Did President Trump do away with 501(c)(3) requirements?

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Jerald Finney
Copyright © December 2, 2017

President Trump, in an effort to help churches and “Christians,” and according to the advice of those “Christians” (Catholic/Calvinist/Reformed/Charismatic religious people, or CCRC) who surround him, pledged to eliminate the Johnson Amendment which limits all nonprofits from endorsing and opposing political candidates. For an understanding of CCRC, see Exposing Catholic/Calvinist/Reformed Historic Revisionism; see also, The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus/A Case of Premeditated Murder/Christian Revisionists on Trial/The History of the First Amendment. Accordingly, he signed an executive order easing restrictions on political activity by non-profits. See the articles linked to below. Isolated from the sea of historic facts and relevant Biblical principles, that sounds like a good thing. Although this inevitable development is praised by CCRC, in light of solid historical fact and Biblical teaching, it is not a good thing. Why?

Let us first briefly examine or look at what church 501(c)(3) status really is. This will highlight the real issue. We will have to touch on incorporation since the two are intertwined.

Most churches choose to apply for both corporate and 501(c)(3) tax exempt status even though a choice not to do so is protected by the First Amendment and corresponding state constitutional provisions. Churches who incorporate and/or get 501(c)(3) or 508 status are established churches. They combine with civil government under man-made law. They get some perceived “benefits” and powers from civil government. In return, they agree to abide by the non-profit corporation laws of the state of incorporation and the commandments which come with the federal 501(c)(3) law they sought and agreed to. They also agree that, in the event they have issue with a commandment imposed by the law, the authority who will decide the issue is the government through its court systems. Their authority for many matters is the civil government, not the Lord Jesus Christ. One might call those churches who constantly defy and complain about the rules or commandments they agreed to “hypocrites.”

Churches who seek and obtain 501(c)(3) agree to abide by the five rules that come with 501(c)(3), and also to any future rules added by the federal government though legislation, or by the Internal Revenue Service. Originally, 4 commandments or rules, added by legislative law, came with 501(c)(3). The IRS added a fifth. Prior to Bob Jones University v. United States, 461 U.S. 574 (1983), there were four rules. Bob Jones University upheld the IRS “shall not violate fundamental public policy” rule. Now there are five commandments. The fifth one has not yet been applied, as far as I know, to a church. However, many pastors do not preach of certain matters because they fear that they will be in violation of that rule—they do not wish to offend their master, their authority, by preaching certain offensive matters covered by the Word of God.

So one can see that the governments of the state of incorporation and the federal government are the authorities of a corporate 501(c)(3) church. Civil government is their head for many purposes. The Lord Jesus Christ is, at most, only one of their authorities or heads. These churches grieve our Lord by submitting to another head. They do not understand, or they do not know, Bible teachings concerning these matters; or, they “interpret” the Bible instead of believing it; examples of the latter are CCRC religious people.

So the main issue is one of authority. Looking beyond that, only the legislature can eliminate the Johnson Amendment. It is a law, passed by Congress and signed by the President. The President, of course, is the law enforcer. Like any law enforcer, he can choose to ease or relax his efforts to enforce what he deems to be an unjust law, you might say. He cannot do away with the fact that the authority of the 501(c)(3) church, as to the rules that come with it, is the federal government through its agent, the IRS. The courts, not the President, decide unresolved clashes between 501(c)(3) churches and the IRS. Only the legislature, not the President, can repeal a law subject to his signature of approval. The legislature has taken no action to overrule the Johnson Amendment in the many months since President Trump filed his executive order.

Even should the Johnson Amendment be eliminated by legislative law signed by the President, there would still be four other rules that churches agreed to comply with when they chose to apply for 501(c)(3) tax exemption. It is no secret that churches and so called “Christian” lawyers like David Gibbs have been worried about rule number five for at least 15 or 20 years. Their advice: “pray about it.” I would like to hear one of their prayers. I do not think they will pray, “Lord, forgive us for dishonoring you and causing you much grief by prostituting your churches. We repent. Help us to honorably withdraw from our unholy alliances.”

I have touched on the main issue. Let me restate some of the above points and list some other matters. President Trump’s speeches and his executive order reflect CCRC revisionist history. They:

  1. ignore the fact that churches are not required to give up some of their First Amendment protections when they choose to become 501(c)(3) organizations who submit to the federal government as to certain matters;
  2. ignore the fact that churches voluntarily put themselves under 501(c)(3) with all the rules that accompany their choice spelled out in form 1028;
  3. ignore the fact that churches voluntarily give up much of their First Amendment protection when they place themselves under a law which commands them not to do certain things;
  4. do not take into account that 501(c)(3) was a law implemented in 1954, 164 plus years after the adoption of the First Amendment;
  5. ignore the question of whether 501(c)(3) is even constitutional since the First Amendment religion clause says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or preventing the free exercise thereof;”
  6. reflect a lack of understanding of the true history of the First Amendment;
  7. reflect the CCRC revised history of the First Amendment;
  8. misrepresent what church/state establishment meant when the Constitution and First Amendment were adopted;
  9. misrepresent what Thomas Jefferson, for example, stood for (a secular state with complete separation of church and state);
  10. disregard and go contrary to Bible principles concerning church, state, and the relationship God desires between church and state;
  11. etc.

I wish to make one other point: I believe that freeing 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations to become active in politics will unleash liberal 501(c(3) organizations–atheist, secular, and religious–who will fight for liberal candidates, and that those organizations substantially outnumber and have much more money and power than the conservative churches who constantly attack the rule. Those organizations include Planned Parenthood (an organization that gets a lot of government money) and many many other liberal organizations and churches who will support liberal candidates.

In conclusion, I believe that President Trump is sincerely trying to help the cause of religious liberty. But he is being misled by CCRC persons and organizations who will use any means necessary to achieve their goals. Their false Biblical interpretations hasten fulfillment of end time prophecies—religion and government will unify and bring in a 3 ½ year of peace followed by 3 ½ year period of great tribulation, and finally the appearance of our Lord who will crush the world powers who are coming against Israel and then establish His 1000 year reign, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Links to some articles: Trump Vow: ‘Totally Destroy’ 501(c)(3) Political Activity Ban, February 3, 2017.  President Trump vowed to He signed an executive order easing restrictions on religious participation in politics. See Trump signs executive order to ease restrictions on religious participation in politics, May 4, 2017. TRUMP RELAXES 501(C)(3) POLITICAL ACTIVITY RULES, May 5, 2017.

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