Chuck Baldwin: Right Or Wrong Concerning The History Of Religious Freedom?

Jerald Finney
Copyright © August 31, 2014

Chuck Baldwin
Chuck Baldwin

This article is not meant to condemn, but to alert Brother Baldwin and those who follow him. This author voted for Baldwin when he ran for president in 2008 on the Constitution Party Ticket. Since then, he has become somewhat familiar with the teachings of Baldwin. This author believes that, from all he knows about him, that Chuck Baldwin is a sincere pastor. He has a considerable following, and his goals are worthy, yet unattainable since not according to Bible prophecy and historical accuracy. This article alerts the discerning reader only as to Baldwin’s historical revisionism. This author invites anyone to read the writings linked to below; he is very willing to discuss the accuracy of his and Baldwin’s historical teachings. We should all seek truth as to these most important matters.

Pastor Baldwin believes and teaches, as this author once did, historical revisionism. Because of his incorrect view of history, he is right about some things, but for the wrong reasons: he is right about his teaching that churches should not incorporate or get Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) status; he is right about his contention that state-owned churches are destroying America; he is right about some other things. But he is wrong about history, and he is wrong about some of his Bible teachings; for example, he is right about his conclusions concerning the false interpretation of Romans 13, but his rationale is flawed (compare his teaching on this matter with the teaching of Jerald Finney at Render Unto God the Things that Are His: A Systematic Study of Romans 13 and Related Verses). Therefore, he is not proceeding according to knowledge. When a believer does not proceed according to knowledge, he, and those who follow him, will fall (2 Peter 1.2-10; Hosea 4.6). This brief article will address Baldwin’s early American history concerning religious freedom which is summed up in one statement he made in his article “State Owned Churches Are Killing America”:

 “Of course, colonial pastors didn’t have to worry about their churches being ‘Incorporated’ as State-created (and controlled) entities, or about IRS agents intimidating them regarding what they could or could not say. In early America, preachers where free men; they could say whatever they darned well pleased. Gasp! Beyond that, virtually everyone regarded preachers as being ‘God’s men,’ not the ‘servants of men.’”

Of course, there were no IRS with its agents. However, there were established churches in the colonies and in the United States at the beginning of the nation. Many preachers and other believers were severely persecuted in the colonies for meeting and preaching outside the auspices of the state churches; and not everyone regarded non-state church preachers as being “God’s men” as shown by the persecutions of these so-called “heretics” by the church-state establishments. Go to the links below more on the true history of religious freedom in the colonies and early America.

This author has the book Baldwin has which teaches about the preachers of the “Black Regiment.” However, this author also has many history books which teach the whole story of the road to religious liberty and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The author would point the interested reader to two resources which give the truth about these historical matters:

The true history of America and the American colonies absolutely demonstrates that Chuck Baldwin, like this author from the 1980’s until 2005, has accepted the historical revisionism that has been disseminated to American believers. Every so often, at least since this author was saved in 1982, another revisionist history book is printed and promoted by “Christian” media; and many Christians buy them, read them, and believe them. Then, they publicly repeat the revisionist view which then becomes an important part of Christian argumentation on the street, in the church, in the courts, and in civil government circles. All the while, Satan is amused by the gullibility and ignorance of American “Christians” while God is grieved. Read the following for an introduction to accurate history concerning religious liberty and the First Amendment.

The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus
A Case of Premeditated Murder
Christian Revisionists on Trial
The Christian History and Meaning
of the First Amendment

History of the First Amendment

An Abridged History of the First Amendment

Click the image above to go to the article
Click the image above to go to the article “Is Separation of Church and State Found in the Constitution?”

The true history of America reveals that the persecution of those whom the state churches of Europe called “heretics” continued in the American colonies. Only through the sacrifice of our historic Baptist forefathers was America to add “religious freedom” to the Constitution of the United States. This is historical fact, and one must understand the spiritual battles which believers have fought as well as the persecution and martyrdom of believers starting with John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, the apostles, the early Christian martyrs, the martyrs who were relentlessly tortured and killed by the Catholic church-states and then the Protestant church-states, and those who were persecuted by the religious establishments in the American colonies can he fight spiritual warfare on solid ground. Successful warfare must be founded upon correct Bible, historical, and legal knowledge and implementation of that knowledge according to understanding and wisdom.  As proven by his prolific public writings and teachings, Chuck Baldwin does not possess that knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Therefore, churches should never seek the help of Chuck Baldwin with any spiritual matter unless he repents and revises his history and Bible doctrines to conform with truth.

See the following articles which explain Christian historical revisionism:

Secular and Christian revisionism (Section IV, Chapter 2 of God Betrayed)

The consequences of secular and Christian revisionism (Section IV, Chapter 3 of God Betrayed)

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