Short course: important questions answered

The New Testament of Jesus Christ: His Executor Named and Empowered

1. What is a Spiritual entity?
2. What is a legal entity?
3. Is a church a Spiritual entity, a legal entity, or a Spiritual/legal entity? See also, Spiritual versus Legal Entities
4. Is it illegal for a church in America not to incorporate? Does a church have to be a 501c3?
Does God Care if our Church is Incorporated?
Should a Church Be a 508 Church?
Does a church in America need an Employer (Tax) ID Number?
Did President Trump do away with 501(c)(3) Requirements?
9. What does church, inc. mean? 
10. Who Is the head of an incorporated church?
11. What is 501c3?
12. What is 508?
13. What is the history of the First Amendment?
14. What is the History and Meaning of “Establishment of Religion” in America?
15. What is an established church?
16. What is a First Amendment Church?
17. Question from a Church Concerning Church Organization 
18. The Bible Answer to the Question, “Is an Incorporated 501(c)(3) or 508 Church a Church of Christ?”


2 thoughts on “Short course: important questions answered”

  1. Bro. Finney, God bless you and keep you. Now may I ask a dumb question that is probably “NO”? Is it possible for a church member to quit the State side of their church and still remain a member of the church?
    Looking at that question now makes me wonder why anyone would still want to but for curiosity sake maybe it’ll be useful. Thank full always.~SM

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