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A Critique of Pastor Steve Anderson’s YouTube Comments on Church Incorporation and Church 501c3 Status

Jerald Finney
Copyright © October 14, 2013

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Click here to hear Pastor Sam Adams sermon which reveals other Steven Anderson lies (Steven Anderson ignorantly attacks anti-501c3 church position, falsely claims his church is non-501-c3, makes false accusations, and blatantly lies to his church.)(Click here for Youtube of Pastor Adams’ sermon.)(To see Steven Anderson’s documents proving his church is 501c3 click here.)


"Pastor" Steven Anderson
“Pastor” Steven Anderson

Someone recently referred me to a YouTube excerpt from one of Pastor Steven Anderson’s sermons dealing with the issue of church Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0l2EkAZwB8&feature=youtu.be. A brief review of his ridiculous tirade is in order since Pastor Anderson’s teaching in that blurb is published for the world and since it deals with the institution which Christ loved and gave Himself for. The author offers a cursory analysis in this article, but one can educate himself biblically, historically, and legally on these matters by going to the Separation of Church and State Law blog. Pastor Anderson’s statements, usually in red and parentheses, are followed by the author’s comments.

The author will address some of Anderson’s points in the order or his presentation:

(1) “I don’t go to church because all the churches are 501c3. You didn’t get that from reading the Bible….”

The Bible is a book of many principles. One such principle is separation of church and state. 501c3 churches have at least partially submitted themselves to a head other than the Lord Jesus Christ who desires to be the only head of the local New Testament church. This is explained in much detail in the materials on the above website. For specific information on 501c3 go to the following articles: Federal government control of churches through 501(c)(3) tax exemption and The church incorporation-501(c)(3) control scheme. By the way, all churches are not 501c3.

(2)  “You got that off the internet, off some website…. ”

How does he know where they got it? The author got it from studying the Bible and 501c3 to see if 501c3 displeases our Lord. That is where the author’s pastor got it. The truth about the matter is undeniable by any knowledgeable believer. Of course, one must first understand the Biblical principles of church, government, and separation of church and state before he can fully understand some more advanced matters, but the above articles will easily be comprehended by the believer who has done some study of the Bible. One can study the Biblical principles of church, government, and separation of church and state by going to sections 1-3 (A-C) of the book God Betrayed/Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American Application. The book is available free in both PDF and online form. Or one can order this and other books by Jerald Finney by going to Order information for books by Jerald Finney.

(3) He then swerves into an explanation of the meaning of incorporation.

To understand incorporation, go to Church Corporate-501c3 Status, and especially to the Incorporation of Churches chapter. You will discover that he does not know what he is talking about. He is out of his field of expertise.

He states that the vehicle outside belongs to “the church” and that for the church to own it, the church has to be its own entity.

He is right about that. However, a church can take advantage of the use of a vehicle or the use of a building, for example without owning it. To own anything, a church must become a legal entity, as opposed to a spiritual entity. The Biblical principle is that God desires all His churches to remain spiritual entities only. Study the free materials above to understand this. The book, Separation of Church and State/God’s Churches: Spiritual or Legal Entities, is a short book for a pastor or believer who already has a basic knowledge of Biblical principles. Pastor Anderson does not meet that condition. The book is available in both PDF and online form, or can be ordered (see the link above).

(4)  He then abruptly asks,Who thinks we should get rid of driver’s licenses, … birth certificates, … not carry I.d…“?

That has nothing to do with church incorporation and 501c3. Those things involve the individual, not the church. This author has a driver’s license, birth certificate, and carries an I.D. Anderson, not knowing what he is talking about, resorts to “straw men,” and attacks the straw men. Those who are not studied in these matters may be convinced.

(5)  He says,Running a church legally is really complicated. I spend days….

He is incorrect. His church is run illegally and it takes so much time and effort to run his religious organization that he does not have the time to also pastor a First Amendment (New Testament) church. Maybe that is why he is so ignorant about these matters. He does not have the time to do the studying a pastor is instructed by the Bible to do. He does not have time to be a pastor because his religious organization is a legal entity (not a church or a spiritual entity) and the non-profit corporation law requirements of the sovereign under whose laws that entity was organized (the state)  overwhelm the pastor, the trustees, and the corporate offices in legal red tape. The incorporated religious organization, a legal entity, is illegally organized according to the Highest Law (God’s Law) and man’s law (The First Amendment to the United States Constitution). According to the First Amendment, the civil government may make no law respecting an establishment of religion or preventing the free exercise thereof. Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) is a law which was made by Congress which, when applied to churches, violates the First Amendment which is a statement of the Biblical principle of separation of church and state (not separation of God and state). Even though many religious organizations run down to get their illegal 501c3 status, the First Amendment guarantees churches the freedom to do things God’s way. Again, see the website for more information on this – the following articles give a quick look at the issues: Does God and/or Civil Government Require Churches to Get 501(c)(3) Status, and Christians Who Call Evil Good and Good Evil.

(6)  Then he says,Same thing with my business. Running a business is even worse than running a church…. [It takes me days and weeks to figure out my taxes].

He runs his church like he runs his business! Exactly. Are you getting the picture? Of course, when one runs a church like he runs a business, he is grieving our Lord, according to the Bible. No wonder this man is so utterly ignorant about these matters. Here he is, running his business and running a church according to the same principles. In addition, he leaves absolutely no significant time to study, prepare his sermons, and serve as a pastor.

(7)  “That is the way you have to do it in America to be legal in America, like you have to drive with a driver’s license…. I know a pastor in town … he has no driver’s license, he has no vehicle registration, he never files taxes, his church is totally off the grid, I mean he doesn’t report anything….. He even says to me, ‘Don’t do this’…. His church is much smaller than ours…. All of these people jumping up and screaming, ‘I don’t want to go to any church that’s incorporated,’ … you’d think he’d have 5000 people in his service this morning…. That’s shows me that these people are all just talk. They just have an excuse for not going to church….

There are plenty of non-incorporated non-501c3 churches. Refer to the author’s comments under (4) and (5) above for more relevant information. No more time will be expended to explain the obvious about these ludicrous remarks.

(8)  “There’s all this disinformation and lies out there claiming that any church that’s incorporated is of the devil, and that it’s worshiping Satan, and the head of the IRS actually runs the church….

See Separation of Church and State Law blog, for biblically, historically, and legally reasoned and reliable teaching on these matters. Perhaps Anderson is offering his spurious diatribe as justification for his own presumptuous, willful, or ignorant sin.

(9)  “None of it’s Biblical, none of it came from studying of the word of God, none of it came from the Holy Spirit.

Those assertions are applicable to his arguments.

(10) “There are different levels of going off the grid against government…. [Gets back into straw men arguments as “Driver’s License.”] I render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars.

He renders unto Caesar the things that are God’s when he incorporates a church. The church the author is a member of (Old Paths Baptist Church of Northfield, Minnesota), the pastor (Pastor Jason Cooley), and the members thereof render unto God the things that are His and unto Caesar the things that are Caesars. See Render unto God the Things that Are His/A Systematic Study or Romans 13 and Related Verses, available in both PDF and online form.

(11) “I’m not going to prison…. If anyone goes to prison because of the way offerings are taken and the way the bank account is, I’m the one that’s gonna go to prison. Pastor Anderson, the money that you make pastoring, I don’t think you should pay taxes on that. You need to be off the grid, our church needs to be totally off the grid. I church needs to do everything in cash. I’m the one that’s gonna go to prison and you’re just gonna disappear off into the sunset.

Anderson speaks like a businessman or the CEO or a corporate religious organization. He speaks in secular, not Biblical terms. A religious organization pays its pastor. The members of a First Amendment (New Testament) church provide for the pastor and his family.

The church the author is a member of is a First Amendment (New Testament) church (Old Paths Baptist Church of Northfield, Minnesota) which means it is non-incorporated and non-501c3. The pastor (Pastor Jason Cooley) pays income tax on the money given by the church body to provide for him and his family. Tithes, offerings, and gifts which are administered through a bank account (which is not in the name of the church but which is held in accordance with the law) are given to God, not to a religious organization or a corporation (as is the case with the incorporated and/or 501c3 religious organization), and used for Biblically acceptable purposes. If any pastor or church member commits a crime and is charged and convicted, he will be punished according to the prescriptions of his state (or the federal) penal code. That is true no matter how one’s church is organized. If one commits a tort, he is subject to suit in civil court, no matter how his church is organized. See Separation of Church and State Law and resources thereon for much more on this. See the website to learn who is more subject to liability – the member of the incorporated and/or 501c3 church or the member of a church which is not a legal entity.

(12) “Most churches are 501c3 and to say they’re wicked, you’re wicked.”

His misleading and false arguments and attacks would be funny if the subject matter were not so important. Sadly, many so called “Doctors” who are pastors, presidents of Bible Colleges, etc. are as lacking in substance and reasoning ability as this man as they argue before their “herd” and before the world, thereby not only hurting the cause of Christ as they mislead the members of their corporation while giving the world a good laugh as they are turned off to what they perceive to be a ridiculous religion. If one is going to invoke the ire of the world, why not do it in a manner which honors God – that is, with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom – the way the apostles did it and the way the Lord instructs us to do it in his word.

The author chooses to stop there with the analysis. The reader has access to enough information in the links above to check the matter out for himself. He can also get the same information by studying the Bible, law, and history. “For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 11:2). “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” (Ephesians 5:25-27). The incorporated churches and the 501c3 churches have taken on another lover for worldly approval, help, direction, control, power and financial gain. If a church is both incorporated and 501c3, that church has taken on two other lovers and is doubly the adulteress. These actions grieve our Lord, the Bridegroom, Husband, and Head of the church. Ultimately, these actions result in the death of the adulterous, heretical, and apostate churches.

Letters from pastors regarding Hyles/Schaap and other articles

Jerald Finney
Copyright © September, 2010

Contents of this article:

Note. A “+” represents a supportive letter, a “-” a negative letter

I. Introduction
II. (+) Letter No. 1 (Response to the article
“On Jack Hyles’ Sermon, The Treasure is in a Field”
III. My Reply to Letter No. 1
IV. (+) Letter No. 2 (Response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”)
V. My Reply to Letter No. 2
VI. (-) Letter No. 3 (Response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”
VII. My Reply to Letter No. 3
VIII. Pastor’s Reply to My Reply – Letter No. 3
IX. My Reply to Pastor’s Reply – Letter No. 3
X. (-) Letter No. 4 (Response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”
XI. My Reply to Letter No. 4
XII. (+) Letter No. 5 (Response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”
XIII. My Reply to Letter No. 5
XIV. (-) Letter No. 6 (Response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”
XV. My Reply to Letter No. 6
XVI. (-) Letter No. 7  (Response to the article
“On Jack Hyles’ Sermon, The Treasure is in a Field”
XVII. My Reply to Letter No. 7
XVIII. (+) Letter No. 8 (In appreciation for articles on heresy and apostasy)
XIX. My Reply to Letter No. 8
XX. Letter No. 9 ()
XXI. (+) My Reply to Letter No. 9 (Response to article
“Your conviction to incorporate God’s church or not”
XXII. (+) Letter No. 10 (Response to article
“Your conviction to incorporate God’s church or not”
XXIII. My Reply to Letter No. 10
XXIV. Note with link to the book God Betrayed and other info. on books
XXV. Links to IRS Laws

I. Introduction

This article presents more e-mails from pastors with their comments, concerns, and questions concerning articles on this blog, and my replies to those e-mails. Pastors’ letters commenting upon the last article published on this “Separation of Church and State” blog – Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy – raised concerns on matters such as church autonomy which the author addresses in his replies below.

This is the fourth article on this blog with letters from pastors. The first article was What Pastors Are Saying in Response to this “Separation of Church and State Law” Blog (click link to go to article). The second article was Letters from Pastors in Response to this Separation of Church and State Blog and My Replies. The third article was More Letters from Pastors in Response to this Separation of Church and State Blog and My Replies.

These e-mail letters not only raise important questions which need to be addressed, but also give insights into the thoughts of pastors on issues such as church incorporation and 501(c)(3).

II. Letter No. 1 (Received on August 17, 2010 in response to the article
“On Jack Hyles’ Sermon, The Treasure is in a Field”)

Brother Finney,

I want to thank you for your emails they are a great encouragement to me. You graciously attempted to contact me approximately two years ago after I wrote to you the first time. You left your info for me to call back but I must confess and ask your forgiveness, I failed. Who knows why, I could have been busy, or just tired. I don’t know for sure. To rekindle your memory, I am a son in the ministry to Doc. Dixon. I am a bus kid from the Temple, I was on staff from 85-89. I pastor in Lafayette, Tn. now. I am a preacher that believes the unregistered position is absolutely scriptural. You and I have a few differences but just enough to sharpen each other and not hurt or divide. I again want to tell you thanks for writing and working. One day we will meet. Until then, like the song says, We’ll work til Jesus comes.

Bro ________________, _____________ Baptist Church; [Phone numbers given]

III. My Reply to Letter No. 1 (August 27, 2010)

Dear Pastor ________________,

Thank you so much for your e-mail. It was a great encouragement to me to hear from a dear brother of like mind and understanding of the Word of God. Don’t worry about not getting back with me sooner. I know how it is to not have enough hours in the day to do all I want to do. That is why I am just now getting to your e-mail.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you. Don’t hesitate to call anytime with suggestions (I certainly don’t know it all and appreciate any advice a brother in Christ can offer), questions, encouragement (to me or you), or for any other reason.

For His Glory,
Brother Jerald Finney

IV. Letter No. 2. (Received on September 5, 2010 in response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”)

Mr. Jerald Finney,

I’ve spoken to you on several occasions, I enjoyed each of them . I have one question to ask you. What does it profit the local church or churches when you constantly malign other pastors and churches especially since we believe in the Independence of the local church .As far as my King James bible says that if God can judge the congregation ( and does and will) He also will judge the man of God ( pastor/teacher.) without any of our help. I can tell through your writings that you are  equipped to take many to task , but God has not given that responsibility over to us.  Please continue to keep us informed ,stop lecturing others about church matters and their errors , you’ll be far more helpful .

Sincerely In Christ
Pastor _____________________
____________ Baptist Church

V. My Reply to Letter No. 2 (September 6, 2010)

Dear Pastor _______________,

Thank you for your letter. I  love and appreciate you.

I have answered your objections in my next article [this article] made up of pastor’s comments and my replies which will be published in a couple of days [referring to this article]. I believe that I am biblically correct in publicly confronting the publicly proclaimed issues I present in the article you reference. I believe in local church autonomy, but I also believe in freedom of religion and speech, fighting this spiritual warfare we are involved in as soldiers called by God, and seeking to save souls by proclaiming truth in the face of diabolical lies.  I have not done anything which will prevent First Baptist and Jack Schaap from preaching and teaching whatever they want, but I have warned against false teaching which has been published over the internet as well as to pastors and other believers who go to Jack Schaap and First Baptist for teaching and training. Thus, the false teaching I refer to deceives not only First Baptist, but also multitudes of others who look to this highly regarded pastor and  mega church for guidance. If you read the upcoming [this] article and still maintain your position, please let me know your reasoning. I will certainly retract, repent, and ask forgiveness for any of my positions on which one can prove to me that I am biblically wrong or out of line.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.

For His Glory,
Brother Jerald Finney

VI. Letter No. 3 (Received on August 28, 2010 in response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”)

Take me off your list and do not send me anything else.  I am not a Schaap follower.  I do not go to Pastor’s School, Youth Conference, or Women’s Spectacular, or anything else, but I do not want to participate in the independent Baptist gossip columns.

VII. My Reply to Letter No. 3 (August 28, 2010)

Dear Mr. _____________________,

I love you in the Lord. I thank the Lord that you have not been deceived. I agree with you about participating in independent Baptist gossip columns. I do not wish to participate in them either, nor will I. However, my articles do not fit into that description. If you notice in the New Testament, Paul and other apostles pointed out the heresies and apostasy that had already crept into certain churches. He named names and specific false teachings of those he named. Our Lord and the apostles warned against, stood against, and taught against false teachers and teaching. God’s Word tells us to fight this spiritual warfare in high places (what  higher places on earth than God’s churches?). We are given our weapons and told to stand against the “wiles of the devil;” included therein are heresy and apostasy.

I put forth solid facts that  you can look at for yourself. I always include that if the matters offered are not facts, please let me know and I will recant. I did not gossip about them, but offered them to everyone, to the world, just as the propaganda from Jack Schaap to which I replied was put forth over the internet and through other sources to the world. What I do is in line with God’s instructions to his children whom He has called to be soldiers.

God’s Word explains all one needs to know about heresy and apostasy in order to spot it when he sees or hears it. Many pastors, much less other believers, have not studied the Bible and many biblical principles. As a result, when anyone and especially one who has inherited great prestige and authority, as a pastor of a mega church, begins to spread heresy and/or apostasy so smoothly and convincingly, many other pastors and believers are duped.

When such heresy and/or apostasy are left unchallenged, true New Testament churches begin to disappear at an alarming rate, and far fewer people are saved than would be saved had God’s soldiers done their duty. Sadly, most Christians have deserted their calling to be soldiers in God’s army. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Please send the e-mail address and state so I can promptly honor your request to be removed. I must have the state because I send to thousands of addresses by state and I probably cannot  find your address  without the state. Thank you in advance for your courtesies in this matter.

For His Glory
Brother Jerald Finney

VIII. Pastor’s Reply to My Reply – Letter No. 3

I agree that apostasy must be preached against and exposed, but Paul and others exposed them to the local churches that they personally had or were ministering in at the time.  This is, I believe the extent of the authority given to you or any other preacher – to expose heresy within churches that you have worked directly with or are ministering with at the time.  If every preacher did that, the heresies would be exposed without mass emails and the appearance of disunity among independent Baptist.  Let me say, that I love you in the Lord as well.  I hope your ministry leads to the salvations of many and the strengthening of many Christians.

My email is ___________________ and I live in the state of ____________________.

IX. My Reply to Pastor’s Reply – Letter No. 3

Dear Pastor _______________,

Thank you for your considerate and Christian manner of response. Let me say that if I believed you to be correct in your analysis, I would recant immediately.

I believe your reasoning is incorrect for several reasons including the following:

1) Paul sent his inspired letters to particular churches. However, they were for the benefit of all churches and believers, then and now. Those writings are for sale to anyone who desires to have them. Everyone in America may possess those writings which are the inspired Word of God. Those writings contain principles for all believers and churches. Every true church and believer (of course, only God knows for sure which churches have not gone past the line and are not really churches) should have His Word, and go by the principles therein.
2) God instructs Christians to expose and stand against the wiles of the devil which include heresy and apostasy.  The basis of our understanding is to be God’s Word. I try to maintain e-mail lists that consist of churches that  claim to be “fundamental” and “Bible-believing.” Most of them are on other online lists and make the claim that they are “fundamental” and “Bible-believing.” Thus, they claim to be the type churches that God was writing to in the Bible. I point out facts. Those facts need no explanation to a knowledgeable and wise child of God as to the  biblical principles, heresies, and or apostasy involved. Sometimes I apply biblical principle(s) to those facts in order to expose heresy and/or apostasy since many believers are still on milk.
3) A church and pastor who begins to teach and train other churches and pastors especially opens itself up to biblical challenge, since the influence of that church and pastor extends far beyond that particular church body. When one of the largest fundamental Baptist churches, or the largest and most influential fundamental Baptist church, in America preaches and teaches, thousands of other churches, believers, and lost people are influenced, and the eternal fate of countless numbers of souls are affected. When such a church preaches or teaches heresy and/or apostasy to untold thousands of other believers and that teaching is available for all the world – including myself – to see, I as a believer have a biblical mandate and a God-ordained calling to stand up and be counted in this great warfare which God has chosen all believers to be involved in (See 2 Ti. 2.1-4).

I did not plan to write the article you take issue with. The Lord laid on my heart the theme of the article and then – thorough sermons I heard, unsolicited input from friends [including a good pastor friend] who knew nothing about the article God had laid on my heart, and Bible study – brought information which I had never heard before and insights thereto which He wanted me to have concerning heresy and apostasy, Dr. Jack Hyles, and Jack Schaap and which He wanted in the article. I believe He did this in order to bring to pastors’ attention biblical teaching on the subject of heresy and apostasy and the heresy and apostasy in God’s churches. I will continue with two more articles on the subject. Hopefully, some will wake up and understand the dire state of many “Bible-believing” churches in America.

In my articles, audio teachings, and books I apply biblical principles to earthly facts. If I point out heresy or apostasy, I am merely standing against the “wiles of the devil” which have invaded the highest places (“spiritual wickedness in high places”). I am attacking heresy and/or apostasy – if it comes from a Baptist church or preacher, so be it. I make clear that I am always open to Bible based reasoning and challenges. If anyone can show me that the facts I present are not accurate and/or that I am heretical in any manner, I will recant, repent, ask forgiveness, and modify my facts and/or conclusions so that they are in line with reality and/or biblical truth.

To explain this matter completely would take volumes. See my books, audio teachings, and articles.

Thank you again. Always feel free to present your point of view to me. Unlike your most Christian approach to expressing your differences with me, some attacks and/or challenges against me and my teachings are baseless, and without any type of reasoning – secular or biblical.

As you requested, your e-mail address,  _________________,  has been REMOVED from my _____________ list.

For His Glory,
Brother Jerald Finney

X. Letter No. 4 (Received on September 4, 2010 in response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”)

Why should I care about anything another pastor does. Being a pastor that believes that Bible Believing Baptist Churches are autonomous means I believe that if there is a problem at First Baptist of Hammond, Indiana, it is to be taken care of in that Church and that Church alone. Independent Baptist Churches are not part of a convention. Therefore, you have no say in the affairs of that Church, unless you are a member of it.

Please take me off of your email list. Thank you very much.

Pastor _______________________

XI. My Reply to Letter No. 4

Dear Pastor ______________________,

In love, I offer this reply. Every individual, family, church, and civil government has free will and is autonomous. However, that does not mean that when an individual, family, church, or civil government publicly teaches heresy and/or apostasy that no one should exercise his free will and point out the errors being published. Untold numbers of souls are being lost because most pastors and believers do not understand that Christians are called by God to stand against the “wiles of the devil,” including heresy and apostasy.

God’s Word warns against false teaching. If a son of God does not see a warning or principle in the Bible, God will bring a Nathan, an Ananias, a Phebe, a Paul (as to Peter – see Ga. 2) to see if he will listen. Peter got hold of Mark, and it was several years before the Apostle Paul got hold of him. Mark got right with God and when he did, God used him. (2 Ti. 4.11). Sadly, despite the warnings, many Christians and churches, as did Israel, “turn back and tempt God, and limit the Holy One of Israel” (See Ps. 78.31). The hope is that when God issues a clear warning, some will listen.

A great man of God told me that although he and many of the pastors he knows have practiced biblical covenant marriage in their ministries, they have not completely understood the issue of covenant (biblical covenant includes God as a party) versus state contract marriage. He commented that I explained the matter in God Betrayed. I am a Bible believing lawyer whose standard for all matters is the Word of God. Once I researched the law on the marriage of man and woman and the law on church (the church being the wife of Christ) incorporation and 501(c)(3) and applied biblical principles to those matters, I saw some things which a pastor cannot see since he is not trained in the law and has not researched legal history. I was sent to help those pastors who do not think they know it all and will listen concerning certain matters for which the Lord has given me special insights.

Your letter (without identification) will appear in an upcoming article along with letters from other pastors and my responses. By reading my articles, those letters, and my responses, one can learn why God desires His children to stand against heresy and apostasy.

Please send your state and e-mail address(es) you wish to be removed, and I will promptly honor your request. Since I send to thousands of addresses by state, I must have the state as well as the e-mail address in order to remove an address.

For His Glory,
Jerald Finney

XII. Letter No. 5 (September 1, 2010 in response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”)

While I am not disputing your article, I am wondering why you think it necessary to attack a man who pastors a different church than the one you are a member of?  While I certainly do not agree with Jack, I am not going to attempt to raise my stature by putting my foot on his head.  He is the pastor of an independent Baptist church, duly called by its members, and not under our headship or our control.  Have we run out of Catholics, Adventists, Mormons and other cults that we must now shoot our own soldiers?  I am not trying to attack you or the good work you are doing, but Jack, no matter what his faults may be, is “another man’s servant.”

XIII. My Reply to Letter No. 5 (September 2, 2010)

Dear Sir,

The Lord called me into this ministry. I am not a pastor, but I am a soldier in the army of God who will go wherever He directs me. Jack Schaap does not restrict himself and his teachings to his church. He and his teaching are all over the internet. He trains many pastors from other churches. In other words, he is trying to convert others outside his church to his way of thinking. Therefore, it is my duty as a soldier in God’s army to confront his false teaching.

Our Lord instructed us to stand against the wiles of the devil by putting on the “whole armour of God” (See Ep. 6.1018; study those verses in context of the Word of God to understand more about this matter). He warned us against false teachers. The Lord himself, while on earth and then through Paul, Peter, John, Jude, and other believers then and since confronted false theologies and teachers that had already crept into the churches. Our Lord’s principles and their application did not end with the apostles and the first church members. We are to continue the spiritual warfare that our Lord began and the apostles and true and knowledgeable believers then and since have engaged in.

The article you comment on goes a long way to answering your question. Perhaps you should read the article and my other articles which deal with heresy and apostasy again. I will be answering your arguments in a future article which will deal with Pastor’s comments and my replies [this article]. It appears that many men of God have never considered what the Word of God has to say about false teachers, heresy, apostasy, and our duties – under God and the guidelines in His Word – as soldiers, called by Him, to fight spiritual warfare “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Spiritual wickedness is found not only within the cults. It has proliferated within our “fundamental” churches like a wildfire. God called me to operate on this front in 2005. I know of others who are called to other fronts to fight against certain cults and religions. I cannot do everything, but I can do what God called me to do. I also faithfully attend a fundamental Bible-believing Baptist church, through which I give my tithes and  offerings, do street preaching, door to door evangelism, etc.

I will write no more here. To fully answer your question would require days. Read my articles on heresy and apostasy (Two more will soon be published). Hopefully you will grow to understand that fighting a limited spiritual warfare is not God’s desire for His army. He wants his children and soldiers to advance on all fronts, as I pointed out in the article. Because Christians have not proceeded with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as individuals, families, churches, and within the nation, individuals, families, churches, and American civil government are now experiencing the tragic consequences, true churches are dying, and far fewer people, as a percentage, are being saved.

For His Glory,
Brother Jerald Finney

XIV. Letter No. 6 (Received on August 28, 2010 in response to the article
“Jack Schaap, First Baptist of Hammond, Heresy and Apostasy”)

Thank you for being the police of fundamentalism.  if you dont like Schaap Dont go to Pastors School. If you are a member of FBC hammond then complain. But dont send me your junk mail, Please


XV. My Reply to Letter No. 6

 [I copied and pasted another of my responses and e-mailed it to this person. and asked him to send his state and the e-mail address(es) he wanted removed so that I could promptly honor his request.]

Jerald Finney

XVI. Letter No. 7 (Received on August 14, 2010 in response to the article
“On Jack Hyles’ Sermon, The Treasure is in a Field”)

The man has been dead for eight years. Why in the world would you dredge this up. I have read you commentary on it and quite frankly would think you have better things to do with your time  than this. Whether you are right or wrong, that’s not the issue. The issue is the last word has to end with you seeing that Brother Hyles has no way of defending his point either way since he has been dead for eight years. Forward. No. Take me off your email list. Yes. Thank you.

Pastor __________________, Hyles Anderson College, class of __________.

PS Learn your grammar it would be Hyles’s not Hyles’. The apostrophe would be used like that primarily with Biblical figures as in Moses’ and Jesus’ not with names now. “Although names ending in s or an s sound are not required to have the second s added in possessive form, it is preferred.” I know it is not required but preferred.

XVII. My Reply to Letter No. 7

Dear Mr. _________________,

Thank you for your e-mail response and for the grammar lesson. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I reread the article and, after many reviews, still do not see that I was attacking Dr. Hyles. In fact, I praised him and said some very complimentary things about him. What I was doing was to take issue with a very important matter brought up in Dr. Hyles’ referenced sermon. Dr. Hyles published the sermon for the world to read. He was wrong, according to the Bible, about a very important matter.

You did not say that I was wrong about what he said in his sermon. My main point was that he was wrong as to the “main cause for divorce in our country, and the main cause for church splits and church troubles in your country.” I then went on to give the real main cause for those problems.

My articles and other teachings address a preeminent issue in the spiritual warfare which is going on in our churches, an issue that is near and dear to the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ. In His Word, He gives us the reasons for the problems Dr. Hyles mentioned. Our Bible believing churches are going under at an alarming rate, more and more Christians are remaining carnal spiritual babies, marriages are being  broken, the godly family is disappearing, etc. because Churches and Christians simply are not standing on the truths of God’s Word. I address those problems, as led by my Lord and Savior, in my teachings.

I have the right to criticize the sermon because it was preached by an evangelist in the church I attend and is also published on the internet. I believe that any believer has a right to confront heresy which is presented to him and the entire Christian community in churches all over the nation and over the internet.

I can think of nothing more important or compelling to do.

I will promptly remove you from my list if you will send me your state. I cannot remove you without the state because I send to thousands of addresses, by state. However, I ask you to reconsider since my next article will be a follow-up on this article.

For His Glory,
Jerald Finney, born again believer, BBA, JD

XVIII. Letter No. 8 (Received on June 1, 2010 in appreciation for articles on heresy and apostasy)

I appreciate your series of articles, especially this one [this was three months before the articles on heresy and apostasy].  I don’t know enough to proclaim your teachings “right” or “wrong”, but they make sense.  My undergrad degree is in Accounting, so I’m not a total neophyte.

We’re a young church and meet in a rented building now, but may need to cross the bridge of getting a permanent building soon, so these are timely articles.

____________________ (____________@uno.com)

XIX. My Reply to Letter No. 8 (June 1, 2010)

Dear Pastor ___________________,

Thanks for your comment. Feel free to contact me should you have any insights, recommendations, questions, etc. I never charge for anything I do in this ministry.

For His Glory,
Brother Jerald Finney

XX. Letter No. 9 (Received on May 22, 2010 in response to article
“Your conviction to incorporate God’s church or not”)

Bro Finney,

I need to know how to organize our church the way you are recommending.  What is required?  How do we get started?  We are going to be needing church property and I don’t want to wait until the last minute.   As you have time please advise.


Name: ____________________ Baptist Church
Address: ________________________________
Status: We were organized 501c3 in 2000 but administratively dissolved in 2001 for failure to file
Membership: _____ Adults
Attendance: 65-70 currently
Property: We own _________________
I would be glad to provide any other information.

Servant to the King of kings,
Pastor, __________________ Baptist Church

XXI. My Reply to Letter No. 9 (May 22, 2010)

Dear Pastor _______________,

It is a great blessing to hear of another church who is prospering spiritually and desires to do things in a manner which honors our Lord.

I would be glad to discuss this matter with you. I charge nothing and receive nothing for my help in these matters.

One should  not attempt to do these things himself. The whole system used is totally legal and is in place in many churches who are now operating as New Testament  churches under the Lord Jesus Christ only.

I just tried to call you, but got no answer.  I have a trial set for Monday, so it would be better to talk with you later next week. I tried to call the number you gave, but got no answer. If you had answered, I was going to suggest that we talk about this late next week when my trial will be over. I will answer any questions or concerns you may have when we talk.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you and _____________________ Baptist Church.

For His Glory,
Brother Jerald Finney

XXII. Letter No. 10 (Received on May 18, 2009 in response to article
“Your conviction to incorporate God’s church or not”)

Bro. Finney,

Appreciate the articles I’ve been rec’ing. Wonder if you could check out this web site and the church and a special symposium day on law. The site is glbbc.org and the organization is Rochester Law. What do you think about this? Sounds  a little fishy.


XXIII. My Reply to Letter No. 10 (May 18, 2010)

Dear Pastor _____________________,

Thanks for your e-mail. It was a great encouragement to me. I checked out the site and tried to go to the details by clicking “Click Her for More Details” on the June 19 Law Symposium. I got no response to that click. I can only hope that the symposium is not the same old legal disinformation that thousands of churches continue to propogate.

Thanks again. If you find out more about it, please let me know.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you!

For His Glory,
Bro. Jerald Finney

XXIV. Note

God Betrayed/Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American Application (Link to preview of God Betrayed): may be ordered from Amazon by clicking the following link: God Betrayed on Amazon.com or from Barnes and Nobel by clicking the following link: God Betrayed on Barnes and Noble. All books by Jerald Finney as well as many of the books he has referenced and read may also be ordered by left clicking “Books” (on the “Church and State Law” website) or directly from Amazon by going to the following links: (1) Render Unto God the Things that Are His: A Systematic Study of Romans 13 and Related Verses (Kindle only); (2) The Most Important Thing: Loving God and/or Winning Souls (Kindle only); (3) Separation of Church and State/God’s Churches: Spiritual or Legal Entities? (Link to preview of Separation of Church and State/God’s Churches: Spiritual or Legal Entities?) which can also be ordered by clicking the following Barnes and Noble link: Separation of Church and State on Barnes and Noble.

XXV. Links to Internal Revenue Code Laws

You can read portions of the following Internal Revenue Code laws which pertain to churches and pastors by going to the following site: “Laws Protecting New Testament Churches in the United States: Read Them for Yourself”; or you may read an entire law online by clicking the following links:

1. § 501(c)(3). Exemption from tax on corporations, certain trusts, etc.
2. § 508. Special rules with respect to section 501(c)(3) organizations
3. § 7611. Restrictions on church tax inquiries and examinations
4. § 1402. [Dealing with taxes on income of pastors]
5. § 107. Rental value of parsonages
6. § 102. Gifts and inheritances (Tithes and offerings are gifts and, therefore, according to the Internal Revenue Code § 102, not income)
§ 2503. Taxable gifts
8. § 170. Charitable, etc., contributions and gifts

XV. Note

The Biblical Law Center helps churches to organize as New Testament churches completely out from under civil government and under God only. See churchandstatelaw.com for contact information for Jerald Finney, counsel for the Biblical Law Center. This is a ministry, not a business enterprise. Jerald Finney has made no profit at all in this endeavor of Christian love, but rather has expended much of his own money for God’s glory, in attempting to provide information and service for God’s churches.

All conclusions in this article are opinions of the author. Please do not attempt to act in the legal system if you are not a lawyer, even if you are a born-again Christian. Many questions and finer points of the law and the interpretation of the law cannot be properly understood by a simple facial reading of a civil law. For a born-again Christian to understand American law, litigation, and the legal system as well as spiritual matters within the legal system requires years of study and practice of law as well as years of study of Biblical principles, including study of the Biblical doctrines of government, church, and separation of church and state. You can always find a lawyer or Christian who will agree with the position that an American church should become incorporated and get 501(c)(3) status. Jerald Finney will discuss the matter, as time avails, with any such person, with confidence that his position is supported by God’s Word, history, and law. He is always willing, free of charge and with love, to support his belief that for a church to submit herself to civil government in any manner grieves our Lord and ultimately results in undesirable consequences. He does not have unlimited time to talk to individuals. However, he will teach or debate groups, and will point individuals to resources which fully explain his positions.

About Jerald Finney: The author is a Christian first and a lawyer second. He has no motive to mislead you. In fact, his motivation is to tell you the truth about this matter, and he guards himself against temptation on this and other issues by doing all he does at no charge. He does not seek riches. His motivation is his love for God first and for others second. His goal is the Glory of God. Jerald Finney has been saved since 1982. God called him to go to law school for His Glory. In obedience, Finney entered the University of Texas School of Law in 1990, was licensed and began to practice law, for the Glory of God, in November of 1993.  To learn more about the author click the following link: About Jerald Finney.


Union of Church and State in America: Incorporation and 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption of Churches

Jerald Finney
© October, 2009

Persecuted Christians down through the last two thousand years, including untold millions in the world today, have understood the biblical principles of separation of church and state and have refused, even under the penalty of torutre, imprisonment, and/or death to submit the church and spiritual matters to the ungodly – to the state-religion combination or to civil government.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution as well as state constitutional provisions and laws allow churches in America to operate totally free from civil government without persecution. Nonetheless, American churches line up to incorporate, become unincorporated associations, corporations sole, charitable trusts and get their 501(c)(3) tax exemptions, thereby violating the biblical principle of separation of church and state. When they do that, they grieve our Lord who is the Bridegroom, Husband, and Head of His churches.

To play, just click the link. To download, right click link and then left click “Save link as.”

1. Introduction to Section VI of God Betrayed  (Song and prayer is 4 min. 34 sec. Total is 6 min. 13 sec.)

2. Spiritual versus legal entities  (7 min. 22 sec.)(This may also be assessed in a more thorough written form by clicking the following link: Chapter 2 of Separation of Church and State/God’s Churches: Spiritual or Legal Entities?)

3. Incorporation of churches (Section VI, Chapter 2 of God Betrayed; 30 min. 7 sec.)

4. Federal government control of churches through 501(c)(3) tax exemption (Section VI, Chapter 4 of God Betrayed; 19 min. 46 sec.)

5. The incorporation-501(c)(3) control scheme The incorporation-501(c)(3) control scheme (Section VI, Chapter 5 of God Betrayed; 3 min. 37 sec.)

6. Spurious rationale for incorporating: limited liability Spurious rationale for incorporating: limited liability (Section VI, Chapter 6 of God Betrayed; 13 min. 58 sec.)

7. Spurious rationale for incorporating: to hold property Spurious rationale for incorporating: to hold property (Section VI, Chapter 7 of God Betrayed; 42 min. 10 sec.)

8. Spurious rationale for corporate-501(c)(3) status: tax exemption and tax deduction for contributions (Section VI, Chapter 8 of God Betrayed; 17 min. 52 sec.)

9. Conclusion to Section VI of God Betrayed Conclusion to Section VI of God Betrayed (Section VI, Chapter 10 of God Betrayed; 6 min. 42 sec.)

Note. All the chapters of Section VI of God Betrayed are not included above. All the chapters of Section VI in written form, plus more, follow:

  1. Preface to “God Betrayed: Union of Church and State in America”
  2. Introduction to Separation of Church and State: God’s Churches: Spiritual or Legal Entities? (Chapter 1 of Separation of Church and State: God’s Churches: Spiritual or Legal Entities. This introduction is more suitable for one who has not read God Betrayed.
  3. Introduction to Chapter 1, Section VI of God Betrayed: Separation of Church and State/The Biblical Principles and the American Application. This introduction is far one who has read the first 5 sections of God Betrayed.
  4. Spiritual versus legal entities (Chapter 2 of Separation of Church and State.This is a summary of important information for one who has not read God Betrayed.).
  5. Incorporation of Churches (Section VI, Chapter 2 of God Betrayed; Chapter 3 of Separation of Church and State)
  6. Incorporation of churches in the colonies and the new nation (Section VI, Chapter 3 of God Betrayed; Not included in Separation of Church and State)
  7. Federal government control of churches through 501(c)(3) tax exemption (Section VI, Chapter 4 of God Betrayed; Chapter 4 of Separation of Church and State)
  8. The church incorporation-501(c)(3) control scheme (Section VI, Chapter 5 of God Betrayed; Chapter 5 of Separation of Church and State)
  9. Spurious rationale for church incorporation: limited liability/incorporation increases liability of church members (Section VI, Chapter 6 of God Betrayed; Chapter 6 of Separation of Church and State)
  10. Spurious rationale for church incorporation: to hold property (Section VI, Chapter 7 of God Betrayed; Chapter 7 of Separation of Church and State)
  11. Spurious rationale for church corporate-501(c)(3) status: tax exemption and tax deductions for contributions OR Tax reasons given for church corporate 501(c)(3) status: a biblical and legal analysis (Section VI, Chapter 8 of God Betrayed; Chapter 8 of Separation of Church and State)
  12. Spurious rationale for church corporate-501(c)(3) status: one’s convictions (Not included in God Betrayed or Separation of Church and State)
  13. Spurious rationale for church corporate-501(c)(3) status: winning souls is more important than loving God/The Most Important Thing: Loving God and/or Winning Souls (Not included in either God Betrayed or Separation of Church and State)
  14. The results of ignoring the biblical principle of separation of church and state (Section VI, Chapter 9 of God Betrayed; Chapter 3 of Separation of Church and State; Not included in Separation of Church and State)
  15. Conclusion to Separation of Church and State
  16. Conclusion to Section VI, Chapter 10 of God Betrayed: Separation of Church and State/The Biblical Principles and the American Application


For His Glory,
Jerald Finney
Christian and practicing attorney