Letter drafted by church members and sent to certain pastors concerning church corporate tax exempt status


October 3, 2018

Dear Pastors __________ and _______________,

Subject:  Bondage and Deliverance From IRS Section Codes 501(c)(3) and 508

The Lord so loved the church that he gave his only begotten son (Ephesians 5:25).  The church was established by God as a source of stability, protection, and to prevail against the gates of hell (Matthew 16:18).  This is further supported in God’s Word that the Lord has put all things under man’s feet and for us to be the head over all things to the church (Ephesians 1:22). Is today’s church truly under Christ or the government?

The church plays a vital role in today’s society to promote biblical principles and moral and ethical living, as people are bombarded with distraction, deception, and lack of honor and integrity by mainstream media, social media, and the U.S. government (FBI, DOJ, CIA, Congress, etc.).  Although the church was established by God to share the gospel, bring the lost into God’s Kingdom, heal the sick, and to stand against and overcome evil through his Word, the church is supposed to be under God’s power and jurisdiction, accountable to God not the government.   However, today’s church, its ministries, and other religious organizations established through the 501(c)(3) are in bondage through government incorporation in exchange for tax exempt benefits (Mark 3:15, Ephesians 6:15).  This process became law in the 1954 Johnson Amendment.  The misconception is the First Amendment already grants the church tax exemption.

In addition, Hosea 4:6 states “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.  The IRS’ Code Section 501(c)(3) is a covenant and  partnership with the government which has adverse consequences, restraining and absolutely prohibiting the church, its ministries, and other religious organizations from directly or indirectly participating, intervening, endorsing, opposing, and speaking out against or for any political campaign or candidate for elective public office.  If the church speaks out, their tax-exempt status can be revoked.  Consequently, the 501(c)(3) establishes God’s church as a worldly organization, relinquishing God’s power over the church and aligning it on equal footing with the Church of Satan, Planned Parenthood, American atheists, and Islamic organizations; thereby, granting the government considerable control and power over the church, its ministries, and other organizations. 

Although the U.S. Constitution gives us freedom of speech and the right to assemble and peacefully protest, 501(c)(3) status has had an adverse effect on America and our way of life.  The following are only a few events that have occurred on our watch clearly demonstrating the power the government has over the church and where the church failed to take action:

  • Prayer was taken out of our schools in 1962 (Star, 2014).
  • Roe versus Wade was passed in 1973, and 60 million babies have lost their lives due to abortion (History, 1973).
  • After a complaint was received, a Bible was removed from a display inside a Veterans Clinic (Starnes, 2016).
  • President Obama appoints a transgender to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships (Hallowell, 2016).
  • A counter-intelligence briefing at Fort Hood told soldiers evangelical Christians are a threat to Americans and for a soldier to donate to such a group “was punishable under military regulations (Ertelt, 2013).
  • A Department of Defense military training manual teaches soldiers people who talk about “individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place” are “extremists”.  It also refers to the Founding Fathers as “extremists” and those “colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule” — as possessing “extremist ideologies and movements” (Salazar, 2013).
  • The Obama Department of Justice defunded a Young Marines chapter in Louisiana because their oath mentioned God, and another youth program because it permitted a voluntary student –led prayer (Starnes, 2013).
  • The administration announces the rights of religious conscience for individuals will not be protected and under the Affordable Care Act (Ertelt, 2013).
  • The administration argues the First Amendment provides no protection for churches and synagogues in hiring their pastors and rabbis (Olson, 2012).

Isaiah 9:6-7 states Jesus was born and God gave us his son and the government would be upon his shoulders, and he would be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

Is today’s church truly a church of God or a government-owned entity?  The IRS’ Code Sections 501(c)(3) and 508 incorporations are tradeoffs between the church and the government for money and benefits, or to put it blatantly, Judas’ 30-pieces of silver.  The church, through its lack of knowledge, has relinquished God’s authority for the tax exempt status and its benefits; consequently, silencing its voice on all political issues and candidates opposing Christian beliefs and values.  Therefore, the church is promoting the gospel under the power and control of the U. S. Government.  The government has the power to close down a church and take its property, if it speaks out. 

An example of this power was demonstrated when Attorney General John Ashcroft slandered the Indianapolis Baptist Temple and its congregation in a speech carried live on CNN December 5, 2001, connecting them to domestic terrorist.  Evidence showed the Clinton/Reno administration targeted the church and its pastor, using the IRS to eliminate all churches, ministries and preachers who dared to speak out against the government (Dixon, 2002, Dixon, 2016).   Additionally, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case against the Indianapolis Baptist Temple Church in January 2001 and the U. S. Government began using this case against other churches.  Furthermore, the Supreme Court heard a disabled golfer’s case under the Disability Act who wanted to ride a golf cart in the Professional Golf Association tournaments, and a case where an illegal alien was suing the State of Alabama, who had no rights in the U.S. These two cases took priority over God’s church and reflected the Supreme Court’s views towards the church and Christianity (Dixon, 2016). Basically, God was thrown out of Washington, D. C., and the government won and the church lost.

So, what’s the next step?  President Trump has already taken the first step to free the church from the 501(c)(3) and 508 bondage.  On May 4, 2017, President Trump signed an Executive Order removing the financial threat faced by tax-exempt churches from the Internal Revenue Service when pastors speak out on behalf of political candidates and issues opposing Christian values and beliefs.  However, in order for this Executive Order to be permanent, it must be voted on and made law by Congress.  In the interim, the church must reflect on its relationship with God.  Does the church serve God and operate only under his jurisdiction and authority, or does it serve man and the U. S. Government?  Is the church willing to surrender its tax-exempt status and benefits?  The misconception with tax-exempt status and benefits is the church already has tax-exempt status under the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. 

So, how does a church unincorporate its 501(c)(3) and 508 status?  There is a legal process that must be followed requiring the Declaration of a Trust.  A church may execute a Declaration of Trust proclaiming it is placing church property under the care of a trustee who will hold the legal, earthly title to the property for the benefit of the true and equitable owner of the property, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Declaration of Trust and associated documents are in line with both secular law and biblical principle. The trust relationship is recognized by American Law, but the “common law trust” was not and is not created by man’s law; American law only recognizes the relationship. However, American law has expanded the concept to trusts other than the common law trust. Now, trusts devised by man’s law are “legal entities.” Examples are the business trust and the charitable trust. One must know what he is doing to establish the “common law trust” which is not a legal entity. For more information on how to change to a Declaration of Trust, please contact Jerald Finney at (512) 785-8445 or via Jerald.finney@sbcglobal.net .  Jerald Finney is the Biblical Law Center National Director and Legal Counsel.  He can lead you through the process to freedom from the 501(c)(3) and 508, and aligning your church with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Additional information how to move off of the 501(c)(3) and 508 can be found at Mr. Finney’s Website at www.jeraldfinney.com , under Separation of Church and State. Information may also be found at the Biblical Law Center’s Website at www.biblicallawcenter.com   Finally, Chapter 11 in the book, “Trump Prophecies” goes  further in-depth regarding the 501(c)(3) and 508.

God Bless You on your journey to align your church with God’s authority and jurisdiction.  Please feel free to call us if you would like to talk to us about this matter.

__________________ and ________________

_______________ Church


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