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Answers to detractors who attack us as being single minded

By Chad Bush, AKD Baptist Evangelist
September 10, 2010

Often those which claim someone or some group of people focuses on one issue too much often spend more time on the issue than those whom they accuse. the assumption is the other group is single-minded and limited theologically to that one point, the proverbial one trick or one horse show. To the contrary, a balanced Christian is well-researched and able to answer their detractors on many various theological truths from the scriptures; it is often the opposition’s focus on various ideologies which cause a Christian to respond, and thus creates a false illusion of obsession over one issue.

Baptists have been accused of focusing on baptism too much, but apart from dealing with its importance after salvation and righting heresies regarding the doctrine Baptists rarely spend much time on that doctrine; and, we spend far less time on the doctrine than our accusers who believe baptism plays a role in imparting salvation.

King James Only folks are accused of focusing on the issue of Bible preservation and inspiration too much, often to the point of neglecting souls. However, the issue is not the entire theological discourse in the repertoire of the believer. Many KJBO believers just believe as they do and will share the truth when asked, or when they hear someone spreading false facts, but they do not walk around like robots chanting, “King James Bible, King James Bible, King James Bible.”

Those of us who believe in Christ as the only Way to heaven, and the importance of doctrine in fellowship as almost entirely focusing on division rather than the unity of the brethren. Yes, Christians who believe in the truth do believe the truth divides, but they do not focus on division or make it their sole purpose in the faith.

Those of us who adhere to the belief in the antiquity of the faith called “Baptist” and in the ability to find churches of similar faith through all ages are accused of being prideful. We are called Baptist Briders even if we do not hold to the doctrines which makes them Briders. We are accused of being exclusionists, revisionists, ignorant, deceived, and more. Those of us who focus on proving this truth are often cast in a light which seeks to make it seem as if we would abandon all other aspects of the ministry to only focus on Baptist history. The truth is, it is just one more aspect of our balanced education in the scriptures, church history, theology and the things which are of the Spirit.

I could name many other such issues, but I believe my point is made. If you take any issue which the Bible will uphold you will find someone in opposition to it. They will do their best to make those who will not waver feel like they are in error, belittle them, denigrate them, call them names, and more. If you are willing to hold to the truth do not think you will be safe from false accusations from so-called brethren. Even though the Lord sees this as abominable in His eyes, they will ignore this or do their best to soothe their seared conscience so they can remain superior in their own eyes. If their only tactic to attack your position is to posit you only focus on one issue, then it is obvious they grasp for straws and have no other way to rebut the position unto which you adhere.

Remember, it is better to be right with the Lord than it is to be right with man, and it is better to be wrong in our best effort to follow the Lord’s word in what it teaches than to be wrong because we do not believe what the Lord’s word reveals.

Ever your humble servant in The Lord Jesus Christ,
Brother Chad Bush aka Baptist Evangelist