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Murdering Unborn Babies; Abortion Counselor Tried for Crime: Court Briefs and Decision; Articles, Sermons, Etc. on Murdering Unborn Babies; Jury Nullification

Jerald Finney, October 26, 2017
Last edited on November 29, 2017

God’s Word makes clear what He thinks and how He feels about the murder of unborn babies and a nation which legalizes such slaughter. Legalizing such criminal activity has not only resulted in the brutal murder of tens of millions of innocent lives, but also the attendant destruction of the family in America. It is an outright Satanic attack on the fundamental institution ordained by God, on individuals, families, and the nation.

Here are some resources for those who are deeply grieved over this matter.

1. “Murdering Unborn Babies” webpage. Links to up-to-date articles, audio teachings, sermons and teachings on abortion (e.g., teaching on the role of Charles Darwin and his followers in promoting abortion), and more.

2. Links to up-to-date articles on the murdering of unborn babies (abortion)

43. Steve Lee Drake v. State of Texas (This was a case in which a sidewalk counselor at an abortion clinic was falsely charged with violation of the City of Austin, TX sign ordinance. In falsely charging Steve, the city violated his First Amendment freedom of speech. Jerald Finney handled the case from trial (Finney’s second trial) to final appeal (his first appeal) and reversal of Steve’s conviction and order to dismiss).

The appeals court reversed the liberal jury conviction and ordered that the case be dismissed. The whole jury panel was flaming liberal except for 3 Christians who were honest in their answers in jury selection and therefore eliminated by the prosecution for cause, while 6 liberals lied to critical questions posed by defense counsel in order to get on the jury and convict. Why cannot Christians Understand jury nullification? Liberals are more passionate to their cause than are Christians.

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Brief for Appellant Steven Lee Drake (PDF)
State’s Reply Brief (PDF)
Appellant’s Reply To Brief For Appellee (PDF)
Decision Of Court Of Appeals (PDF)
Trial Court’s Finding Of Not Guilty In Compliance With Judgment of Appeal Court (PDF)
Trial Court’s Final Letter To Attorney Jerald Finney (PDF)

 4. Click here to see post “Jury Nullification: Article, Brief, and Requested Jury Instruction.”