Question and Answer: “Do you have a template for a ‘common law’ or ‘Bible’ trust…?”

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Do you have a template for a “common law” or “Bible” trust that includes the necessary elements of a valid trust including the trustor, trustee, beneficiary, and trust estate?

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Dear Mr. ________________,

Would a person with valuable assets and with intent of minimizing losses to income taxes, estate taxes, etc. e-mail an attorney and ask him to send him a “trust” template with the intent of forming a trust? Of course not. In order to properly implement a plan or intention one must not only understand the particular facts involved, but also the controlling principles.

Would an attorney who received such a request send the template? Of course not. To be clear, a law firm charges for its services. This ministry does not. A secular law firm, for monetary remuneration (as well as so-called “Christian” law firms which help churches organize as temporal earthly entities (e.g., 501(c)(3) corporations under both the state government of incorporation and the federal government), deal in secular matters. This ministry does not. This ministry, without charge, helps local churches organize as eternal heavenly entities under Christ and Christ alone.

I do not send out “templates” or forms. To do so would be doing a grave disservice not only the Lord Jesus Christ, but also those to whom I sent a template. One must understand relevant Bible principles such as the New Testament doctrine of the church, the Bible doctrine of government, the Bible doctrine of separation of church and state, the concepts and facts in the articles linked to below, the history and meaning of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the history and meaning of the corresponding state constitutional provisions, etc.; and, in the factual situation of some churches, federal religious tax exemption law, state non-profit corporation law and more before he attempts to utilize templates or forms. For a church or an individual to attempt to help churches remain true to our Lord by establishing a trust relationship with property, he must do his homework and understand what he is doing. Either that, or he must get the help of someone who has done the years of study necessary to understand what he is doing.

These matters are not secret, but they are precious as related to the local New Testament churches which Christ loved and gave Himself for. He tells his people to proceed with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. See, for more on this:

I offer you the following resources to help get you started in your studies should you wish to gain the wisdom needed pursue your goal. The King James Bible states the principles for the Bible (common law) trust. The following resources will be very helpful:

Study Lessons: Bible (Common Law) Trust

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Should you desire the help of this ministry, see the following:

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