II. John Calvin’s Beliefs about the Relationship of Church and State, His Influence in the Colonies upon the Issue and the Impact in America; John Knox’s Beliefs on the Subject

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John Calvin had the greatest influence of any continental reformer on the relationship of church and state in the American colonies.[1] The founders of the Massachusetts Bay Company modeled the Massachusetts church-state after the church-state constructed by Calvin.

Calvin taught a perversion of Biblical predestination; he taught that God predestined men to heaven or hell effectively denying choice, at least for the lost person. The Bible teaches that God “predestinated” those who choose to repent toward God and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ “to be conformed to the image of his son” (See Romans 8.29-30 in the context of Romans 1-8 and in context of the entire Bible). Calvin further taught that the Prince (as well as the religious leader), to whom God grants his power and who is responsible directly to God, is God’s leader on earth, and men had a duty to absolutely honor and obey him. Those who rebel against the ruler rebels against God, even if the ruler rules contrary to the Word of God.

The state, according to Calvin, must enforce God’s spiritual and moral laws. That is, the state is responsible for enforcing all of the commandments, including the first four. Therefore, the state must suppress, for example, “idolatry, blasphemy, and other scandals to religion.” Church and state must work together although the church is “competent to declare what is the godly life.” Calvin believed that “there is but one possible correct interpretation of the Word of God, and it is the only interpretation possible for an honest man of sound intelligence to reach.”[2]

At the same time, “we should obey God rather than men;” when the law of the ruler contradicts the law of God, according to Calvin, man should obey God, but only passively. The Calvinistic ideal, the superiority of an aristocratic republic form of civil government, led naturally to election of both pastors and civil rulers and was implemented in the Mayflower Compact the night before the Pilgrims first came onto shore in America. Subsequent leaders of Calvinistic thought “added the right of rebellion against the wicked Prince to their spiritual arsenal. The United States of America was born when that right was exercised, and none exercised it with greater enthusiasm that the Calvinists of Boston.”[3]

One inheritor of Calvinism, John Knox, most forcefully added:

“the one conviction at which the legalistic mind of Calvin quailed…. If the Prince does not perform [his God given duty] said Knox, the people have the duty to put him to the sword of vengeance. In Calvinism the Church is the State, but in Knox far more than in Calvin the State and the Church both are the People. In neither man is there the faintest glimmer that even suggests to the backward-looking eye the distant dawn of tolerance. But in Knox the sword of the Almighty’s vengeance in the hands of an outraged People is the first strange symbol of what some day will be democracy.”[4]

Thankfully, Calvin’s theology did not prevail in America. Due to the stand of the Baptists against the colonial church state establishments, the atmosphere in the colonies gradually changed until by the adoption of the First Amendment in 1791 most states and the new federal government rejected forced establishment. In 1833, Massachusetts became the last state to reject state mandated union of church and state.


[1] For more information on the colonial and comtemporary impact of Calvinism in America see The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus.

[2]John Callender, The Civil and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode-Island (Providence: Knowles, Vose & Company, 1838), pp. 21-28; see also, Verduin, Anatomy of a Hybrid, pp. 198-211 for insight into Calvin’s church-state theology.

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I. Introduction: From the Storm Resulting from the Reformation Emerged Separation of Church and State

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Being the continuation of the religious upheaval in Europe, the early history of New England was one of religious turmoil:

  • “It is acknowledged, on all hands, the first settlements of New-England were a consequence of the disputes which attended the Reformation in England; and therefore we must observe, that during this time, viz. 1517, learning having revived all over Europe, the Reformation was begun by Luther, and others in Germany, and carried on in several parts of Christendom, particularly in England, where, after a long struggle, it was finally established, by act of Parliament, under Queen Elizabeth, who began to reign November 17, 15
  • “As the whole Christian religion had been corrupted and disfigured by the inventions and impositions of Popery … it could not but be expected that many, who were justly and equally offended, at the horrid corruptions of Popery, should yet be unable entirely to agree in their sentiments, of what things were to be reformed, or how far they should carry the Reformation at the first.”[1]

The theological turmoil that resulted from the Reformation continued in the new world, and out of that storm emerged a separation of church and state that had never before existed in any nation in the history of the world.


[1] John Callender, The Civil and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode-Island (Providence: Knowles, Vose & Company, 1838), pp. 60-61.

The Pilgrims and the Puritans in New England

I. Introduction: From the Storm Resulting from the Reformation Emerged Separation of Church and State
II. John Calvin’s Beliefs about the Relationship of Church and State, His Influence in the Colonies upon the Issue and the Impact in America; John Knox’s Beliefs on the Subject
III. Old World Patterns of Church-State Union Were Transplanted to the Colonies through the Puritans, Episcopalians, and Others
IV. The Story of the Pilgrims Who Arrived in America in 1620, the Mayflower Compact
V. The Theology and Goals of the Puritans Up to Their Arrival in America in 1629
VI. The Theology and Goals of the Puritans in America
VII. The Results of Puritan Theology in Massachusetts Soon Came to Fruition
VIII. Organizing the Church State “Theocracy” in Massachusetts Colony
IX. Punishing Every Sin and Persecuting “Heretics”
Appendix to “Punishing Every Sin and Persecuting ‘Heretics'”: Continuing Legislation, Persecutions of “Heretics,” Baptist Churches in Boston, and Other Matters
X. The atmosphere in Massachusetts begins to shift toward toleration and even freedom of tolerance; the second Massachusetts charter which provided for freedom of conscience to all Christians except Papists was secured in 1691; nonetheless, only in Boston was freedom of conscience honored; forced establishment remained in Massachusetts until 1733

The Light Begins to Shine

A Publication of Churches Under Christ Ministry

Jerald Finney
Copyright © February 23, 2018

Many forces came together to bring lignt and religious freedom to America. The Protestant Reformation was one step in that direction, even though the resulting Protestant denominations took from the Catholic church the idea of the church-state—the church controls the state. The colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire established a church-state. England established a state-church—the state controls the church—and several of the early colonies in the South established a state-church.

With the Reformation, new light was beginning to shine over the English speaking world. The printing press made it possible to print and distribute the Bible in large quantities to the general public. The Bible became available in English and all could compare what they were told with the Word of God. Of course, this would result in some heresies, but no heresy could be more contrary to the Word of God and more destructive to eternal life, temporal human life, and the glory of God than the heresies of the Catholic church. Alongside new heresies would continue the light of truth—which had before been attacked mercilessly by the establishment which had attempted to brutally stamp out those who preached and practiced it—about matters such as salvation, baptism, and the relationship of church and state. In the colonies men were beginning to study the Bible and to debate issues. Those debates were published and disseminated and the light of truth further extended.[1]

While the debate was going on in the colonies, dissenters were persecuted. These persecutions gradually began to soften even members of the established churches, as people began to realize that persecution did not stand up to the test of Bible truth. The Baptists were by far the most active of all the colonial dissidents in their unceasing struggle for religious freedom and separation.

Unlike those areas of the New World settled by Catholics where only Catholics could immigrate and hold offices, and where the official religion was maintained by the government, “the English statesmen opened the gates of their American colonies to every kind of religious faith that could be found in Europe.” Additionally, unlike church-state relationships in Spain and France where no significant change occurred, England experienced changes of religion, which ranged from Catholicism (which was a minute minority) to Puritanism during the colonization of America. As a result, only in Catholic Mexico and Catholic Quebec was uniformity of religion achieved.[2]

“The individualism of the American colonist, which manifested itself in the great number of sects, also resulted in much unaffiliated religion. It is probably true that religion was widespread but was mostly a personal, noninstitutional matter.”[3]  This contributed to the growing movement toward religious liberty since “[p]ersons not themselves connected with any church were not likely to persecute others for similar independence.”[4]

The tradition which the Puritans of England and later of New England inherited was that of Geneva, where the church absorbed the state and the church-state originated.[5] New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut had church-state establishments—the church used the state to enforce the Ten Commandments and dissenters were persecuted.

The Anglo-Catholicism of England[6] was later transferred to the southern colonies.[7] Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia had state-church establishments—the state was over the church.

“The Calvinists who governed New England and oppressed Anglicans were themselves persecuted in Virginia, and forced to pay taxes to support the hated Anglican establishment from which they fled.”[8] “[T]he Reformed Church was the state-church in New Amsterdam; the Quakers dominated Pennsylvania, … and, for a short time, the Catholics Maryland.”[9]  In New England—Massachusetts, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Hampshire—Congregationalism was the established church. In Virginia and North and South Carolina, the Church of England was established. New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Georgia experienced changes in church-state establishments. “In … Pennsylvania and Delaware, no single church ever attained the status of monopolistic establishment.”[10]

“From Maryland south to Georgia there were recurring periods of persecution and repression.”[11] In Maryland, the Calverts tolerated the Puritan settlers who later suppressed Catholicism. Anglicanism was established in 1689 after conflict in charters granted the second Lord Baltimore and William Penn.[12]

The Anglican Church was established in North and South Carolina much as in Virginia. However, dissenters were allowed to immigrate into those states due to the need for settlers. From 1700 on the major political conflict in South Carolina was shaped up around the conflict of the establishment and the dissenters, with the latter growing in the back country and a pronounced shift to Anglicanism on the coast. In 1704 a bill was jammed through to exclude all dissenters from the legislature. In 1706 the Church Act was passed, with dissenters excluded from voting; the land was divided into parishes…. Anglican clergy were frequently immoral and guilty of gross neglect of their people. In 1722 nearly one fourth of the taxes went to the established church. With independence in South Carolina came disestablishment.[13]

Emigrants from the persecuted Baptist church in Boston came to Charleston, South Carolina in 1683. The second Baptist church in South Carolina was Ashley River founded in 1736.  By 1755, there were four Baptist churches in South Carolina and the second Baptist Association in America, the Charleston Association, was founded in 1751.[14]  The General Baptists established several churches in North Carolina between 1727 and 1755. All but three of those churches converted to Particular Baptist churches in 1755 or 1756. By 1755, there were only twelve Baptist churches in North Carolina.[15]  However, as will be seen, this was about to change with the arrival of some Baptists from Connecticut.

New York colonial history was unique in some ways. Until 1664, the Dutch reformed church was established and supported by the state. Imprisonment was required for those who failed to contribute to the support of the church minister. All children were required to be baptized by a Reformed minister in the Reformed Church. Only the Reformed, the English Presbyterians, and the Congregationalists could build church buildings. Lutherans were imprisoned for holding services and Baptists were subject to arrest, fine, whipping, and banishment for so doing.

In 1664, New Amsterdam surrendered to the English, and New York extended its jurisdiction over all sects. The Protestant religion, and not one church, was established as the state religion. The head of the state was head over every Protestant church. All Protestant churches were established. Only four counties conferred preferential status upon the Church of England after attempts to confer such status throughout the state were unsuccessful.[16]

“In New Jersey agitation by Episcopal clergy for the legal establishment of the Church of England failed to attain even the partial success achieved in New York.”[17]

“In Georgia, the original charter of 1732, which guaranteed liberty of conscience to all persons ‘except Papists,’ was voided in 1752, and the Church of England was formally established.”[18] Nonetheless, Georgia had a history of public hostility toward dissenters even before the church-state establishment. Jews and Moravians were persecuted to the extent that nearly all of these peoples fled that state in 1740 or retreated to their own enclaves. “In 1754, the colony reverted to the status of a royal province and several efforts were made to enforce the Anglican establishment.”[19] There were no Baptist churches in Georgia in 1755.[20]  In 1758 the law of Anglican Establishment was passed. By 1786 there were not over five hundred active Christians in Georgia: “there were three Episcopal parishes without rectors and three Lutheran churches, three Presbyterian churches, three Baptist churches—all small and struggling.”[21]  The Constitution of 1798 provided for complete religious freedom including Catholicism.

Maryland, established in 1631 and settled by both Catholics and Protestants, practiced a degree of toleration. Catholics attempted to procure the preferred position possessed in European countries with Catholic establishments, but they were unsuccessful since they were never in the majority. Although the Maryland Act of Toleration of 1649 has been lauded as “the first decree granting complete religious liberty to emanate from an assembly,” “even a superficial examination of the law shows quite clearly that it is far from a grant of ‘complete religious liberty.’” The first three of the four main provisions of the act “were denials rather than grants of religious liberty; only the last four dealt with toleration.” The first imposed death for infractions such as blasphemy, denying Jesus Christ to be the son of God, using or uttering any reproachful speeches, words or language concerning the Holy Trinity,” etc. The second imposed fines, whipping, and imprisonment on any who called another any one of certain names. The third imposed fines or imprisonment for profaning the Lord’s day. By 1688, the Anglicans had the upper hand and the Church of England was established in Maryland.[22]

Pennsylvania, like Maryland was colonized partly as business venture and partly as a “holy experiment.” The proprietor of the colony, William Penn, joined the Quakers while a student at Oxford. Penn opposed coercion in matters of conscience and provided for it in the fundamentals of the government of Pennsylvania. “Nevertheless, profanity was penalized, and Sunday observance for church, scripture reading, and rest was required. Political privileges were limited to Christians, and complete freedom of worship, at least at the beginning, was not allowed Catholics or Jews. As in Calvert’s Maryland, Penn’s motivation was at least partly his desire to reap substantial profits and this required attracting large numbers of settlers.[23]

King James made New Hampshire a royal colony in 1679. Liberty of conscience was allowed to all Protestants, but the Church of England was “particularly countenanced and encouraged.” Each town in New Hampshire determined the church to be supported with its tax revenues. Dissenters, with submission of a certificate proving regular attendance and financial support of a dissenting church, were exempted from the tax.  However, the assembly was slow to accord financial recognition to dissenting sects.[24]

The stand of the dissenters, especially the Baptists, in the face of persecutions in the colonies gradually turned public opinion against persecution and toward religious freedom. Bible believing Baptists who stood in word and deed against colonial establishments eventually prevailed. Baptists proved to be loyal to the nation in the American Revolution was another factor which tipped the scale toward those freedoms protected by the First Amendment.


[1] God assures man, in His Word, that one can find truth. “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (Jn. 8.31-32). “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” Believers are told to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Ti. 2.15). Catholicism would have one believe that only the clergy has the God-given ability to understand Scripture—such a belief assures the power of the clergy, but the loss of God’s power. The Jews at Berea were commended for studying the Scriptures: “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Ac. 17.11).

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[5] William H. Marnell, The First Amendment: Religious Freedom in America from Colonial Days to the School Prayer Controversy (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1964), p. 32, 33, 37. In the English colonies, unlike in Mexico and Quebec, no single faith dominated the others throughout the colonies and religious uniformity was very limited. On the European Continent, “the Reformation from the start was an effort to return the Church itself to the doctrines and practices of its apostolic days.” However, while discarding some of the heresies of the Catholic “church,” Protestantism, under pressure from civil governments, soon resumed the Catholic conceived theology which united church and state. The final, logical thought of the reformers was reached at Geneva, where the church absorbed the state and the church-state originated. The state became an aspect of the church.

[6] In England, the problem was to “wean the Church in England away from the Pope, but otherwise to leave it as little changed as possible.”[6]  The monarch created the state-church and became the head of the church. The church became an aspect of the state. The king was the final authority on church doctrine and practice. “[T]he Church in England [became] the Church of England, [and] the Church [became] an aspect of the State.”[6] Under Queen Elizabeth, such Catholic doctrines as transubstantiation, the communion of saints, and purgatory were abandoned and the Mass was labeled a “blasphemous fable and dangerous deceit,” but ecclesiastical organization remained mainly unchanged, and episcopacy was its principle. Because she wanted a united state, Queen Elizabeth wanted a church where the Anglo-Catholics and the Anglo-Calvinists could worship together.

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Christian Issues, Heresy and Apostasy

The apostasy of churches worldwide and now in America was foretold in the Bible. Therefore, it should not alarm the true believer. For studies on this apostasy, see The Bible Doctrine of the Church. The articles linked to here, for the most part, show the extremes of the apostasy in America. Many churches are on the path to apostasy, even though they have not reached the depths of depravity revealed in many of these articles. There are many avenues toward the apostasy. One is church legal entity status such as non-profit corporation, charitable trust, unincorporated association, charitable trust, and 501(c)(3) or 508(c)(1)(A) tax exempt status. By taking one step that dishonors the Lord Jesus Christ, the bridegroom of the church, a church has started down the path toward apostasy.

The father of a “gay Christian” activist changed churches when his home congregation rejected his son’s views on homosexuality. When asked about these words of Jesus, he commented that there were other churches he could go to, but he had only one son. (REUTERS/Alvin Baez)

Sorry, But We Won’t Rewrite the Bible for Gays and Lesbians (062616)(“… In response to my open letter to Isaac Archuleta, who describes himself as a bisexual Christian, Richard S. posted a lengthy comment on my personal Facebook page, including this statement: ‘The logical conclusion to your theology (gays can change and if they don’t it must be because they don’t have faith or are deceived) is extremely damaging to the souls of gay people. That was the point of Isaac’s letter. No amount of nice words will erase the damage. Only honest reconsideration of your theology will bring healing. Please don’t discount/deny the faith of your gay brothers and sisters. They have much to contribute to the church.’ …” [Good article, but I do not agree with everything the author states such as “[W]e don’t say or believe that if gays don’t change “it must be because they don’t have faith or are deceived”.”)

Virginia Passes Legislation Forcing Churches to Allow “Transgender” Males into Women’s Bathrooms (04720)

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Links to selected articles concerning the apostasy (browse down to “A. Articles” for more thorough listing):

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The following article chronicles the total apostasy and chaos in some “American churches.” Sadly, most churches in the U.S. are somewhere along the road headed in that direction, if not already there: Chaos In The Church: Non-Binary Deacons, Drag Shows & Transgender Baptisms. See also, Church: Out with George Washington, In With ‘Mother’ God.

Most “Christian” preaching and activity – from politics, to lifestyle, to “church organization,” to prayer, to “worship (including music, actions, preaching, etc.), to witnessing, to “soul winning”) dishonor the Lord and actually cause unbelievers to blaspheme the name of Christ. The following illustrates this: 

‘Star Wars’ Nativity Scenes? In Churches? (121315)(In February 2014, I wrote on the influence of Star Wars from the perspective of a lawyer in The Force Is All Around Us – Even In Our Courtrooms.)

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Once churches begin to compromise–for example, by incorporating (corporation sole or aggregate), getting 501(c)(3) tax exemption, etc.–a downhill slide has begun for those compromising churches. As pointed out in Section VI of God Betrayed, after the United States Constitution was ratified, churches (even many of those churches which had fought long and hard in the spiritual battle in the colonies for religious freedom) began to run down to get incorporated. That compromise in their love for the Lord Jesus Christ began a slow downhill slide (See God Betrayed, Section II for more insights on heresy and apostasy in American churches).

In this section, I will be posting articles on the apostasy in American churches. Simply click the links below to read the listed articles. Perhaps your church is not yet apostate, but are you somewhere along the path to apostasy? Have you denied your Lord by becoming a state church through non-profit incorporation (includes corporations sole – See, Critique of “Church Freedom and the Corporation Sole” Website), 501(c)(3) or by becoming a legal entity and state church in some other way such as unincorporated association or utilizing an Ecclesiastical Law Center legal trust which renders a church a legal entity (See, Ecclesiastical Law Center Exposed)? Have you violated – by your beliefs, preaching, and/or actions – principles in the Word of God either ignorantly, or purposely; and have you justified your actions based upon pragmatic and/or other arguments. Have you acted with unholy motives such as fear, covetousness, greed, power, pride, the desire to have and run a successful organization, etc.? If so, you are on the road to apostasy.

Click the image above to go to the article “Is Separation of Church and State Found in the Constitution?”

God is a God of mercy and grace. Even when Israel decided they no longer wanted to operate as a theocracy under God and insisted upon a king (See I Samuel 8), God granted their wishes after warning them of the consequences. Even though they grieved Him, God told Israel that He  would bless the nation if they would keep His commandments and statutes. Israel was now operating under God’s permissive, as opposed to His perfect, will. Even though Israel had committed a wicked act, God promised that He would still bless thim if they loved Him and followed His commandments and statutes (See I Samunel 12). The story of the road to and arrival at total apostasy in Israel followed as recorded in the Old Testament. When Israel, and then Judah and Israel after the split, had a good king (Judah has eight good kings and Israel none after the split) that nation was blessed by God. When either had a bad king, bad consequences as foretold by God, followed. Inevitably, Israel became totally apostate and the only remedy was judgment.

The same principles apply to the apostasy in the church. Much is said about apostasy and the coming apostasy of the church in the New Testament. All these issues are covered in some detail in God Betrayed.

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Youtube teaching by Brian Moonan: JOSEPH PRINCE (of this world) FALSE SPIRIT EXPOSED

A. Articles

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The Burden Of Damascus – Russian S400 May Speed Up Prophetic Timeframe (121415)(Those who correctly divide Scripture understand that Russia and an alliance will attack Israel and be defeated. This would be an impossible outcome should God be left out of the equation. However, He wrote the equation. He will defeat Russia and those who go against Israel. Everything will come about how and when foreknown by God.)

Christians Continue To Debate Pros And Cons Of Megachurches (122315)(For true, wise, knowledgeable, and understanding Christian, there is nothing to debate – the Bible settles it.)
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Christian Refugees Left Out In The Cold (091015)
It’s Official: ‘Homophobia’ Now A Mental Disorder! (112215)(Not. I am secure enough in the Lord to know better. First, I don’t fear sodomintes; I just know that God judges nations who are overrun with sodomy and other sexual sins – they always go together.) 
The Great Falling Away – Evangelists Shying Away From Preaching Repentance (111715)
Evolution Hoax: Despite Attempts At Secularization, Americans Still Believe In Genesis Account (112015) 
Christians Are At War With One Another As Americans Leave The Church In Droves (110415)(The title is incorrect. It should read “church goers” are at war with one another as Americans leave their religious organizations (their religious social clubs) in droves. There is a very small remnant of true believers and a very small remnant of New Testament churches.)
Christianity Faces Worldwide Decline (110315)(By the way, Catholicism is not Christian).
Activists Press For Mandatory ‘Gay’ Lessons For Kindergarteners (103015)
Feds To School Girls: Transgender Rights Supersedes Your Right To Privacy (111315)
Christians Fight Back After Toronto Ban At Music Festival (102915) 
China Ramping Up Persecution Of Christians () Modern Day “Molech” Clergy Say Women Have Right To Kill Babies (091315)
Equality Act Creates LGBT Rights Everywhere! (Revealed: LGBT Nuclear Bomb Against Churches)(102315)
New Astronomy Findings Challenge Big Bang Theory (020915) 
Losing Hope – More States Considering Legally Assisted Suicide (020415)
Reaping Liberalism – Drop In Attendance Forces Anglican Church To Only Open Some Churches On Holidays (102015)
‘Christian Hating’ Group To Advise Feds On Violent Extremism (101815)
Muslim Converts To Christianity Risk All For New Faith (101415)
More Parents Turning To Homeschooling (073115)
On The Road To Post-Christian America? (101315)
Dark Times Come To Nepal – Conversion To Christianity Banned, Christian Missionaries Told To Leave Country (100515)(Much Christian attention has been directed towards persecution from Islamic jihadist groups such as ISIS. It is now becoming increasingly clear that the threats of persecution against Christians are actually multi-faceted and extend far beyond the reach of Islamic extremists alone.)
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/2015/October05/054.html#VBggA8HoJboVI7UV.99

GPS Tracking Of Children – Conditioning The Next Generation For Big Brother And 666 (100515) 
Lesbian Bishop: ‘Remove Crosses From Church’, Add Muslim Prayer Room (100515) 
More Christians Discovering Biblical Beliefs Could Cost Them Their Jobs (093015)
Pope Francis Embraces Chrislam And Lays A Foundation For A One World Religion (092715)
Outspoken American Christians Finding Themselves Placed On Travel Restrictions To Australia and Canada (100115)
Top U.S. Companies ‘At War With Religious People’ (092715)
Obama Throws Christian Refugees To Lions (092415)
Christian Man Fired For Sharing Faith Based Film With Lesbian Co-Workers On Facebook (092215)
ISIS Using Churches As Torture Chambers, Forcing Christians To Convert Or Die (092115)
The Canaanites, Child Sacrifice And Abortion (092015)
Corporations On Attack Against Christians (091915)
UCSB Teaches Students To Reconcile Faith With Homosexual Behavior (091815) 
‘Blood Moons’ Discoverer Fires Back At ‘End Of World’ Claims (090815)
Mega’ Agenda 21 Resurrected With Pope’s Help (083115)
At A Berlin Church, Muslim Refugees Converting In Droves (090415)
How I Dumped The Mega-Church Model And Found Something Bigger (090415)
From This Point Forward, Christians Are Going To Be Banned From Holding Many Jobs In America (090615)
Why Trump Is Triumphant With Evangelicals… For Now (090815)
Outrage Against Christians: Public Schools In US Shun Christianity, Welcome Islam (09_15)
I Am A Christian, But I Don’t Follow Christ (090815)
Christian Refugees Wonder ‘Is Any Place Safe’ (091415)
When Should Christians Disobey the Law? A Lesson From Norway (091115)
Christian Professor Warns: Movies About Heaven, Near Death Experience ‘Can Harm Christian Theology’ (091315) 
Fight Ensues As Atheists Attack College Football Teams For Promoting Evangelical Christianity (082915)
UK Seeking Crackdown On Street Preachers: It Is ‘Improper’ To ‘Talk About Morality’ (082315)
Elites Preparing Last Phase Of New World Order? (082615)
‘My Pastor Is On The Ashley Madison List’ (082715) 
Christians Debate Whether It’s OK To ‘Act Muslim’ To Save Their Lives (082615)
New Bible Videos On YouTube Helping Christians Understand God’s Word (082815)
Pew: Orthodox Jews Mirror Evangelical Christians (082015)
5 Lessons From The Hacking Of Adultery Website Ashley Madison (082015)
Chick-fil-A Blocked From Opening At Denver Airport Due To Stance On Same-Sex Marriage (082215)
Do All Infants Go To Heaven? (100312)
Dangerous Move To Implant Abortion-Inducing Device Into Teen Girls (081815)
10 Things That Are Going To Happen Within 15 Days Of The End Of The Shemitah (081315) 
MP: Use Anti-Terror Powers On Christian Teachers Who Say Gay Marriage Is ‘Wrong’ (080315)
Kentucky Ministers Banned From Calling Homosexuality A Sin (073115)
Why So Many People Think Pope Francis Is The Antichrist (072915)
More Parents Turn To Homeschooling: 62% Increase In The Last Decade (073115)
New Campaign Rallies Millions Of US Christians To Urge Congress To Kill Iran Deal (081215)
The Universe Is Steadily Deteriorating And So Is The Human Race – Why Is This Happening? (081115) 
Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The World (072715)(Of course, all those being called Christians and being persecuted because of it are not Christians as defined by the Bible, but many are. The Bible makes clear that God wishes no one to be persecuted by his fellow man because of his religion; God wants a nation to honor freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. I explain this in my writings and teachings.)
Explaining the Evangelical Attraction To Donald Trump (072315) 
Christian Student Removed From Student Council For Opposing Gay Marriage On Facebook (071515)
Jewish Man Who Fled Nazis Funds Rescue Of 2,000 Christians From ISIS To Repay ‘Debt (071515)
The Epidemic Of Bible Illiteracy In Our Churches (070615)
Transgender Rights Gone Mad – Oregon To Allow 15-Year-Olds Sex Change Without Parental Permission (071315)
Sharing Scripture Online Could Be Criminal Offense Under New New Zealand Cyberbullying Law (071515)
Support for a Young Earth? Scientists Baffled By Preserved Dinosaur Blood Cells (071515)
Blasphemy Of The “Christian” Left – Seminary Distributes Pro-Gay Condoms That Mock Christ’s Second Coming (072215)
Obama To Force Charities To Promote Abortion Or Lose Funding (072315) 
Christian Denomination Officially Embraces Gay Marriage, Axing ‘Man And A Woman’ From Canon (070215)
For Churches That Won’t Perform Same-Sex Weddings, Insurance Begins to Look Iffy (070915)
Christian Law School Forced To Support Homosexuality If It Wants Accreditation (070815)
Baptist Scholar Says Mormonism Is Evolving Towards Christianity With ‘Biblical,’ Views of ‘Christ and Salvation’ (061515)
Polyamorous Rights Advocates See Marriage Equality Coming For Them (062915)
Government Crusade Against Churches Begins With Removal Of Non-Profit Status (070215) 
The Decline Of Religion In The West (062615)
Pentagon Urged To Boot Chaplains Who Oppose ‘Gay’ Marriage After Supreme Court Ruling (062915)
After Same-Sex Marriage, Is Polygamy Next? (070215)
Another Sign In The Heavens? Star of Bethlehem To Appear In Night Sky June 30 (062915) 
Bible Teaching Could Soon Become A Crime With ‘Anti-Extremism Banning Orders’ (061715)
Christianity Quickly Growing In The Muslim World (061615)
Tony Campolo and David Neff: From Evangelical Left To Post Evangelical? (061115)
After Gay Marriage, Is Polyamory (Group Marriage) Next? (032915)
Pastor To Be Prosecuted For ‘Hate Crime’ Of Insulting Islam During Sermon (062015)
Christianity Sees Explosive Growth In China (061115)
Moral Acceptance Of Behaviors Once Condemned At Record High Levels (053015)
Iraq: Despite Thousands Fleeing ISIS, Churches Are Full Of New Believers (060915)
A Rare Win – Christian Employee Wins Tribunal Over Sharing Her Faith (060915)
A Massive, Silent Cultural Revolution Has Changed America (060615)
God May Be Female, Some Church Of England Clerics Say After First Women Bishops Ordained (053115)
United Church of Canada to Investigate ‘Effectiveness’ of Minister Who Professes Atheism (053015)
ISIS Fighter Who ‘Enjoyed’ Killing Christians Wants To Follow Jesus After Dreaming of Man In White Who Told Him ‘You Are Killing My People’ (060315)
Obama To Force Faith-Based Grant Recipients To Hire LGBTS (052815)
The Pattern Of Failure – Lessons From 246 Pastors Who Fell Within A Two Year Period (052615)
Chrislam Infiltrates Westminster Abbey (043015)
Church Of England To Consider ‘Transgender Baptism’ Service (052115)
Christian Martyrs Of ISIS Having Worldwide Impact (053015)
Report: Common Core Lesson Plan Pushes Pro-Palestinian Agenda (051915)
United Methodist Lobby Proposes Divesting From Israel, Investing In North Korea, Legalizing Prostitution (051115)
Risen,’ New Movie About Jesus’ Resurrection, Linked To Mel Gibson’s Massively Successful And Gritty ‘Passion Of The Christ’ (051915)
Push To Court-Martial General For Thanking God (051715)
Christian Churches And Schools Better Prepare For The End Of Tax Exempt Status (051315)
Maybe Christianity In America Is Dying Because It’s Boring Everyone To Death (051315)
Girl Scouts Of America Allowing Boys Who Identify As Girls To Be Members (051815) 
‘Prophetesses’ Who Claim They Can Predict the Future and Heal the Sick Are the Focus of New Lifetime Reality Show Titled ‘Preach’ (050615)
Christians Who Have Avoided The Culture Wars May No Longer Have A Choice With Religious Freedom In Jeopardy, Legal Scholar Says (050914)
Methodist Pastor Bullied By Denominational Leadership For Supporting Traditional Marriage (050615)
Oprah Winfrey’s Deceptive Prayer Practices Leading Many Astray (050615)
The Anti-Christ And The Assyrian Connection (050715)
Most Births Will Be ‘Out Of Wedlock Within 10 Years’ (042715)
Princeton Ethicist: It’s ‘Reasonable’ To Kill Disabled Newborn Babies (043015)
Biblical Expert: Russia Creating End-Times ‘Beast’ (050215)
The Great Falling Away? Christians Leaving The Faith In Droves (042915)
‘We Will Not Obey’: Christian Leaders Threaten Civil Disobedience If Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage (042815)
Sentencing Of Christians Explodes 10,000% In China (042515)
Will History Repeat Itself? Lessons From The Armenian Genocide (042415)
Navy Chaplain Censored: ‘Don’t Pray In The Name Of Jesus’ (042415)
Poll: Israel Is One Of The World’s Least Religious Countries (042115)
19 Statistics About Abortion That Every American Should Know (042015)
Atheism on the Rise? Growth Of Disbelief Signals Danger For America (041715)
Most Americans Now Say Jesus Was Actually A Sinner (040115)
Devout Christian NHS Worker Launches Appeal After Being Suspended For Inviting A Muslim Colleague To Church (041915)
Analysis: 8 Reasons Conservative Christians Are Concerned About Their Own Religious Freedom in the Obama Era (040615)
The Extinction Of Eastern Christianity May Figure Europe’s Own Future (040515)
Christian Schools Could Be Forced To Promote Gay Relationships (041915)
Global Survey Ranks Most And Least Religious Countries In The World (041315)
Christian Churches ‘Must Be Made’ To Affirm Homosexuality, Says New York Times Columnist (040715)
New Trend: ‘Radically Inclusive’ Churches That Embrace All Religions And All Lifestyles (032415)
Americans No Longer Trust The Church – 1 In 4 Americans Now Reject God (032515)
Why Evangelicals Are Divided by Afterlife Testimonials (032615)
Church of England Pastor Welcomes Muslim Prayer Service (031615)
The New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel: Here’s How (03_15)
This Is The End? Pope Gives Up Cryptic Hint (031615)
Rising ‘Nones’ Show Americans Losing Their Religion (050414)
The Rising Tide Of Muslim Converts To Christianity (072814)
Former SEALs Chaplain Could Be Kicked Out Of Navy For Christian Beliefs (030915)
Planet Fitness Revokes Woman’s Gym Membership After She Complains About a Man Using Women’s Locker Room (030915)
Minister Who Denies God’s Existence: I Don’t Appreciate Being Told I’m Not A Christian (032315)
Preacher Fined For ‘Emotional Harm’ Caused By Quoting Levitical Law Against Homosexuality (032415)
Photos Of Baby Walter, Miscarried At 19 Weeks, Help Save Children From Abortion (030915)
College Ministry Kicked Off Campus For Requiring Leaders To Be Christian (032315)
These Stats About Who’s Consuming Christian Media May Surprise You (022615)

Prophecy Buffs Speculate About Possible Rise Of The Antichrist On World Stage (022815)
Major Christian Denomination Is Just Seven Votes Away From Making a Monumental Decision That Some Say Will Cause Its Demise (031015)
2015 Presents Startling Alignment Of Prophetic Events (030515)
The Rising Dangers Of Chrislam (030915)

Utah Highest In Church Attendance, Vermont The Lowest – Poll (021915)
House Churches Swap Steeples For Sofas, And Say They’ve Never Been Closer (022615)
Meet the ‘Foreign Legion’ Of The Anti-ISIS Christian Militia (021815)
Three-Parent Babies Could Risk The Future Of The Human Race, Warn 55 Italian MPs (022215)
Former Megachurch Pastor Rob Bell – Christianity Irrelevant If It Continues Quoting The Bible (021715)
Take Me to Church? Half of Pastors Believe Faith Will Become Online-Only Experience (021315)
‘First I’m Going to Pay My Tithes,’ Says Single Mother of Four Claiming $188 Million Lottery Win; But Should Christians Play the Lottery? (021315)

Hundreds of ‘Churches’ To Celebrate ‘Evolution Sunday’ As Others Celebrate ‘Creation Sunday’ (020915)
Students Opposed To LGBT Agenda Shamed In Classroom (020915)
Ford Contractor Says He Was Fired For Speaking Against Company’s Support of Homosexuality (020815)
2 Million-Strong CUFI Seeks To Double Down On Christian Support For Israel (020315)
Military Chaplains The New ‘Dont Ask, Don’t Tell?’ (020415)
More Teens Becoming ‘Fake’ Christians (020315)
Share Your Faith – Lose Your Job: Christian Nurse Sacked For Praying For Muslim Colleague (01_15)

Christian Magistrate Suspended And Sent To ‘Equality Training’ For Suggesting Children Need Mom And Dad (011915)
School District To Stop Interrogating Christian Homeschool Kids (011515)
Eight Reasons Why Some Full-time Pastors and Staff Should Go Bivocational (01_15)
UK Christian School Shut Down For Having ‘Discriminatory Views’ Toward Other Faiths (012015)
The 10 Most And Least ‘Bible-Minded’ Cities In America: Did Yours Make The List? (012315)

Celebrating Evil – Kansas Church Invites Community To Come Celebrate 42 Years Of Abortion In America (010815)
In China, A Church-State Showdown Of Biblical Proportions (011115)
2014: Worst Christian Persecution In Over 20 Years (010815)
Your Christian Faith Could Cost Your Job (061814)
Top 10 Most Discussed Issues Inside The Evangelical Church In 2014 (010115)
2014 Best And Worst Faith-Based Movies In Hollywood (123114)

Researchers Have A Major Warning About The Impact Of Porn On Young Men And Marriage (121914)
Stop Conversions, Stanford Religious Dean Tells Churches (122914)
Palestinian Leadership Hijack Christianity: Jesus Declared A Palestinian (122514)
Seven Major Prophetic Signs Of The Second Coming (010315)
Atlanta Fire Chief: I Was Fired Because Of My Christian Faith (010915)
‘Pope’ Claims Mary Was Conceived ‘Without Original Sin’ During Feast Of Immaculate Conception (121014)
‘Every Religious Organization Should Be Worried’: Kentucky Wants Ark Encounter to Hire Non-Christians (121714)
Death Penalty For Smuggling Bibles? (121514)
Hanukkah’s Winning Strategy For End-Time Believers (121514)
Bank Of Montreal Now Requiring Business Partners To Conform To Its Pro-Gay ‘Diversity’ Standards (112714)
Decline in Church-Building Reflects Changed Tastes And Times (120414)
Porn Culture Infiltrating Schools (121114)
Church Leaders Alarmed That IRS Agents Could Pose As Clergy To Access Privileged Information, Enforce Birth Control Mandate (111914)
Rick Warren’s Call For Christians To Unite With Catholics, ‘Holy Father’ Raising Concerns (120214)
What Ever Happened To Rob Bell, The Pastor Who Questioned The Gates Of Hell? (120214)
Anglican Bishop Says Quran Should Be Read at Prince Charles’ Coronation (120714)
Security Warning: Churches A Rising Target For Attack (120314)
8 Clear Signs Of A Compromising Church (12_14)
14 Yrs After Receiving Shoebox Gift, Filipino Girl Marries Boy Who Sent It (112614)

Evangelicals Favorite Heresies (102814)
Survey Says Most Non-Christian Millennials Have Never Read The Bible (111414)
Study Shows Millennials Turned Off By Trendy Church Buildings, Prefer A Classic Sanctuary (111414)

Red Cross Dismisses Volunteer For Biblical Views On Marriage (110414)
Faith Schools Could Face Closure If They Don’t Promote Gay Rights (110214)
New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies (112814)
Mom Questions School For Portraying Muslims As More Faithful Than Christians (111314)
Christians “Losing Everything” To Islam (110714)
How Many Americans Use the Internet To Spread Their Faith? (110714)
Secularism Grows As More U.S. Christians Turn ‘Churchless’ (112414)
UK High Court Allows Mother To Euthanize Severely Disabled Daughter (110814)

Christian and Muslim Leaders To Condemn ISIS (11_14)  
Christians Outraged By Orders To Teach ‘Other Faith
Trending: More College Students Support Post-Birth Abortion Of Live Babies (102914)
Beer-Based Worship Services Explore Post-Christian Fix (102914)
Research Indicates An Increasingly Unchurched America (102814)
Christian TV Personality Launches New Prophecy Show (092314)

Is Bible Prophecy Relevant? (101714)
100,000 Atheists Become ‘Unbaptized’ (102514)
The Church And Pornography (10_14)
City Threatens To Arrest Ministers Who Refuse To Perform Same-Sex Weddings (10_14)
Christian Mother Of Five Death Sentence For Blasphemy Upheld By Pakistani Court (10_14)
‘God’s Not Dead’ Writers Spotlight Religious Liberty In Upcoming Movie (101614)
Christian Bakers Facing Increasing Fines For Standing By Beliefs On Marriage (101014)
Gordon College, Don’t Sell Your Soul For Secular Accreditation (100314)
A Wake-Up Call For Abortion Supporters (100614)
UK Street Preacher Charged With ‘Causing Offense’ For Preaching Gospel/Comparing Islam With Christianity (100614)
Canadian Graduate Gets Obscene Job Rejection Letter Due To Her Faith And Affiliation With Christian University (101014)

‘Gender Inclusive’ School District Says Drop ‘Boys and Girls,’ Call Kids ‘Purple Penguins’ (101114)
Americans Pray For Friends And Family, But Rarely For Celebrities Or Sports Teams (100114)
School Bans Christian Club…Again (100614)
College Orders Student To ‘Dumb Down’ Religious Show (100414)
Pastor’s Same Sex Stance Brings Disfellowshiping (101014)
Pro-Life Pastors Rebut Liberal Clergy Claim That Ministers ‘Should Never Oppose Access to Abortion’ (100114)

School Accused Of ‘Purging’ Christian Books (092314)
Death Threats Against Christian Leaders Emerge From Gay Rights Activists (092414)
Sandy Hook Commission Blames Homeschooling (092614)
Are You A Cultural Christian Or A Biblical Christian?  (092514)
Chrislam Returns As Catholic Cardinal Embraces Islam (091114)
The Shemitah, Blood Moons, and God’s Seven Year Cycles ()
How Have Churches Changed When It Comes To Race, Size, Worship And The Treatment Of Gays? (091214)

‘The Blasphemy Challenge’ Tempts Teens To Curse God (09_14)
Christian Group ‘Derecognized’ At State’s Colleges Because It Requires Leaders To Hold Christian Beliefs (090714)
Hindu Nationalist Group Seeking to Cleanse Christian Presence From India Is Not Unlike ISIS (090814)
Shocking Porn ‘Epidemic’ Stats Reveal Details About Christian Consumption (082814)
Ted Cruz Stands Up To ‘Hatred and Bigotry’ At Conference Of Middle Eastern Christians (091114)
Pope Francis Stirs Controversy With Role Of Mary In Faith (091014)
Planned Parenthood Supporters To Host Prayer Rally For Abortion (082814)
Joel Olsteen And His Wife Are Heretics And That’s Why America Loves Them (090414)

Increasing Number Of Christian Artists Adopting Gay Theology (082914)
Will China Be World’s Largest Christian Nation By 2025? (082714)
Florida School District Replaces Football Chaplains With “Life Coaches” (082714)
Top Church Destroying Countries (080514)
10 Characteristics Of Religious Church Systems Jesus Warns Us Against (032113)
Atheist Churches Creeping Into The Bible Belt (082614)
Surprising Results From Bible Belief Poll (082514)

The War On Christian Education Is About To Get Ugly (081014)
China Establishes New ‘Christian Theology’ To Control Its Christian Population (080714)
Learning From Young Atheists: What Turned Them Off Christianity (080114)

China’s Christians See Mounting Persecution In Country’s Effort To Disband Churches (022113)

Death For Preaching Christ In Liberated Libya (022213)

Final Pope Already Running Vatical (021213)

Will A Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope (021913)

Libya Arrests Four Suspected Christian Missionaries (022413)

Will The Image Of The Beast Be A Hologram? (021313)

The Catholic Church Will Take These Secretive And Intricate Steps To Choose A New Pope (021113)
The iChurch Cometh: Bible Reading Goes Digital (020413)
My Sunday At An Atheistic Church (020813)
Pope Benedict Resigns – Peter The Roman Next (02_13)

Cultural Pandering No Boon For Shiveling United Church Of Christ (020313)
The Sad Transformation Of the Boy Scouts Of America (012913)
Christians Win And Lose European Religious Cases (0131113)
Most Americans Consider Pro Athletes More Influential Than Faith Leaders (020413)
Texas Church May Become the First Congregation In State To Perform Same-Sex Rites (021713)

UK Government Sources: Teachers May Face Firing For Refusing To Teach Gay Marriage (012513)
Researchers Rank Most, Least Megachurch-Oriented Cities In U. S. (012613)
Pastor Saeed Sentenced To 8 Years In Iran’s Brutal Evin Prison (012813)
Why Mormons do Better Youth Ministry Than We Do (012613)
Noah, Moses And Many Among Biblical Figures Headed To The Big Screen (013113)
Massive Numbers Of U. S. Cities Abandon Bible (01_13)
Persecution Of Christians In 10/40 Window Up By 400 Percent (110112)
‘Ben Hur’ Remake To Focus More On Story Of Christ (011813)
Canada’s First Christian Law School Already Under Fire For Biblical View On Homosexuality (012213)
United Methodist Church Agencies Celebrate Roe Vs Wade (012513)
Anti-Israel Zealots Urge Episcopal Church To More Agressive Stance Toward Israel (012513)
The 10 Most Bible Minded Cities In America (012513)
Pastor Saeed Abedini Set For ‘Sham’ Trial (011513)
The Long Christian Winter (010213)

Christian Persecution Around The World Ignored By Mainstream Media (102912).

Media Whoredom Has Hit The Church With New Reality Show About Pastors Wives (010212)
‘Jesus Generation’: See Why 60,000+ Students & Pastors Are Gathering in Atlanta This Week (010212)
Ten Most Popular Bible Verses Of 2012 Announced (010212)
Top Christian News Stories Of 2012 (123112)
7 Reasons America Has Not Been Reached For Christ (No date on article)
Is It True That Jesus Never Addressed Homosexuality? (102612).

Christianity ‘Close To Extinction’ In Middle East (123012).

Persecution Of Christians In 10/40 Window Up  By 400 Percent, Says GFA (111112).

Bible Stories Come To Life On History Channel (121612).

Unbelief Now The World’s Third Largest ‘Religion’ (121912).

Fathers Disappear From Households Across America (122512).

Nepal: Christians ‘On Top Of The World’ Facing Prosecution (121712).

Teacher Faces Suspension For Sharing Bible Verse (121312).

Church Billboard Promotes Gay Baby Jesus (121712).

Titanic Discoverer Finds Evidence Of Biblical Flood (121212).

Are Christians An Endangered Species In Their Ancestral Land? (121212).

‘Queen James Bible’: Now There’s A Gay-Friendly Version Of Scripture (121312).

California Church To Become Site Of Islamist Convention (113012).

Christian College Students Executed By Boko Haram In Nigeria (100312).

Dinasaurs Center Of Christian Debate Over Age Of The Earth (

2. Featured Articles until 051715:

Push To Court-Martial General For Thanking God (051715)
Christian Churches And Schools Better Prepare For The End Of Tax Exempt Status (051315) 
One In Eight Parents Lie To Get Kids Into Faith Schools (051515)(From my observations of the Christian school of churches I have belonged to in the past, I thought it would be more like 5 in 8 parents lie to get their children into Christian school. In this article, the statistics were obtained by asking such parents if they lied to get their children into “faith” school.) 
Christians Who Have Avoided The Culture Wars May No Longer Have A Choice With Religious Freedom In Jeopardy, Legal Scholar Says (050914)
Hillary Clinton: Christians In America Must Deny Their Faith In Christianity (04_15)
Sentencing of Christians Explodes 10,000% in China (042515)
Poll: Israel Is One Of The World’s Least Religious Countries (042115) 
Most Americans Now Say Jesus Was Actually A Sinner (040115)
Apostate State Churches: “The Body Is a Temple and it Must Be Insured” (02_15)(My brief comments: No church should be any kind of partner with a wicked civil government; and, believe me, the U.S. federal government and its leaders (with minor exceptions) are wicked. If you falsely interpret Romans 13 and other Scriptures to condone church and state union, see: Render Unto God the Things that Are His: A Systematic Study of Romans 13 and Related Verses)

Three-Parent Babies Could Risk The Future Of The Human Race, Warn 55 Italian MPs (022215)
CHURCH ASKS FOLLOWERS TO SUBMIT TO GOVERNMENT, CALL 911 ON SUSPICIOUS NEIGHBORS (02_15)(My comments: The church in this article is being led by a heretic and possibly an apostate. He needs to study his Bible, if he has one. He needs to read and study 
Render Unto God the Things that Are His: A Systematic Study of Romans 13 and Related Verses and God Betrayed/Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American Application.

Earth The Center Of The Universe?

Irish Pastor Under ‘Hate Crime’ Investigation For Sunday Sermon Against Islam (033114)

Articles on the Persecution of Christians – The Trail of Blood Continues

Click the above to go to the articles.

See also, The Trail of Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus

Schooling Heretics (Catholicism exposed in this article.  “… In 1179, a council convened by the pope specified ‘the lands around Albi and Toulouse’ as an especially noxious breeding ground of heresy … Even those sheltering in churches were slaughtered. …”).

Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World, by Tom Holland

This wound which would not be healed with the treatment of a poultice must be cut away with a knife, according to Innocent III.  By November, 1207, it was feared that this heresy, left unchecked, would contaminate all Christian people.

In July, 1209, a great army of knights would have their crusade.  Not for territorial expansion; not for reclaiming lost Christian lands.  But for the extirpation of dangerous beliefs.  The crusaders would storm Béziers.  Reportedly, when asked by the crusaders how to distinguish the faithful from the heretics, the papal legate offered that they should kill them all and God will sort it out.

Click above to go to a short video of the inspiring story of the life, salvation, and persecutions for Christ of Richard Wuyrmbrand.

Click here to watch a compelling video of Christian persecution in the Soviet Union: More Than Conquerors

China Turns Churches Into Propaganda Centers

Church and State Unifying In Russia:
How Putin Is Using The Orthodox Church To Build His Power (HBO)


Hindu Leader Demands that All Christians Leave India in Publicized Video (060118)
For more articles on persecution of Christians in India, google “Chief Threat To India’s Hindu Only Nation: Christianity”

For more articles, google, “Persecution of Christians.”

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