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Jerald Finney
May 15, 2015

The following is a complete list (with links) to prior publications of letters concerning this blog. Notice the article Letters from Pastors Regarding Hyles/Schaap and Other Articles which was published September 9, 2010, not long after the 2010 Hyles/Schaap articles were published:

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  1. Introduction
  2. () No. 1: Legal question asked on AVVO on May 12, 2015 from one wanting to know why drawing a cartoon of Mohammed was not the same legally as yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre with my reply and the reply of some other lawyers with whom I agree.
  3. () No. 2: Letter received from [] wanting to know how a pastor reports his earnings/pay with my reply, his reply and my reply to his reply
  4. () No. 3: E-mail letter from [] received on December 1, 2014 concerning setting up a church as a corporation sole as recommended by and my reply.
  5. (+) No. 4: E-mail letter received October 7, 2014 concerning some complex church incorporation matters and my reply.
  6. (+)No. 5: E-mail letter of encouragement and prayer requet received from Pastor Kefhah in Kenya on February 3, 2014, my reply, and his reply to my reply.
  7. (+) No. 6: E-mail received from [] on September 26, 2013 complimenting the website and my reply.
  8. (+) E-mail received on August 27, 2013 from a great brother in Christ, Brother Rick Bagwell commenting on various matters including First Baptist of Hammond/Jack Hyles.
  9. (+) No. 8: Facebook comment from Brother Stanley Rogers.
  10. (+) No. 9 received on from Frank R. May 19, 2013 on Facebook.
  11. (+) No. 10: E-mail from “Bev” on January 22, 2013 concerning website layout and content and my reply.

1. Introduction

This article presents more comments, concerns, and questions from pastors and others concerning articles on this blog and other matters, and my replies. These e-mail letters not only raise important questions which need to be addressed, but also give insights into the thoughts of pastors and other believers and non-believers.

MohammedCartoon2. No. 1: Legal question asked on AVVO on May 12, 2015 from one wanting to know why drawing a cartoon of Mohammed was not the same legally as yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre with my reply and the reply of some other lawyers with whom I agree.

Asked on AVVO on May 12, 2014 – Dallas, TX

Practice area: Constitutional

See an article on the incident referred to in the above question at: Garland, Texas, Shooting Suspect Linked Himself To ISIS In Tweets (Note. I commend the police for bravely doing their job according to the law. Two of the Muslims, according to the article, “wore body armor. They carried assault rifles. And one had declared loyalty to ISIS.”)

The following was the question:

“Why isn’t the contest to draw Mohammad in Garland Tx recently the same as yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater and not protected a known hate group held a contest to draw a ‘cartoon’ of the Muslim prophet, Mohammad. In doing so, the group knew full well it would likely result in violence against those attending. In fact, only the Muslim protesting the drawing were killed as they approached the facility armed with weapons.”

My reply on May 12, 2014 (I did not address some of the issues raised in the question since I agreed with some other lawyer responses, some of which are below. Rather, I tried to offer some insights into the differences between certain Islamic beliefs and certain principles of freedom found in the United States Constitution.):

The religion of Islam has entirely different principles about some matters than does the religion which was responsible for giving the United States freedom of religion, speech, assembly, press, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. These freedoms are denied in many Muslim countries where Christians and others are persecuted and/or killed. Prior to the adoption of the Constitution and the First Amendment, all these freedoms were denied in most of the American colonies (as they had been in the Old World where Catholicism or some form of Protestantism combined with the state).

These freedoms are secured by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution which says:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The history of that amendment makes clear that those who were persecuted (tortured, beheaded, drowned, burnt at the stake, buried alive, imprisoned, property confiscated, banished, tortured, etc.) for their refusal to bow down to the state religion were responsible for the adoption of the First Amendment. You can read that history at:

An abbreviated version is at:

Anytime religion and state unite, as proven by history, the result is the labeling of those who do not support and embrace the state/religion as “heretics” and their persecution and elimination by the state/religion or state/church combination. At least 50 million of such so-called “heretics” were murdered by the combination of church and state during the reign of Catholicism, and then by Protestant church state unions which adopted the church/state theology of the “mother” church (harlot). Millions of those “heretics,” based upon their biblical beliefs, stood for freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and the other freedoms which were later guaranteed in America by the First Amendment. Their beliefs were based upon a literal interpretation of the Bible, not on the “spiritual” interpretations of the Catholic church which basically held that the Bible was open to interpretation by certain “spiritual” people (such as Origin, Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas). Those interpreters paganized and spiritualized, according to their preferences, the great truths of the Bible. Protestant churches adopted that part of Catholic theology led by Luther, Zwingli, Knox, etc.

As to the speech issue you mention, the teachings of Islam are fundamentally different from those of those Christian “heretics” who stood against the union of church and state and for freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly and which resulted in the freedoms in the First Amendment. Many of the Moslems who live in America have brought with them their Muslim beliefs and wish those beliefs to be applied in America. In order for that to happen, American law would have to be fundamentally rewritten.

A cross in a jar of urine is protected speech in America. Other odious depictions of Christ in movies, paintings, signs, etc. are common in America. As a believer, I detest those things, but I also believe in everyone’s right to the freedoms in the First Amendment. I don’t believe in killing anyone for their religious beliefs (as long as those beliefs do not result in murder, stealing, or some other crimes against one’s fellow man). The law protects, and rightfully so, those who express and practice their religious beliefs – even those who criticize other religions, religious leaders, etc.

This answer is not intended as and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Professional legal advice requires…

A good article on Muslim immigration and its effects is: Concerns Of Muslim Immigration Surge Into Western World Come Into Focus (050715)

Reply of Cameron Huey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer – Sacramento, CA

Answered May 14, 2014. Contrary to popular belief, yelling “fire” in a theater is not the most recent case law on clear and present danger. Schenck v. United States has been superceded by Brandenburg v. Ohio. Hate speech has also been approved as protected by the First Amendment (Virginia v. Black upheld a cross-burning). Hate speech is now akin to viewpoint discrimination. If the “hate group” was prohibited from having a drawing contest of Muhammed, then THEY would sue for violation of free speech rights.

The Constitution doesn’t protect against people being upset. The Constitution protects the speaker’s rights. Yelling “fire” causes panic to a reasonable person. A reasonable person would not have some impulse to hurt or kill other people because their religion/beliefs/opinions are threatened. The fact that they approached the facility armed with weapons WITH THE INTENT of committing a crime against someone who was expressing free speech shows they were in the wrong.

If you want this liberal/progressive defense of free speech that Pamela Gellar and company were engaging in, I suggest you watch some of the debates between supporters of Islam and with progressive TV host Bill Maher.

This answer is not intended as and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Professional legal advice requires…

Reply of Richard Gould-Saltman Family Law Attorney – Los Angeles, CA

Answered 28 minutes ago. Because it’s not illegal to “yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater”; it’s “illegal to FALSELY yell ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater”, which results in innocent people doing perfectly legal and reasonable things, and getting injured as a result.

Mounting an armed attack against someone who makes fun of your religion is, in the United States, neither legal nor reasonable, and isn’t innocent; it’s a crime.

This answer is not intended as and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Professional legal advice requires…

Reply of Isabel Humphrey Appeals Lawyer – Phoenix, AZ

Answered a day ago. I think the big difference is that yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater will lead reasonable people to panic and potentially be injured, whereas drawing Mohammed will lead only criminals to react in a way that will cause injury.

This answer is not intended as and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Professional legal advice requires…

3. No. 2 :Letter received from [] wanting to know how a pastor reports his earnings/pay with my reply, his reply and my reply to his reply

[] To me; April 30, 2015 at 12:55 AM

Dear Mr. Finney:

There is something I am not seeing in your materials thus far.  How exactly does a pastor report his “earnings/pay?”

For example, let’s just say that a pastor receives $100,000 from the members in a year: If the IRS comes to him, how should he be reporting this?



My reply

My pastor reports all support as “other income” when filing his income tax. I am cc’ing this to him just to make sure I am correct.

Born Again Believer, Historic Baptist, Attorney at Law
Mail: P.O. Box 1346; Austin, Texas 78767
Office: 700 Lavaca; Ste. 1400
Phone: (512) 808-5529 (O); (512)385-0761 (H) ; 512-785-8445 (C)
Fax: (512)385-0761

His Reply to my Reply

[] To me CC Pastor Jason Cooley; Today at 11:38 AM

Dear Mr. Finney:

Thank you for answering my first question. I hope you wouldn’t mind answering another.

Let’s say a church has the DOT establishing the ordinary trust. They go to a bank to open an account. The bank will require a TIN (tax id number). Will this be the Pastor’s TIN? Or will/can the trust have a TIN?


My Reply to his reply

Dear Mr. [],

I am just a sinner saved by grace. I am a nobody – just a lawyer trying to please God in a God-called ministry. I love God, and my fellow man, which obviously means I love you. I wish to speak to you honestly and straightforward. I do not wish to sound arrogant or rude. I wish to humbly help all those who come to me seeking advice in church-state matters. Even though the answers to your question (and the one before it) are simple, there are many others that must be answered in the process of ordering a church according to the principles of the New Testament. Therefore, certain groundwork must be laid before proceeding.

The purpose of this ministry is to glorify God. One must know a lot about the intricacies of Bible principles and law to make sure he glorifies God by doing nothing in the legal system which violates principles in the Bible. One can do the Bible and legal study himself or he can depend upon someone else.

If he does it himself, he can then apply what he has learned by ordering a church accordingly. He must be diligent to honor God in the process.

If he wants to depend upon someone else, he must trust that person. In this case, if you and I (or someone else who was well versed in these matters) were to agree that your spiritual beliefs and mine (or someone else with whom you consult) are consistent, and if you trusted me, you could choose to allow me to organize your church under the DOT. Of course, you would need to do enough study to satisfy yourself that the principles were both biblical and legal; that the legal was consistent with the biblical. Let me assure you that there are many so-called ministries out there who are depended upon by others in the matter of church organization who don’t know what they are doing; they are misleading many good men of God into various methods of church organization which dishonor God by violating Bible principles. Some of those ministries are led by men who purport to be legal scholars or authorities, but who have never been to law school and are also full time pastors, lobbyists, teachers, etc. No one can really master more than one or two difficult endeavors, and one should be willing to pay the price (thousands of hours of study and practice) before setting out to counsel others about a matter so preeminent as church organization. A person who is seeking help should trust no one until he has enough Bible and legal understanding to determine whether he is being misled.

Before proceeding, I need to know things such as, for example:

  • Who you are (name, address, phone number)?
  • Why are you asking these question?
  • What is your salvation testimony?
  • What church are you a member of?
  • What are your basic spiritual beliefs?
  • Why are you inquiring about these matters?
  • Do you agree with the earmarks of a New Testament (First Amendment) church?
  • What do you believe about church legal entity versus spiritual entity status?

First, if you wish to continue this dialogue, would you answer the above questions? Would you mind going to the following link and letting me know if you agree with the earmarks of a New Testament (First Amendment) church?:

The earmarks are on page 1.

When one goes to a lawyer for help, he should trust that lawyer. Once he decides to employ that lawyer, he will have to depend, to a great extent upon the competence of the lawyer. Of course the lawyer should discuss the basic law and facts with the new client, but to fully explain all the intricacies of the procedural and substantive law to every client would be an impossibility since the law is very complicated. It takes years of study and practice to become fully competent in any given area of law.

The lawyer will ask questions such as name, address phone number of prospective client and the facts of the matter for which the seeks advice or help. If the person hires the lawyer, the lawyer will rely upon knowledge which he has spent thousands of hours acquiring as well as further research and study if needed for specific factual situations.

These same principles apply to the subject of New Testament church organization, even more than to secular matters. The same principles apply in carrying out this ministry. I have spent untold thousands of hours studying the Bible principles and law of separation of church and state. I can answer what are to me simple questions from an unknown source but that is not a wise thing to do since a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. One must—in order to glorify God,  correctly fit together the entirety of the relevant Bible principles  and civil law—do diligent extensive study of the Bible, history, and man’s law.

I recently redrafted the Resolution Adopting the Declaration of Trust and the Declaration of Trust of Old Paths Baptist Church because the original Declaration has a flaw which left open the argument that the church was a legal entity. I did not do the original Declaration of Old Paths Baptist Church. I believe the new Resolution and Declaration are solid in every respect. I say that to let you know that you must have a lot of knowledge and experience in order to maximize the chances that you have made no mistakes when you organize a church. Just knowing the answer to a couple of simple questions does not mean that one is ready to correctly order a church.

BBB, Historic Baptist, BBA, JD
Mail: P.O. Box 1346; Austin, Texas 78767
Office: 700 Lavaca; Ste. 1400
Phone: (512) 808-5529 (O); (512)385-0761 (H) ; 512-785-8445 (C)
Fax: (512)385-0761

P.S. Let me add that there are those Pastors who believe that they should not pay income tax, since they depend entirely upon gifts from others. The churches they pastor do not pay them a salary. The IRS Code section 102 says that gifts are not taxable. So those pastors are not breaking the law. However, my pastor’s conviction is that he wishes to report even gifts. Some pastors are in the tax-protest movement. That is not a fight I wish to get involved with. The Lord has not convicted me on that matter. I could say a lot more about that, but I will leave it at that for now. Section 102 says:

(a) General rule
Gross income does not include the value of property acquired by gift, bequest, devise, or inheritance.
(b) Income
Subsection (a) shall not exclude from gross income—
(1) the income from any property referred to in subsection (a); or
(2) where the gift, bequest, devise, or inheritance is of income from property, the amount of such income.
Where, under the terms of the gift, bequest, devise, or inheritance, the payment, crediting, or distribution thereof is to be made at intervals, then, to the extent that it is paid or credited or to be distributed out of income from property, it shall be treated for purposes of paragraph (2) as a gift, bequest, devise, or inheritance of income from property. Any amount included in the gross income of a beneficiary under subchapter J shall be treated for purposes of paragraph (2) as a gift, bequest, devise, or inheritance of income from property.

(c) Employee gifts
(1) In general
Subsection (a) shall not exclude from gross income any amount transferred by or for an employer to, or for the benefit of, an employee.
(2) Cross references
For provisions excluding certain employee achievement awards from gross income, see section 74 (c).
For provisions excluding certain de minimis fringes from gross income, see section 132 (e).

4. No. 3: E-mail letter from [] received on December 1, 2014 concerning setting up a church as a corporation sole as recommended by and my reply.

Greetings Mr. Finney,

My name is []. I want to thank you for setting up your website with all of the free information concerning 501c3 etc. I know in the near future God is going to have me start a church. My motive for starting one is for the truth of Gods word being preached and taught correctly. Right now I am doing research and I understand to stay away from 501c3.

However I came across a website called: and they seem to be a strong proponent of corporation sole. I wanted to know your perspective on this. Can I still be trapped by the govt. if I was to go the route of corporation sole? Or would I be better protected by establishing a church not tied to anything (just like having church in my house)? I am still ignorant in these matters and I just want to get a complete understanding before I begin. Thank you for your time. Peace and blessings in Jesus. Sent from my iPad

My reply: December 1, 2014 at 2:12 PM

Note. Since receiving this e-mail, I have done a comprehensive booklet explaining the problems with the corporation sole method of organization. The booklet is free at the following web address:

Dear Brother,

Thanks for your e-mail. Please feel free to contact me concerning this matter.  My cell phone is 512-785-8445. Call anytime & if you get a VM, leave a message & I’ll call you back asap.

I would be glad to talk with you over the phone (or in person were that possible), look at the website ( and show you some of the problems with their suggested method. This subject is too vast to answer in a simple e-mail. I am totally against the use of corp. sole by churches; so against it that I turned down a lucrative offer from one of the companies which pushes church corp. sole to work for them as legal counsel.

After quickly browsing (about 5 minutes of less) I quickly spotted inaccurate statements as well as several flaws with their method. Please permit me to point out just one of their suggestions that is fatal to New Testament church status. They suggest an affidavit from the church which attests that ”  they are a bona fide Church that lives up to the IRS’s own 14 point test.” That one thing shows me that these people do not understand what they are talking about for several reasons. The following paragraph tells you what the 14 part IRS points are.

In attempting to define “church,” the IRS has “given certain characteristics [14 criteria] which are generally attributed to churches” ().IRS Publication 1828 (2007), p. 23.  The court has recognized that 14-part test in determining whether a religious organization was a church. The 14 criteria are:

“(1) a distinct legal existence;
“(2) a recognized creed and form of worship;
“(3) a definite and distinct ecclesiastical government;
“(4) a formal code of doctrine and discipline;
“(5) a distinct religious history;
“(6) a membership not associated with any other church or denomination;
“(7) an organization of ordained ministers;
“(8) ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed studies;
“(9) a literature of its own;
“(10) established places of worship;
“(11) regular congregations;
“(12) regular religious services;
“(13) Sunday schools for religious instruction of the young;
“(14) schools for the preparation of its ministers.” American Guidance Foundation, Inc. v. United States , 490 F. Supp. 304 (D.D.C. 1980).

Obviously, a church should never depend upon the IRS or any government agency for the definition of a church. Notice that the IRS uses their 14-part test in determining whether a religious organization is a church. A New Testament church cannot also be a religious organization. If you want further explanation, call me.

Of course, some of the IRS attributes are consistent with Bible church doctrine, some are not. For example, the first one (a distinct legal existence) is definitely against Bible principle. A church cannot have a “legal existence” and be a New Testament church. I deal with this matter extensively online in some of my writings (Some of which are also available in softback and Kindle. All the books are online in PDF form.). Another quick point is that a New Testament church cannot be tax exempt – she must be non-taxable. The method will not only displease God, but it will also leave a church vulnerable to the requirements of 501c3. See my online article “Church Internal Revenue Code § 508 Tax Exempt Status” which is at CONSIDERATIONS ALONE COMPLETELY DISQUALIFY THE USE OF THE METHODOLOGY BY A CHURCH WHO WISHES TO PLEASE GOD AND ORGANIZE ACCORDING TO NEW TESTAMENT PRINCIPLES.

The above is sufficient to Scripturally disqualify the methodology but it is just the tip of the iceberg. On the other hand, the method recommended by this Old Paths Baptist Church “Separation of Church and State Law” ministry covers all the bases, meets all biblical requirements for a New Testament church, and keeps the church under God only so that the church remains a non-legal entity.

The last paragraph naturally raises other questions. Again, I do not have time to write a book on this, but let me assure you that I can direct you to free online writing and/or audio teachings which will give complete Bible based answers. I will give you short answers in discussions, and will direct you to resources which will give in-depth answers.

My cell phone is 512-785-8445. Call anytime & if you get a VM, leave a message & I’ll call you back asap.


For His Glory,
Jerald Finney

5. No. 4: E-mail letter received October 7, 2014 concerning some complex church incorporation matters and my reply.

Good morning Mr. Finney.

My name is [] on and I pastor [] Church in [], Washington.  I found your name and addy online somewhere (don’t exactly remember the site) and decided you might be able to clear some things up for me, if it’s not too much trouble.

I am attaching a document that I found to be very interesting, especially in  light of our society and government today.  I was hoping you could shed some light on this matter of Church Incorporation for me.  Is it necessary to allow governing agencies access to the church, or even profitable to do so?

Here in Washington State, many churches seem to enroll themselves not only with the 503 stuff but with a governmental department called LAbor and Industries.  L & I for short.  This particular group has stated that the “Pastor/Staff” of the church are considered “employees” and must follow “business” practices such as submitting actual hours worked. I believe this is how they determine how much the Workers Compensation insurance will cast the church.  I am more concerned with allow them access to the church records.

The attachment seems to be legit and I for one agree with it.  But that and $5 here in Washington may get you a cup of coffee (Starbucks of course).

I would appreciate any light you might be willing to share with me on this matter.

I would also appreciate your acknowledgement of this email.  One never knows what gets lost in cyberspace.

Pastor []

My Reply

Dear Pastor Olson,

Thank you for your interest in these most important matters. I would be glad to answer your questions in a phone conversation. Please  call me at the number below should you wish to discuss your questions. I can only give short answers in such a conversation. I cannot fully explain the reasons for what I say in a short conversation. I humbly submit that to answer your questions would require a college course covering the biblical doctrines of church, government, separation of church and state, the history of the First Amendment (one must understand that history in order to understand the First Amendment and the Religion Clause of that amendment),  incorporation and 501c3 status, and how a church in the U.S. can operated under the First Amendment only and do things God’s way totally outside government control as long as the church members or a church member do(es) not commit a crime or illegally damage another person. The First Amendment protects churches who operate outside government control. Churches who incorporate or become legal entities in any way and/or get 501c3 status lose much of their First Amendment protections; and they also violate New Testament principles regarding church, state, and separation of church and state. That is the bad news.

The good news is that I have covered all these matters in great detail in my books, articles, and audio teachings. Those materials provide the basis for understanding it all. It still requires study, but a lot less study than doing from scratch the tremendous amount of research and study needed to understand these matters.

Everyone is welcome to study my materials and tell me if they believe I am wrong. I will listen. As to biblical matters, I will only listen to arguments based upon biblical teaching. If someone can show me where my legal or historical assertions are incorrect, I will repent and publicly correct my error. As to the application of legal issues to biblical principles, the same applies.

I suggest that a good place for one to start is the book Separation of Church and State/God’s Churches: Spiritual or Legal Entities? It is a relatively short, concise book for the interested student.

To fully understand all the issues, I suggest God Betrayed/Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American Application.

I also have a book on Romans 13 and related verses.

All the above and more is available free online, The books can also be ordered. The online editions have been updated as my teachings have been modified as to some matters. See the P.S. below for info.

As to the article you attached, I believe it is from the Ecclesiastical Law Center. Much of what they state in the article is correct. I quickly browsed the article, but do not have time to do an analysis. I have read one of their books and heard the lectures of their leader. They are right about some matters but wrong about others. I certainly would not recommend them because they are misleading and wrong about certain very important of their teachings.

Feel free to call me. If you get a voicemail, please leave a message and I will return your call ASAP. Please keep in mind that I still practice law as well as lead this “Separation of Church and State Law” ministry.

For His Glory,

Jerald Finney
Cell: 512-385-0761

P.S.   The following is from the “Contents” page of [I copied and pasted the “Contents” page here. That page is at the following web address:

6. No. 5: E-mail letter of encouragement and prayer requet received from Pastor Kefhah in Kenya on February 3, 2014, my reply, and his reply to my reply.

Dear Servants of God,


Good servants and committed to the work of God.

Please we are happy to join you in your ministry as we love your teachings at your website.please we are a young Christian fellowship in Kenya as we pray that you may add as into your churches.

Micah 4:1-2 In the last days the mountain of the LORD’S temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and peoples will stream to it. Many nations will say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.” The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

PRAYER,FATHER.Lead me day by day Even in Thine own sweet way;Teach me to be pure and true;Show me what I ought to do.When I am tempted to do wrong,Make me steadfast,Wise and strong And When all alone I stand,Shield me Thy mighty hand May I see the good and bright When they pass before my sight.May I hear the heavenly voice when the pure and Wise rejoice Amen.

Thank you in Christ and please make us to know God more.

God’s blessings be upon you, your family, church and ministry.  Thank you so very much for your kind words and your willingness that your teachings at your website.  God means for His people to be one body and it is so refreshing to see this going on with the of you.

WONDERFUL Indeed it is that all of you are working together to evangelize here and to start a new church here.

God bless all of you with His love, wisdom and enable me to do all He has called you to do.

Sincerely Pastor Kefhah.

My Reply

Dear Pastor Kefhah,

Your spirit inspired e-mail is a great encouragement! It is truly a blessing to see that this website is being followed all over the world except in closed countries such as China and North Korea where it is not available. The website provides a listing of views which includes the countries of origin of the views.

May the Lord richly bless you as you serve him and fight the spiritual battles he has called us to fight. You are in my prayers.

May I publish your letter below as a testimonial on the website? I can take out your identifying information if you desire.

I have prayed that the Lord will bless you and your work mightily. I will continue to pray for you.

Also, should the Lord lead you to write anything concerning the biblical doctrine of separation of church and state or any insights relating to that subject specifically as to the nation of Kenya and your ministry, please let me know. Perhaps I can publish it on the website, with your permission of course.

God bless you and yours!

Please forgive me for taking so long to answer-I have been very busy.

For His Glory,
|Brother Jerald Finney

Pastor Kefha’s Reply to My Reply:

Dearest Servant of the most High God Brother Jerald,

The Good News of Salvation!!!

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,
Because the Lord has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives,
And the opening of the prison to those who are bound;
To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,
And the day of vengeance of our God;
To comfort all who mourn,ISAIAH 61:1-2.

I thank you most sincerely for the appreciation of my email and for the encouragement you have given me on the same.If I have set light and the light is for the truth of salvation,Let the light shine all places in the world.

I therefore permit you to put my testimony in the website so that it can be read anywhere in the world.

Kindly be praying for us in Kenya more so my church followers and the orphans as we also pray for you.

Be blessed,

yours servant of God Pastor Kefhah.

7. No. 6: E-mail received from [] on September 26, 2013 complimenting the website and my reply.

Hey! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and wonderful design and style.

My Reply

Thank you so much for the very kind feedback. May the Lord richly bless you and yours.


8. No. 7: E-mail received on August 27, 2013 from a great brother in Christ, Brother Rick Bagwell commenting on various matters including First Baptist of Hammond/Jack Hyles.

From: Rick Bagwell <>
To: Greg Dixon <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 11:10 AM
Subject: Fw: The Trumpet Online

The Bible clearly speaks of children being taught in the home. Also if we use Ceasars money we must return unto his that which is his. How did Jesus teach? From the seaside in boats on the street corners, etc. He never had a building fund. The Bible says if TWO or MORE are gathered in MY NAME there I will be also. Then we have the stories of the old brush harbors. The Bible also says to go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in. If we depend on God to provide a meeting place it would be a TREMENDOUSLY BETTER one than what the god of money can provide. Is it buildings that we strive for or the souls of men? Let not the government convey to us how we should meet or where and let God provide and show the way. When I hear of public school closings I praise the Lord for we know what they teach and fail to teach. When they kicked God and reading of HIS word and prayer out of public schools that’s when the schools SHOULD have been closed to begin with. So why are we ruled by the god of money anyway? Are we Christian Soldiers? What weapons of warfare has God told us about in HIS word? We DO NOT need Satan’s money. We can teach without it. Paul was a tentmaker and a soul winner/teacher, teaching Gods word. God will provide a way. The Church is going underground as it did decades ago. Are Churches known by God and their titles such as Baptist or Methodist? Or are they known by the preachers who Lord over them? {First Baptist Church of Hammond/Jack Hyles} [ Hyles Anderson College] Just where is the GLORY given to God in such titles? See the problem??? Now you see God has the solution. He will use the enemy to close such Churches and Schools or they will teach the devils agenda. Why don’t Christians have their own money or means? Does God not own the cattle on a thousand hills the wealth in EVERY MINE? God will win the battle before we even enter the war.

Brother Rick Bagwell
Isaiah 40:31
The Beacon Light Baptist

9. No. 8: Facebook comment from Brother Stanley Rogers.

Tonight at Woodbridge Baptist we are continuing our study through the book of Romans. We will begin Chapter 13. This has been an exciting and encouraging study for me. I want to thank Brother Jason Cooley and Brother Jerald Finney for their tireless efforts of teaching the proper rolls of Church and State. Their messages on this subject have been an encouragement to me. Come on and join us in this study. You just might get your heart stirred to proclaim and stand for your Heavenly Citizenship!

10. No. 9 received on from Frank R. May 19, 2013 on Facebook.

It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people on this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

11. No. 10: E-mail from “Bev” on January 22, 2013 concerning website layout and my reply.

I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.

But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

My Reply to Letter No. (On January 28, 2013)

Thanks for the suggestions. I had been thinking about the very issues you raised. I just did some changes. If you have the time, maybe you can tell me whether the new template is better than the old one.

I do everything myself. This is a ministry with me. Therefore, no income is produced and I try to keep expenses to a minimum. The expenses are all born by me, and I really don’t have money to spend to get a professional to set up my website.

I just returned from a week of travel, visiting families, churches, etc., speaking on the issues of the ministry. I paid for all expenses and it was all done for free.

Again, thanks so much and may the Lord richly bless you and yours.

For His Glory!

Jerald Finney

P.S. Since getting this e-mail, I have continued to make changes. For example, I have gone back and added pictures to many of the articles/chapters. Eventually, I may update them all.

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