‘group’ on them: headed by a seme-tery-trained ‘master doubter’ with the ‘deeper knowledge’ purposely steering & promoting doubt & turning souls from trusting God and His word to trusting self and men —-the ‘new’, more genourous ‘luv’ and ‘tolerance’ that is 2 Peter 2 slavery; false ‘Bible’ translation work, impurity, mammon, hypocrisy, sodomy, alchol and drugs, Promise Keepers, false ‘Christian’ curriculums in history and even ‘Creation’ Science a minefield of cults supposedly in ‘common’ faithand standing on the ‘authority of God’s word’ (just not His authoritative word —-the only ‘version’ universally hated in EVERY ‘union’), David Barton’s lying ‘history’ and ‘Wallbuilder’ —-dialectic partition to herd souls back to the tyrannical, impure Roman union with anything but truth, purity and holiness …. In spite of it all, the Lord saved me by the word and the Spirit. Now that I understand more, having senses better exercised, and I am aware just how eaily we can be deluded, and the terrible price to succeeding generations when their elders are confused, deluded or apathetic in these perilous days of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil ‘positive attraction’ —no contending, no sin confrontation —-now I am passionate to point out the distinctions and points where these ‘isms’ joining in their common antichrist depart from the faith once delivered. ————And though I know we must hold to 2 Timothy 2 in our confrontation, in love and that He saves souls like mine out, as burning brands —-I also know that many of these ‘teachers’ are NOT ignorant of what they are doing, and that they are certainly NOT doing it from alongside on the level ground at the foot of the Cross, or in good faith —-but as the false Romish godmen and the imams, gurus, and sorcerers purposefully misrepresenting themselves AND the faith in order to captivate, exploit & merchandise & lead souls astray for their own gain and glory, nothing to do with Christ or the truth. Their ‘mercy’ is cruel and their ‘truth-telling’ is lying. ——————-I am very thankful for those who stood their ground and contended in the often thankless task of true shepherds and teachers. David Cloud helped me immensely in Bible, King James and church history, heretical movement discernment. Brannon Howse to a certain extent til I realized his Reformed hero worship and man-over-Bible stance that stops him short of confronting certain truths —I suspect purposeful since he doesn’t respond or pursue source citations not in line with his agenda. Lord knows I’ve seen that symptom before! …Dave Hunt was helpful on Calvinism and some other things concerning the cults, and Ed Decker of Saints Alive on Freemasonry & Mormonism. Thomas Ross and Kent Brandenburg’s, James Beller and Kent Hovind’s pre-prison work, and your own witness, with Brother Cooley clarified the last remaining questions & doubts I had of receiving and understanding the much denied Psalm 2 and 82 conspiracy of the ‘gods’ of antichrist. Now I know that I know that I know smile emoticon —and learned the hard 1&2 Corinthians, Hebrews 12 way. And I know my purpose in the body is to confront with the reasons —–the particular reasons—for the faith that I hold, versus the particular deviations and wrestings and techniques of the antichrist claims that seek to insinuate themselves