II. B. Union of Church and State in America

It will be some time before this portion of this study is started. I am now working on the Introduction which should be completed within the next few days. Most of the other chapters below are already in the book Separation of Church and State: Spiritual or Legal Entities in online form, PDF, or downloadable audio. Click here to go to the order page for books by Jerald Finney. After I finish the introduction which will be much more concise and informative than the Introduction in the above book, I will finish and publish Chapter 13, “How To Organize a Church according to Bible Principle.”

  1. Introduction
  2. Legal Meaning of Incorporation of Churches
  3. Federal Government Control of Churches through 501(c)(3) or 508 Tax Exemption
  4. The Incorporation-501(c)(3) Control Scheme
  5. Spurious Rationale for Incorporating: Believers and Churches Are To Obey Man’s Law
  6. Spurious Rationale for Incorporating: Limited Liability
  7. Spurious Rationale for Incorporating: To Hold Property
  8. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status: Tax Exemption and Tax Deduction for Contributions
  9. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status: One’s Convictions
  10. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status: 
  11. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status:
  12. The Most Important Thing: Loving God or Winning Souls?
  13. How a Church Can Organize According to Bible Principles
  14. The Results of Ignoring the Bible Principle of Separation of Church and State
  15. Conclusion

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