Question and answer on whether gifts to a First Amendment Church are tax deductible

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September 22, 2018 Question

Bro Finney,
Te question I have is, are the tithes and offerings tax deductible to the giver?
Bro _____________

September 22, 2018 Answer
Dear Bro. _________________,
Please read and study the following and then give me a call at 512-785-8445. These resources will answer your questions, but let me know after you go through them what questions, if any, are not answered. The last article below deals with Section 170 of the IRS code and IRS Regs. which address tax deductions for contributions. I have not updated the article for 2018 changes (probably none or insignificant, but you can check that code at the last link below. Also, Publication 1828 will also be of help-it is linked directly to below. (Publication 526 Charitable Contributions)
For His Glory,
Brother Finney

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