Living Springs Baptist Church, Idaho

It has been a joy to work with Pastor David R. Hethorn as he has diligently studied and applied New Testament church doctrine before and after declaring the Living Springs Baptist Church Trust. He, as trustee of the trust, has meticulously held and managed the Lord’s property held in the Trust Estate. He has made sure not to do anything that would compromise the New Testament status of the church or the status of the Bible trust as a non-legal entity, a relationship with property only. His path as trustee has not always been convenient, but it has always been successful and correct.

He told me to feel free to announce that you may contact him. He truly enjoys talking about matters of concern to our Lord.

Pastor David R. Hethorn
Couer D Alane, County Kootania, Idaho

The trust has established a website:

Click the image above to go to the website,

Click her to go to the Parent Page, Church Common Law Trusts: Real Life Examples with Contact Information.

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