The Trials and Tribulations of the Old Paths Baptist Church ‘No Small Stir’ Street Preaching Ministry

The Trials and Tribulations of the Old Paths Baptist Church ‘No Small Stir’ Street Preaching Ministry

Jerald Finney
 © January, 2014

Notes taken on very poignant statements by a fellow believer and Chicago attorney:

If you don’t believe in evil, if all you are looking for is heaven, (like, dare I say most, pre-trib believers) there is no reason to do anything for the glory of God – just be a little good. It is OK to do everything the world does (drink, listen to evil music, dance, fornicate (includes sodomy), etc. because there is no hell for them. I “love” and I am good enough. Those so-called Christians believe in hell but they do not think they are going there. They have their “fire insurance,” they think. They think: “I have my ticket to heaven so I need do nothing for the glory of God the rest of my life.” They do not believe in hell, the devil or evil – or at least as applied to them – or they would love Bible preaching. Real Christians, as opposed to these fake believers, these children of the devil, would get down on their knees and say “Thank you” to Bible based street preachers.


Latest Development: April 6, 2016. Northfield News prints a libelous, biased, slanted one-sided attack against OPBC street preachers. Response and further developments will be included. Read the whole story as it develops at: Citizen v. Citizen: Some Northfield, Minnesota Citizens Seek to circumvent First Amendment

Preface (Below)

  1. Examples of correct police conduct and correct response to illegal police conduct
  2. Link to article: Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The World
  3. Recent relevant free speech decision (Street preachers who displayed hog’s head, denigrated Muslim traditions, and preached a strong anti-Muslim message, and denigrated Muslim traditions at Muslim event, were attacked by Muslims. There was little intervention by the police as to the Muslim attacks and the police threatened the preachers with arrest if they did not leave. Such treatment was “solely on the basis of the views they espoused,” which violated the Plaintiffs’ rights under the First and 14th   Moreover, the Court of Appeals determined that the Deputy Chief Defendants are civilly liable to the Plaintiffs for violating clearly established precedent.  The County was also found civilly liable because of the improper guidance it provided to its Deputy Chiefs.  Importantly, the Court described the police officers’ indifference to the mob to be a “heckler’s veto,” in violation of the Plaintiff’s free speech.  In essence, the officers’ failure to quell the mob, despite repeated requests for assistance from the Plaintiffs, shut down the Plaintiff’s freedom of speech/expression in an unreasonable manner.  Making matters, worse, the officers threatened to charge the Plaintiffs if they remained, further attenuating the Plaintiffs’ rights.”) For more thorough legal analysis, see: Street Preaching in America: Is it Legal?
  4. Link to article: First Amendment Ultimate Safeguard Against Encroaching Shariah In America
  5. Facebook comment concerning OPBC street preachers by Satanists
  6. Articles, sermons, etc. chronicling the attacks, including and beginning with the Northfield MN attacks, against OPBC street preachers

(The following is a summary of contents of link no. 6. Click link above for full stories.)

  1. Preface
    b. Introduction
    c. Relevant facts concerning the first attack in Northfield (including link to audio of actual
    d. Updates of attacks against the street preachers following that in “c.”: February 16, 2014 
    (The attack  of the officer seems to have been that of a “lone wolf” police officer – video included of prior proper police conduct.)

March 30, 2014 (Courteous Northfield officer approaches OPBC preachers in response to a complaint, mentioned certain city ordinances, but did not arrest or cite anyone in that he needed clarification. The ordinances are quoted and the audio of the encounter is included.)
March 31, 2014
 (OPBC member calls Alliance Defense Fund for possible legal representation in the even the city violates the First Amendment. Police inform Pastor Cooley that the city attorney told him there was nothing they could do. Etc.)
June 21, 2014
 (On June 21, 2014, some OPBC men went to Faribault MN to preach in the public forum. Complaints were called in and police threatened the preachers with citation and arrest. See how this played out by reading the story below and the article linked thereto.)
August 17, 2014 (Business owners unsuccessfully tried to shut down street preaching in Northfield MN. The obtained a permit for the purpose of preventing the street preaching. The OPBC preachers returned the first week after the permit was issued and nothing was done to them because of First Amendment law.)
September 12, 2013 (Debate on the First Amendment as a result of Old Paths Baptist Church street preaching. Includes op-ed article by Jerald Finney, “Street Preaching: A Misunderstood Blessing.”)
October 11, 2014 Link to report and testimonies on the “No Small Stir” street preaching ministry activity in St. Paul. The enemy continues to oppose the preaching of God’s word.
April 18, 2015. (On this date, OPBC men went to Minneapolis, MN to preach in the public forum. Some were assaulted. The police came and told them to leave in 5 minutes or be arrested, thereby violating their civil rights (First Amendment speech rights). Read the whole story as it unfolds by clicking: April 18, 2015 encounter with unlawful police officer in Dinkeytown, Minnesota and subsequent actions by the offended parties.)
August, 2015. Police try to chill rights of OPBC street preachers, but they hold their ground: 2 videos.
October 21, 2015. Advance letter to “The Halloween Capital of America” concerning street preaching by the men of Old Paths Baptist Church
April 6, 2016. Northfield News prints a libelous, biased, slanted one-sided attack against OPBC street preachers. Response and further developments will be included. Read the whole story as it develops at: Citizen v. Citizen: Some Northfield, Minnesota Citizens Seek to circumvent First Amendment

  1. Highest Law (God’s Law)
    f. United States Constitution and relevant case excerpts which interpret that law
    g. Constitution of the State of Minnesota
    h. Northfield, Minnesota Code of Ordinances and Charter


1. Preface

Jesus said in Luke 24.46-47, “And said unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day: And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem..” In Acts 1.8 He instructed his followers, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

When men of Old Paths Baptist Church began to obey the above instructions, no small stir arose. Some police in southeast Minnesota understood and correctly applied the First Amendment law which requires peace officers to protect those speaking in the public forum and not to arrest, interfere with, or shut down the speakers.

Others who did not know the law and their role in protecting public speakers, have been educated. OPBC has endeavored to prevent the need for court intervention, something which proves costly to the police officers, police departments, city officials and the city involved. Sadly, the costs of the city are born by the citizens and the desire of OPBC is to avoid spending taxpayer dollars on issues that are well settled in the law.

Most likely, it will be necessary to educate others as the men of OPBC preach in forums never before confronted with public speech protected by the First Amendment.

OPBC is very thankful to those historic Baptists who fought the spiritual warfare which resulted in the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Historic Baptists stood in spite of loss of life, liberty, property, and family. We would be remiss not to stand when facing none of those trials. See The History of the First Amendment

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