1. Introduction
  2. The Light Begins to Shine
  3. The Pilgrims and Puritans in Massachusetts
  4. The Baptists in Rhode Island
  5. The Separates and Baptists in New England
  6. From New England to the South
  7. To Virginia
  8. Religious Freedom in America!
  9. Conclusion

Questions with Short Answers:

  1. What is the history of the First Amendment?
  2. What is the History and Meaning of “Establishment of Religion” in America?
  3. What is an established church?
  4. What is a First Amendment Church?

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Other studies:

II. B. Union of Church and State in America

It will be some time before this portion of this study is started. I am now working on the Introduction which should be completed within the next few days. Most of the other chapters below are already in the book Separation of Church and State: Spiritual or Legal Entities in online form, PDF, or downloadable audio. Click here to go to the order page for books by Jerald Finney. After I finish the introduction which will be much more concise and informative than the Introduction in the above book, I will finish and publish Chapter 13, “How To Organize a Church according to Bible Principle.”

  1. Introduction
  2. Legal Meaning of Incorporation of Churches
  3. Federal Government Control of Churches through 501(c)(3) or 508 Tax Exemption
  4. The Incorporation-501(c)(3) Control Scheme
  5. Spurious Rationale for Incorporating: Believers and Churches Are To Obey Man’s Law
  6. Spurious Rationale for Incorporating: Limited Liability
  7. Spurious Rationale for Incorporating: To Hold Property
  8. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status: Tax Exemption and Tax Deduction for Contributions
  9. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status: One’s Convictions
  10. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status: 
  11. Spurious Rationale for Corporate 501(c)(3) Status:
  12. The Most Important Thing: Loving God or Winning Souls?
  13. How a Church Can Organize According to Bible Principles
  14. The Results of Ignoring the Bible Principle of Separation of Church and State
  15. Conclusion

I. C. Bible Doctrine Concerning Relationship of Church and State

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions of “Separation of Church and State,” “Established Church,” and “Religious Freedom or Soul Liberty”
  3. Dispensation Theology versus Covenant Theology and Their Importance to the Issue of Church and State Relationship in America
  4.  Distinct Differences between Church and State Which Render Them Mutually Exclusive
  5. Render Unto God the Things That Are His: A Study of Romans 13 and Other Verses Taken Out of Context to Support Union of Church and State
  6. Christ-church, Husband-Wife, Bridegroom-bride
  7. Conclusion

I. B. Bible Doctrine of Church


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  1. Introduction 
  2. Christ Ordained the Church and Builds It upon the Rock
  3. A Church Is a Mystery, an Assembly, a Spiritual Body
  4. The Holy Spirit Forms a Church which Is a Temple, a Spiritual Body, the Body of Christ
  5. Christ, the Head/Bridegroom/Husband of the Local Church
  6. The Love between Christ and His Churches
  7. Other Bible Metaphors for a Church: Family, Etc.
  8. How To Recognize a New Testament Church
  9. Heresy and Apostasy


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I. A. Bible Doctrine of Government


  1. Introduction 
  2.  Self-government
  3. Family Government and Conscience
  4. Civil Government
  5. Israel
  6. God Desires That All Nations Choose To Glorify Him
  7. God Judges Nations 
  8. Satan