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Articles on the Persecution of Christians – The Trail of Blood Continues

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Schooling Heretics (Catholicism exposed in this article.  “… In 1179, a council convened by the pope specified ‘the lands around Albi and Toulouse’ as an especially noxious breeding ground of heresy … Even those sheltering in churches were slaughtered. …”).

Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World, by Tom Holland

This wound which would not be healed with the treatment of a poultice must be cut away with a knife, according to Innocent III.  By November, 1207, it was feared that this heresy, left unchecked, would contaminate all Christian people.

In July, 1209, a great army of knights would have their crusade.  Not for territorial expansion; not for reclaiming lost Christian lands.  But for the extirpation of dangerous beliefs.  The crusaders would storm Béziers.  Reportedly, when asked by the crusaders how to distinguish the faithful from the heretics, the papal legate offered that they should kill them all and God will sort it out.

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China Turns Churches Into Propaganda Centers

Church and State Unifying In Russia:
How Putin Is Using The Orthodox Church To Build His Power (HBO)


Hindu Leader Demands that All Christians Leave India in Publicized Video (060118)
For more articles on persecution of Christians in India, google “Chief Threat To India’s Hindu Only Nation: Christianity”

For more articles, google, “Persecution of Christians.”

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