Self-test questions on “Introduction to the Biblical Doctrine of Government”

Self-test Questions
Introduction to the Biblical Doctrine of Government
Part ONE, Section I, Chapter 1 of God Betrayed

Give as many Bible verses (where appropriate), comments, and explanations as you can to support your answers. Click here to Review “Introduction to the biblical doctrine of government.”

  1. Who ordained civil government?
  2. What power is not of God?
  3. Who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords?
  4. What is most crucial to the believer’s concept of faith?
  5. Who is the sovereign of the universe?
  6. Who is the Highest Power? The Supreme Ruler? Whose is the Supreme Government?
  7. What does ordain mean?
  8. Does God teach that he is the Supreme Ruler?
  9. What did John the Baptist say about the supreme rulership of God (Jesus Christ)?
    About who possesses heaven and earth?
  10. Who exercises supreme authority in both spheres?
  11. Give one thing which the names of God in the Old Testament reveal. Explain.
  12. Explain the free-will of man, how man acquired it, and what this has to do with government.
  13. What types of government did God ordain?
  14. Can a government choose to do anything without consequence? Explain the two basic choices a government has to choose from. What are the consequences of acting on one’s choice.
  15. Upon what basis will God reward or judge all governments?
  16. What was the first government established by God? When did God establish this government? Why did He establish this type of government?
  17. What is the most important choice offered every man by God?
  18. Who are the only institutions and people who have any hope of receiving the blessings of God?
  19. What was the second government established by God? When did He establish it? Why did He establish this type of government?
  20. What was the third government established by God? When did He establish it? Why did He establish this type of government?
  21. To whom did God give the responsibility for ruling the third type of Government? For whom was that government to be ruled?
  22. Why did God establish this third type of government?
  23. Explain the role of the flood and Noah and his family in the establishment of this third type of government.
  24. After the fall and before God ordained civil government, what guided individual and family government?
  25. Who was called out to be the father of Israel?
  26. What type government did God ordain Israel to be? Who was Israel to be directly under?
  27. What is the only theocracy ever ordained by God?
  28. What can Gentile nations look to Israel to see?
  29. Whom and what does God desire every nation to choose to honor?
  30. Does the Word of God teach that any civil government, Jew or Gentile, will, before the return of Christ, follow the principles of God for any significant period of time? Why?
  31. For whom have both Israel and all Gentile nations governed? What is the inevitable result of their choice?
  32. When He returns, what will Jesus Christ do as to the Gentile nations then existing?
  33. Who will be the leader of the Gentile nations then existing?
  34. What will the Gentile world-powers be doing at the time of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ?
  35. What will Jesus Christ do as to the nation Israel at his return? Why will He do it?
  36. What will God do with Satan after God deals with Israel and the Gentile nations at his return?
  37. After all the above (questions 33-37) what will God do?
  38. What have most Americans been indoctrinated to believe as to the meaning of government? How does God feel about this? What does God wish all governments to know about government?
  39. What is the new Americanized definition of “government.”
  40. Compare the new definition of “government” with the definition of 1828.
  41. Which definition reflected biblical teaching? How?
  42. Have those who believe in the supremacy of civil government thought out the consequences of their belief in light of biblical teaching?
  43. What did attorney and law professor John Eidsmo point out about the humanist versus the biblical view of government? Why do humanists end up creating tyranny far worse than they ever imagined?
  44. Who said, “Men must choose to be governed by God or condemn themselves to be governed by tyrants.”
  45. What is the God-given goal for all governments?
  46. What is joy a side-effect of?


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