Questions on the trust, incorporation, etc. answered

At one time, I would keep questions from pastors and other men of God concerning church incorporation, 501c3 and 508, establishing a trust by a church, etc. After I had accumulated a number of questions to which I replied, I would publish them. In this post, I will publish the questions and answers as I receive them starting 8/1/18.

Question 2

I am an ADF Honor Corp attorney. Attorneys post questions to other associates. The following question was posted on 8/14/18:

Re: Documents of church governance
Sam –
ADF and CLS both put out some excellent white papers on the issue a few years back after the Orbergefell decision.
I’m guessing that those papers are still online. They have sample language to include in church docs that I have used as templates for a number of different churches.
God bless
Ben Boyd

Click here to see my answer to this question.

Question 1

E-mail received 8/1/18:
Dear Brother Finney,
I am Pastor of ________ ___________ Church, [City, state, and e-mail address]. …  Our Church is deeded to the Lord Jesus Christ, its true & Beneficial Owner. I am reviewing our docs, & tried to find a ‘sample’ of your Bible Trust doc.
The site link is not operational.  Is it possible you could send me a pdf?
I just located your publications, & plan to order accordingly.  Thank you for any help you can provide.
Regards, [Name omitted]  [Phone no. omitted]
PS: [Website omitted] I have an avocation as an inventor.

Click here to go to my answer to that question.


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