Answer to question concerning my posting on Facebook of links to some Prophecy News Watch Articles

Prophecy News Watch promotes a fake Bible.



Brother Finney, Why are you promoting the prophecy news watch people promoting that fake Bible? Their understanding of prophecy can’t rise higher than the spirit they’re serving and feeding from. And any time you post their articles the ad for their fake Bible comes up & is promoted. It’s like digging the ground from beneath your own feet with regard to the building of the antichrist unity.

My Answer:

Dear Sister ______________,

Thanks for letting me know that PNW promotes a fake Bible. I did not know that, and I did not know that their ad pops up when someone goes to their link. As you know, I am 100% KJB. I receive the PNW e-mail with links to news articles, some of which are very informative. I know that many of their articles are plagiarism because I many times google to check the accuracy out.

I have never ordered any of their books or materials, so I do not know what they teach. I just find the articles they offer informative. I definitely do not recommend them as a reliable source for help with Bible study. I test all “teachings” on the Bible against the Word of God, the KJB.

Thanks again.

Brother Finney

Reply to My Answer:

Thank you for responding.  I’m thankful, & glad to hear you haven’t changed your stance.  So that makes me wonder about the links and news stories that I post on facebook with comment.  Apparently the preview that comes up when we post is not what stays on our feed, because that ecumenical one world Bible ad is what shows on my feed from your share, and occupies the top third of the window when I open the link, the news story beginning lower third after their header & so forth.  That is very disturbing.  Might be time to leave Facebook.  It looks like such a good witnessing place, and a sort of fellowshipping space for likeminded people with so many of us isolated…..but not if they’re skewing & undermining the witness

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